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Author Topic: Hammerhead, Moonfish & More 'Helper' App...  (Read 1278 times)

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Hammerhead, Moonfish & More 'Helper' App...
« on: December 16, 2020, 18:40:54 »


   Came across the Hammerhead site (Not Bram Bros) on the wayback machine & was able to get all the UserBanks, Mods & LoopXchange coming back...

   Hammerhead very simple but FAST drum composition tool & choose BPM, export WAV then spice up in Tracker or in audio editor first then Tracker...

  The Hammerhead site exist today but links not there-

  Go to Wayback version-

NOW when choosing userbank let it 'redirect' then ZIP will come then use back button to get back to dashboard, rinse, repeat...

There are 3 mods there at bottom too...

As to LoopXchange the .HH files are all there via wayback but I did not pick individually too many I ripped using Teleport Ultra ONLY .HH files got back over 2,500 files!!!

Don't know if you can get Hammerhead app there but it's at Softpedia & other spots-

Ingenuity using you can get odd time sigs & triplets & such out of Hammerhead...Not great quality but you can enhance a thousand different ways to get something unique & brag you did it in HAMMERHEAD!

You can then Giggle LIKE A SCHOOLGIRL!!!

Moonfish & all other Bram free & note SERIALS that must be used (not for moonfish though)

Moonfish Tracker-like designed as a JOKE!-

Moonfish was designed to be weird. A strange lovechild of HammerHead, an MC-303 and an old Amiga tracker. The only sequencer that can go up to 1230 BPM and only has 3 channels. Tickles your creativity by giving you odd limitations.

Anyways except for Hammerhead all on the wayback (Tunafish & Tuareg too...)

Maybe another useful drumbox 'iBeat' Here-

There is a new version of Hydrogen on Sourceforge...YOU can find it...

Another good 'oldie' is HotStepper once commercial then released free-

Maybe some of these help in your Tracking or perhaps make it worse...

As long as you are Giggling like a Schoolgirl it don't matter!!


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Re: Hammerhead, Moonfish & More 'Helper' App...
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2020, 20:49:11 »

Here's another called 'Skewl' which is a standalone sequencer with a WAV renderer...

You can set ur BPM & sequencer whatever garbage...

Kinda has a nice raspy tone like some rebirth setups do...

Useful...OR NOT!!!!

Your WAVs will no doubt have to have envelope cleaned up a bit in your editor of choice...

Then load in ur Tracker of choice & FREAK OUT!
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