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Author Topic: MatriM3's 31 Day Challenge  (Read 15870 times)

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Re: MatriM3's 31 Day Challenge
« Reply #10 on: November 03, 2009, 15:45:43 »

Okay, I re-listened to the mp3s of all of the songs I've uploded so far, and realized that Milkytracker is really weird in how it deals with Nitro xms. Either way, I'm making all of the songs mp3s and giving you guys the Nitro xms upon request. I'll be uploading the mp3s both individually and as a zip/rar archive of all 31 songs. So basically, ignore what I have up here right now, unless you want the xms of the first few days.

I scrapped a few songs (including Abram's Pursuit for right now) and reworked a few others, so the song total is at 18, but have two new ones already in the works.

Once I've finished all 31, I will (as I said before) be making cleaned up and elongated versions of what I think are the best songs from the challenge into an album. I'm trying to mix them so they kinda lead into each other (and I have two songs (the last two) that already do so). It's REALLY basic editing, but it makes the songs flow more. It looks like I'll have the Challenge done around New Year's and the fixed album coming sometime in February. That seems like a long time, but I'm just trying to be generous...

Again, if you wanted to hear more from me, then I'm sorry you have to wait now. If you couldn't care less, then care even less!
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