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Elements of Fun (adkd_-_elements_of_fun.xm)

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Dear You, who bothers
to read this text! :)

I thought it would be
fun to go through the
details of the various
elements of which this
material world is
composed, according to
Vedic scriptures.

Starting from samples
text 01, we'll attempt
describing the
characteristics of
each of the elements
of the world, as per
the wonderful book of
Srimad Bhagavatam.

The point of all this
is to come to a clear
understanding that "I"
am the soul, complete-
ly different from both
the gross and subtle
bodies - which are
nothing but different
elements with various
material attributes.

The soul is character-
ized by eternality,
full knowledge and

Pradhana is the unman-
ifested combination of
the three modes of
material nature, which
is the cause of the
manifest stage of
matter (prakrti).

The three modes or
qualities of nature
are goodness, passion
and ignorance,
characterized by
serenity, activity and
dullness respectively.
The subtle body or
consciousness contains
the mind, the
intelligence and the
false ego. The mind is
the breeding place of
desires. It is the
center from which one
accepts and rejects
Situated in the heart,
it is controlled by
the discriminating
power of the intellig-
ence. False ego gives
the concept of "I".
Ether: Gives space or
accomodation of room
for the external and
internal activities of
all living entities.
It is connected with
the ear and its sense
object is sound.
Air: Makes the senses
function. It's actions
are movement, mixing,
and allowing approach
to the objects of the
senses like sound. It
is the gaseous state
of matter, and is
connected with the
sense of touch.
Fire: Gives illumina-
tion and actions of
cooking, digesting,
destroying cold and
evaporating. It brings
about hunger, thirst,
eating and drinking.
It is the firery state
of matter, and is
connected with the
eyes and the object
of form, as well as
the working sense of
the legs.
Water: Characterized
by moistening other
substances, coagulati-
ng various mixtures,
causing satisfation,
maintaining life,
softening things,
eradicating heat,
incessantly supplying
itself to reservoirs
of water and thirst-
quenching. It is the
liquid state of matter
and it is connected
with the tastebuds as
well as the genitals.
Earth: Can be used to
model forms of the
Supreme Brahman, to
construct places of
residence, and to
contain things. It is
the sustainer of all
and represents the
solid state of matter.
It is connected with
the nose and the
object of odor, as
well as the anus
among the working
Sound: That which
conveys the idea of an
object, indicates the
presence of a speaker
and is the subtle form
of ether. Connected
with the knowledge-
aquiring sense of the
ear, and working sense
of the voice.
Touch: It is the
subtle form of air.
Softness, hardness,
heat and cold are its
attributes. Connected
with the knowledge-
aquiring sense of the
skin and the working
sense of the hands.
Form: By dimension,
quality and individua-
lity, characteristics
of form can be
understood. It is
connected with fire,
by which effulgence
the eyes sees form in
Taste: Originally one,
but becomes manifold
as astringent, sweet,
bitter, pungent, sour
and salty due to
contact with other
substances. Connected
with the water element
as well as the tongue.
Odor: Although one,
becomes many - as
mixed, offensive,
fragnant, mild, strong
acidic and so on -
according to the
proportions of
associated substances.
Connected with the
earth element and the
The 5 working senses
(voice, hands, legs,
genitals and anus) are
invested with the
power of speech,
grasping and dropping,
movement, procreation
and defecation
The 5 knowledge-
aquiring senses (ears,
eyes, tongue, nose and
skin) have the power
to hear, see, taste,
smell and feel, which
are all perceived in
their central station,
the 11th sense; mind.
When one becomes impr-
essed by any sense
experience, the consc-
iousness subtly engra-
ves such impressions,
keeping them ready for
eventual recollection.
False ego in goodness
manifests the mind and
demigods. In passion
it manifests the inte-
lligence and senses.
False ego in ignorance
manifests the 5 gross
elements (earth, water
etc.) along with their
respective sense
objects (smell, taste
and so on).
Time is known as the
mixing element. When
it enters the pradhana
or aggregate of
material elements, the
three modes of nature
are agitated, turning
dormant pradhana into
the manifest stage or
prakrti, which is the
breeding ground for
all varieties of
creation. Time causes
fear of death due to
the false ego of the
conditioned soul.
The Lord impregn-
ates prakrti with His
internal potency, the
living entities.
Agitated by the desti-
nations of the condit-
ioned souls, prakrti
delivers the sum total
of the consciousness
of all the conditioned
souls. In the beginni-
ng, this consciousness
of prakrti prevails in
pure goodness. There-
fore one can see a re-
flection of the Lord.
Through the living en-
tities desire to enjoy
and control the mater-
ial energy without the
Lord, the first impur-
ity, called false ego,
is caused to manifest.
This false ego is
endowed with active
power of three kinds,
good (serene), passio-
nate (active) and ign-
orant (dull). From the
false ego in these 3
modes, the other elem-
ents are manifested.
Thank you for reading.


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