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Author Topic: playmod - UNIX-filter-type player for Linux  (Read 3298 times)

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playmod - UNIX-filter-type player for Linux
« on: July 22, 2015, 06:29:13 »

The program called playmod which takes a file from stdin and writes raw audio data to stdout, using libmodplug (OpenMPT would be better but I don't see that in the package manager). All exposed functions of libmodplug can be used (except for the experimental exporting features).

Download (source codes and man page):

Please write on here in case you have any question/answer/comment/complaint.

Remember: Make every program a filter!

(PS: Although it says "PC (Windows, Linux)", Linux can run not only on a PC but also on computers other than a PC as well; however I have not tested this program on non-PC computers, nor on non-Linux UNIX systems.)

List of some features:
* Listen to music
* Set how many times to repeat (including infinite)
* Seek to position; a few different ways of doing so are supported
* Export patterns in text or binary format
* View song message, sample names, instrument names, song title
* View some numeric data related to song
* Mono or stereo output
* Solo channel mode
* Solo instrument mode
* Many file formats are supported
* Input can come from any file/pipe (e.g. amigamml, curl)
* Output can go to any file/pipe (e.g. aplay, sox, nc)
* Internal global effects (optional): oversampling, noise reduction, reverb, bass boost, surround
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