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Author Topic: Listener beware: TiMidity++ isn't good at playing modules  (Read 542 times)

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Apologies for making this, of all things, my first post. I hope I'm doing this posting thing right.

In a comment I was going to post on an excellent module (Hoffman and Daytripper's Professional Tracker) which fails in this programme, I wrote a small block of text which I've since modified to become this:

Technical note: TiMidity++, which is NOT primarily a module player but does have a rudimentary module play routine supporting MOD, IT and XM that I've tested, has no clue what to do with this. It starts off with the tempo being basically sane, and then it seems like it's too fast because the rapping speech samples get cut off before the line ends. OpenMPT's means of playback (openmpt123 on Unix, and built into the OpenMPT editor on Windows) can handle this piece with grace and elegance.

It turns out this applies to other modules as well. Relatively simple ones seem to work fine, albeit with a strange breathing/room effect which I like. Strobe's Glyphixication cuts out about halfway through, which is a chocolate teapot.

TiMidity++ is also not capable of playing OpenMPT modules.

It's best to restrict TiMidity++ to its core competency, which is playing MIDI files.
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