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Author Topic: LibOpenMPT under DOS  (Read 7294 times)

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LibOpenMPT under DOS
« on: September 09, 2014, 03:34:48 »

I'm throwing around ideas in my head (and on paper) for a tracker tool. Basically a glorified in-module sample editor that does some specific features I want.

I'm not really a coder so this would be a learning project. I just want to be able to open the module, edit the samples in situ, and play it back to hear the changes right away.

So yeah, was wondering if it would even be possible to use LibOpenMPT in a DOS program? I'm not worried about doing hardware mixing on GUS/AWE just yet so if the output is a simple 16-bit 44kHz stream that I can pass to the soundcard's DMA that would be fine.

I'd most likely be doing this in RapidEuphoria which can hook in C or assembly modules. I don't need a really complicated set of playback options, but 'play sample', 'play module', 'play pattern', and turn on/off channel functions would be really handy. I *do* want accurate replay of IT files (with filters) which is why I'm thinking the MPT routines.

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Re: LibOpenMPT under DOS
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2014, 14:27:19 »

I doubt you will find a C++11 compiler for DOS, which is required to actually compile libopenmpt for this platform (you cannot simply take Windows binaries and link them against a DOS executable).
Also, libopenmpt is not meant (nor provides the ability) to edit modules in any way though, as are all the other player libraries out there. At least I'm currently not aware of any libraries allowing direct access to samples. Doesn't mean that there are any, of course, but don't get your hopes too high.
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