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Author Topic: The Mod Archive 2007 Torrent  (Read 7716 times)

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The Mod Archive 2007 Torrent
« on: April 19, 2007, 17:34:55 »

A reminder to those who want to get our last torrent archive.

The last few remaining sharers (seeds) are starting to disappear so you had better get it while you can, and of course - help share (seed) it yourself when you've got it all.

This is the previous torrent announcement:

For those of you who want to obtain the ENTIRE archive, and I'm not just talking the same old 13GB torrents we had up in the test phase of 2005 and 2006, but the ENTIRE 29GB of compressed modules!

This is how it is going to work.

a) You download and install a Bit Torrent client of your own choice.
b) You go to the Torrent Tracker of ours and download the "modarchive_2007_official_snapshot_120000_modules" Torrent file.
c) You open up the torrent file in your Bit Torrent client and CHOOSE which parts of the archive you want to download.
d) One you have downloaded it, you keep it online for some time to "seed" back to the network. If you leave it online long enough for your share ratio to go above 1:1 then that's great and *that* is what we need. :)

In order to give as much flexibility and work within the constraints of the standard Zip architecture, the archive is split up alphabetically into double-letter sorting. Here are some examples:

Modules with filenames like:

'' will be in
'elysium.mod' will be in

In total, there are just over 1000 separate zip files.

After you have completed download of one of these archives, you can literally pick up one and drag it into your player (as long as it supports loading zips directly, like XMPlay with the xmp-zip plug-in).

There is absolutely no need to uncompress the archives if you have a capable player. On the other hand, although I won't recommend - you can de-archive these files. It won't cost you much in the way of disk space, because there is no compression on these sub-archives themselves. Instead, the modules themselves are transferred straight off our data repository and each and every one of them is individually zipped. Now if you wanted to uncompress those (good luck! pfft) you'd be needing about 47gb.

Even if you don't have 29GB of disk space, that's quite OK, you can (as mentioned earlier) choose which sub archives you want to download from within your Torrent client before you begin the download.

Well, that's about it

Good luck everyone and happy sharing!

View the full post for the torrent download link and more details!

The Torrent is available HERE it is still being initially seeded but we have got a head start to deal with the load for the first 50% of the torrent. The rest will trickle down over the next few days :)

Below is my previous post about the torrent:

 The structure of the provided files will allow more flexibility on how you chose to download them. Torrent clients can choose which sub-archive files to download out of a multi-file torrent, so this means you will have more choice over which bits you want to download and keep. You'll see what I mean when the torrent(s) are put up.

- No HTML song lists included. I thought these would be useful in the last bunch, but they turned out to be more trouble than they were worth, so I've dropped those.

- A lot of reported broken files have been fixed or removed, it is clear that there will still be a couple that are broken due to the fact I have not been able to get around to doing them all. There will also be a few filename collisions for windows users - that's just tough though as it's something of an inheritance of how the archive used to handle its files. There will also be a notable number of duplicates - not in the hash sense - but in the audio sense, since people will insist on uploading modules that have been modified only slightly (instrument texts) it's near impossible to weed those out, so they're left (along with their hash record) in order to stop people uploading them again and again.

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