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Author Topic: I need music for my breakout clone!  (Read 5469 times)

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I need music for my breakout clone!
« on: July 09, 2010, 00:58:30 »

Hello, I am making my first retail game, a breakout clone (that I plan to run at least on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac when I buy a Mac to build it...)

I released a test version to test gameplay (it is on but all the testers, instead of complaining of the gameplay, complained of the lack of music...

Since I don't have a budget, probably I won't turn profit at all, and the game is not even exactly "retail" (the game is "shareware" but in the way that the game itself is free, and extra stuff, like hints, tips, and levels, are paid instead...), I need composers willing to make .xm and .it files (I plan to implement DUMB on the game... it already supports mikmod, but... meh...), those I will pay if the come up with custom new music (name your price, please!), and I also want donations of old tunes that I can use for free.

So, play the game, and say if you want to help :) If you like the game, please help! (unless you want to play the final version with my programmer music MUHUAHUAHUAHUA!!!)


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Re: I need music for my breakout clone!
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2010, 14:36:55 »

OK, i'm interested, in few days i will make theme music.

If you have some questions, write at my mail : :P.

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