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Author Topic: Looking for a mod...  (Read 2749 times)

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Looking for a mod...
« on: August 06, 2007, 02:13:25 »

So, I can't say how often I've done this, but I really want this mod, so you could say it's worth it.  I heard the mod some years ago, obviously I can't remember song title or filename otherwise I'd have it already.  The mod was pretty unusual, though, so it seems as though it would be recognizable just from that, but it's proven to be quite hidden.  Anyway, the song is I would guess considered ambient or perhaps dance:techno, I remember that it had really unusual samples in it, as in the sound of some sort of creature 'screaming', and samples of a female computer/voice stating lifesign statistics on the organism in the background.  The song was probably something about 'lifeforce' or 'alien lifeform' (those aren't it, though, I've checked), and it has samples from 'Mars Attacks!' of Jack Nicholson yelling 'Shut up!' over and over again, LOL. was really cool, and I'm hoping someone here can remember/has the mod they'd be willing to share with me.  Anyone have any ideas?
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