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Author Topic: HomeMusicreconstruction a.k.a. Thor a.k.a. Santacuary a.k.a. EditMaster  (Read 2847 times)

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ProgressiveTrancemix (progressivetrancemix.xm) = XLR8R - Trancentral Awareness (
He just changed the length, added some more patterns and changed the samples beyond recognition. Patterns are pretty much identical. He didn't give credit to the original author.

crna luknja.rmx (crna_luknja.xm) = JRB - Black Hole Physiscs (sic.) (jb_b-h-p.xm).
He just changed some of the samples and did not credit the original author.

Guy (guy.xm) = Koperek - Control (koperek_control.xm).
He just changed the song length and exchanged the samples. He didn't give any credit to the original author, nor did he admit that it's a "remix".

His module modifications basically sound a lot horrible than the original modules.


EDIT: HomeMusicreconstruction recently tried to evade ban by changing his handle to 'Santacuary'. He has tried to upload a module titled 'Dream Sun', which really is just a horrible modification of TSEC - Dreams (dreams.xm). How the module was modified shows pretty much the same manner as HomeMusicreconstruction. He also has not credited the original author.

Other rips he tried to rip as "Santacuary":
Dancing Bear = A-Lin - 82910-techno.xm. He just changed the speed and length and added more patterns. Even worse, he even claims that he composed it.

Color House = DJ Diamond - You Should Know (you_should_know.xm). He just changed the samples and rearranged the patterns. Again, he claims that he composed it.

Fly To The Stars = 7ecno - Song 4 My Bestfriend (song4my.xm). He just did the same as the module listed above.

Motion Mountain = Aberration - History [Trance Mix] (history.xm). Ditto.

Unfortunately, I've been unable to identify the module used for 'Hey Nation' and 'Fruity Machine'.

It's also interesting to note that Santacuary has tried to deny that he's actually the same person as HomeMusicreconstruction.

EDIT 2: Once again, he tried to evade ban by changing his handle to EditMaster. The tune he uploaded, titled "Sunflovers of Love" is a modification of a tune from Xtra titled "A Nite In Da Clubb". The original author wasn't credited at all.

Xtra's original tune wasn't in the archive at the time "EditMaster" uploaded his modification, so I've decided to add it to the archive:

26th August, 2022:
EditMaster just emailed me his unfinished module titled "Oh My Girl"... which of course, is actually a modification of cTrix's tune titled "House My Kolsch Up". ( ) The samples were changed beyond recognition, but the patterns are still identical.

He also tried to deny the fact that he copied the patterns, saying that he never downloaded cTrix's module at all.

20th September, 2022:
EditMaster recently posted a download link to one of his tunes titled "Secret Harmony", which is actually an overly chaotic edit of mpxvm's FUMIX 195 ( ). The original author isn't even mentioned anywhere at all. What makes this funnier is that EditMaster did post some messages on mpxvm's profile, asking him to listen to his modification.
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Re: HomeMusicreconstruction a.k.a. Thor
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2022, 18:40:37 »

Thanks. Apparently this person (even after saying it multiple times) doesn't understand that even the original authors of those songs don't appreciate these "remixes", but not giving credits makes it even worse.
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