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Author Topic: WeTracker - an open source project to build an online, collaborative tracker  (Read 2212 times)

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Hope I'm posting to the right place. A little background if you'll indulge me, I'm a long time software developer, started back in the Amiga days, and always been a fan of creative software, I like nothing more than seeing something I've created used to make amazing things, be that graphical, musical, or some other art form. For various reasons I've been drawn back to an interest in track style music creation recently and felt that there is a gap for something that is more accessible, as in "use it anywhere you happen to be" accessible, and collaborative. I envisage a setup where creative teams can work on a composition even if they are thousands of miles away and in different time zones.

To explore this idea, I've started an open source project, called WeTracker. It's hosted on github, here, (, there is a simple web page here, (, and the current, very early, development test is hosted on Heroku here, (

It is very, very, early in development, the audio engine is based on a1k0n's jsxm ( but is likely to change, or at least evolve. The interface is early stage, it has been rebooted a couple of times to find the sweet spot of performance and utility, it may change again, although I hope not. See the web site for a basic explanation of what it can currently do, and how to use what is there.

I'd welcome any feedback and thoughts on both the concept and the current implementation. Of course, as an open source project, more than happy to consider contributions too if there are any interested programmers out there who feel this could have legs.


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