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Author Topic: Tracking Some Turrican II MODs...  (Read 4185 times)

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Tracking Some Turrican II MODs...
« on: May 15, 2014, 01:37:26 »

This isn't really me asking for help anything... but since I don't have a lot of homework because of finals, I've decided to track a few of the Turrican II tunes (the ones I like the most) as MODs, using the original samples from them (don't worry, I'm studying for my exams! ;D ) I'm using 8-channel MODs for the 7-channel TFMX tunes, and 4-channel MODs for the 4-channel TFMX tunes.

The point of this small project is to better my tracking skills and also to see how close I can get to the original tunes. Also, for anyone who likes remixing tunes and stuff, you can open the MODs and see the patterns and stuff. I'm not sure whether the samples in the tunes are copyrighted, so I don't know whether or not they can be ripped legally...
I'm working on a bunch of other musix right now, but that's OK because I plan on finishing all of them. Tracking these tunes as MODs has been very fun, and for the title, I've gotten super close to the original TFMX!

Below, I've posted a preview of the title (I'm nowhere near finished with this, or the project). I'm not doing this MOD in order -- I'm doing my favorite parts first, and then going back and adding the missing parts. The finished song will have all the patterns and stuff intact, no worries!
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