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Author Topic: Looking for old Swedish module mod.parentsong  (Read 25 times)

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Looking for old Swedish module mod.parentsong
« on: March 19, 2023, 00:00:53 »

Some time in the early 90s I was at a firends house and heard a module on what his computer was called mod.parentsong. It was kind of a simple pop/dance/house 4/4 beat with Swedish samples saying "elektronik", "kan aldrig bli musik", "hörselskador" etc. The vocals was clearly a person trying to sound like an old man, atleast for some of the samples.

From what I can remember the track started with a drum and the voice going "elektronik". It should be very easy to recognize it. I have listened to the first few seconds of thousands of modules but still no match. I am pretty sure it was a protracker module (maybe soundtracker), not very large in size. From my memory the track is around two minutes long and between 100 and 200 kB.

Has anyone ever heard this or know where to find this? Perhaps it is known by another name?
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