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Author Topic: Eddy67716's Tracker compositions  (Read 3865 times)

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Eddy67716's Tracker compositions
« on: February 19, 2020, 08:00:05 »

I am new to tracker composing, (I usually compose with notation software) and I would like to improve my ability.
I play piano and Organ by the way.

What are your opinions on my three compositions?
Nostalgic Memories:
Drops of Square
and, my first, Amiga Fanfare (I made an original which is too big for an A500)

I would appreciate some tips on how to improve my technique.

The Jazz Surgeon

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Re: Eddy67716's Tracker compositions
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2021, 18:46:30 »

Sorry if I'm bringing a thread back to life here. Just want to throw in some opinions

'Nostalgic Memories' has really cool writing, in my opinion. The harmonic movement and melody lines gel really well together. If it were my piece I would probably go into more keys, given how long it is, but there is a lot of variety in the instruments and textures, so it's not like it drags on or anything; quite the opposite. Generally avoid panning drums and bassy sounds to one ear, though. Try just panning certain drum sounds a bit, like snare and cymbals. I'd be tempted to pan the bell-like sounds in the beginning around for movement (e.g., pan one of the bell channels one way, another one the other way.) Panning voices in pads and reverb channels can add a lot of space and separation, too. The NES moment at 35 is fun. Also big thumbs up for layering textures (like, not just changing instrumentation up every 4 patterns, but threading it in and out.)

For 'Drops of Square,' I mainly want it to go on longer- the groove is pretty sik, and when it fades out I'm imagining a drop into a new section. Pretty badass

'Fanfare' is really 4mat-esque with the brass pads. The change into pattern 06 is satisfying, as is the return in 0E. The speed changes are clever, really taking advantage of tracker stuff.

Honestly, if you're new to trackers, you could fool me. If you want tips, I would just say reconsider your penchant for hard-panned drums, and maybe do some short, concise pieces as compositional exercises (not to say there's anything wrong with the long tracks, especially since you're incorporating lots of variety already.)
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