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Author Topic: Requesting an API key for game client  (Read 1093 times)

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Requesting an API key for game client
« on: December 23, 2023, 23:20:03 »

- Application type: A modification of the 2001 game Uplink. Part of the mod includes a re-write of the music handling in which I hope to enable a sort of "mod radio" using MA.

- Platform(s): Linux and Windows, hopefully MacOS soon after, but not presently focused.

- Predicted demand, an estimation of how many requests a month you will make: Unknown. I cannot predict if there's a sudden nostalgia explosion in activity upon release. However, the current watchlist for next release is a hair over a thousand people. I don't anticipate more than, say, 200 will be reacting upon release, so assuming casual use, we should remain under the 100k limit. Unless it suddenly becomes a smash hit on some aggregate source.

Please also note that we are some months out from public release. Between developers and internal testers, we number under a dozen, so starting demand will be much lower for this period. Please also let me know if you wish to be separately warned ahead of public release, as we do not publish intended release dates publicly.

- Commercial interest, is this a for-sale app? No. We had requested donations on our site at one point over a decade ago, but there will not be a requirement to pay us nor any sort of application begging.

Do please note however that along with an anticipated Steam release, people will be required to own the base Uplink game on that platform, which is for sale. We do not and will not profit from this, and access to the game will be available outside of this platform.

- Additional information:
We are only seeking a level 3 key at this time. We may request escalation at a later time, but would only seek the Featured option, if that matters. For now, we will be quite content with the bare necessities.


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Re: Requesting an API key for game client
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2023, 00:43:37 »

Hi there, I’ve sent you the details via the forum private message system.

Thanks for the detailed application.
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