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Author Topic: Working on a new LP. Probably coming back to FT2 for a track or two.  (Read 2450 times)

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Hi everyone.

tl;dr I'm making an album with Renoise and I want to get the word out there. I'm also submitting a few my tracks to some demo compos, so look out for them. See the bottom for the link to my LP playlist.

Well. Wow. It's been a while since I've been here to The Mod Archive. I haven't quit tracking though; I use Renoise for every single one of my releases now. My musical style has changed a lot; some would use the word mainstream but I don't like that term because my music is still very reminiscent of my days with FT2. It's a weird, no, SUPER eccentric fusion of all the influences I've gained since I stopped using FT2 and the influences that I had when I still used FT2 (Anvil, Elwood, Bobby Prince, 4mat, Purple Motion, Skaven). Samples though...I only use samples for my drums now, for better or for worse  :P. VSTs rule everything around me, V.R.E.A.M. Bad pun, I know  :rolleyes:.

If you care enough about me to read what direction my musical style is heading in, read the below. Just skip this if you want to hear about the LP.
In the past few years, I've gotten influence from lots of recording artists and non-tracker music (Noisia, Phace, The S.O.S. Band and other various 80s contemporary RnB, Synthwave, Metallica, Megadeth, Wu-Tang Clan, The Prodigy) and video game musicians as well (Manabu Namiki, Yuzo Koshiro, Tim Follin, Jeroen Tel, Chris Huelsbeck, Jun Ishikawa, Shinji Hosoe, Soyo Oka, Michiru Yamane, Michiel van den Bos, Necros, Tomonori Sawada, Naofumi Hataya, Nobuo Uematsu, Intero. The list goes on and on, but you can probably tell that I love playing Japanese produced video games. The Super NES is the greatest console ever created :P). I've also discovered new modules that I enjoy the past few years as well, mostly Skaven's stuff and some Amiga modules that I reaaalllly enjoy, two being Jungleism and Addiction.

About the LP though.

The past few years, I went through a lot of crap and produced a lot of, well, crap. I was moving up along the steep learning curve of using a modern DAW with the modern software synthesis instruments known as VSTs. Mixing and mastering music was something I didn't really start to get right until this year in fact, which is why I'm finally producing my first EP and LP. School kept me from composing and producing music as often as I used to, as well as the fact that I began to fall in love with coding and computer science. I started to code more and produce music less. Now my right brain is taking over again, and I've started to write music, poetry, and some sci-fi short stories once again. Who says I can't be a talented coder AND a talented musician?  ;D :P

I've experimented with genre after genre, and finally decided that Synthpop/Synthwave, Techno, and Neurofunk/DnB are the three genres I enjoy producing the most.

I'm releasing all the tracks one by one as I finish them on SoundCloud and Newgrounds, but you won't be able to download them until I'm finished with the entire album. I also need to redo the mixing and mastering for some of the tracks, as, like I said, it's taken up until now for me to finally learn how to mix and master properly. You should see my DSP chains in Renoise, ugh  :(. I refuse to let my tracks go over 0 dB though. Just turn my crap up if you want to hear it better :P.

And I may open up FT2 again to release another module or two for this album, haha. Don't count on it though, you're dealing with one of the laziest musicians of all time. I was lazy even when I had to repeatedly type "3xx" to do a portamento to a note. Now my VSTs have a setting for note portamento/legato and I'm still lazy.   :rolleyes: :P :angel:

I would prefer if I could get some label to distribute my album, but I'm still not good enough. The experience will come with time though.

Link to single releases:


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Your music is very good, feels old school. I Like it!
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