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Author Topic: Why do I make Trance like I'm in the late 90s and not current style one?  (Read 839 times)

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Well, current time trance is not my thing, sure it sounds good, but it has over compressed, over limited, hissing white noise, ear fatigue, cookie cutter patterns, uninspired chords, and festival fodder sound, in fact, not only Elwood, Anvil, Perrra, Mikke, Ghidorah, Awesome, Rage, and Raven inspired me to began tracking, the gods of Trance "Lange", "The Space Brothers", and "Chicane" inspired me to make my current Trance compositions accurate to the late 90s style, not to mention putting pinches of Synth-Pop and Eurodance in them. I honestly have no idea what genre to call my current Trance compositions now since they're Trance, Synth-Pop, and Eurodance altogether.
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