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Rocky Plateau (arc-rock.it)

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  • arc-rock.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 2.31MB in size and has been downloaded 1656 times since Mon 27th Sep 2004 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 33906
  • Downloads: 1656
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  • MD5: 16903e07e48eafb2a55fdfc096957a8d
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 16
  • Uncompressed Size: 2.31MB
  • Genre: Video Game

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artist Composed in the summer of 2004.

Three years after my last song (Leaving it All Behind), I found myself in a boring job, making money for my final semester of college, having failed to find a meaningful summer job doing something relevant to my major of computer science (my entry into a software development career was fraught and had a lot of mis-steps, but I eventually made it and turned out okay). I was at the Department of Retirement Systems for the state of Washington, doing tech support for their new retirement benefits website.

The job was boring, slow, and mostly devoid of anything useful to do. I spent most of my time trying to entertain myself on my laptop (my own laptop, not one that the state provided for me). I got really good at Minesweeper, played a baseball management simulation game, and wrote a story for Operation CWAL (but never completed it).

I also did a lot of reviews on the Mod Archive and decided to download Modplug Tracker (now known as OpenMPT) and see if I could get used to the interface. I decided it would be easier to make a remix of somebody else’s song rather than come up with something original while I did it.

The good news is, I produced a decent song. The bad news is I still didn’t like the interface (sorry folks, it’s antiquated and hard to use - it’s a late 1990’s interface in a 2020’s world).

The song I decided to do was based on “Cccool” from Rise of the Triad, one of my favorite video games from my teenage years, and my favorite song from the game. This song played at the level “Rocky Plateau” - I decided to name my song after the level, since I didn’t really like the name “Cccool.”

Because ModPlug could open the original midi file from the game, I used that as a template for some of the song, in particular the piano part, which was fairly complex and hard to track. The song stays fairly close to the original - the only changes I made were to fix some of the chords, which I thought were dissonant, and otherwise just tidy things up.

The song turned out well, and to date it’s my best reviewed song on the Mod Archive. Not hard to do when my only other two songs that have reviews (as of August 2021) are Calm and Aquatic Jive, both of which are terrible.

So, I enjoy this song, but it’s not really a showcase of my own skill - credit goes to the composer of the original, Lee Jackson. But I enjoy the song, and it’s a fun listen.
- arcturus

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member Posted by MicShazam on Wed 6th Apr 2011, rated 8 / 10.

This is clearly from Rise of the Triad.
One of my favorite tracks off that game :D
Especially like the piano.

member Posted by Techno Jon on Wed 23rd Feb 2011, rated 7 / 10.

Quite well done. I like the little piano riff. As well, many of the synths were nice; I like the piano and the brass a lot.

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Info Internal Texts *

Rocky Plateau
By Arcturus

Original by Lee Jackson

Length:  2:43

This is my first song in quite a while.  I hope to keep up the tracking in the

This song is based on "Cccool," a theme from the computer game Rise of the
Triad.  Ic hanged the name to "Rocky Plateau" because I didn't really like
the name "Cccool."  "Rocky Plateau" is the level where this music plays.

I must say, Lee Jackson had some very unconventional use of chords in the
original.  What was most odd were the chords he had for the synth instrument
that played throughout the song.  I used strings instead of a pad sample.
What made it odd was the fact that half chords that played included notes
that were a mere halftone from each other - E and F, for example.  The
problem with that was, when I tracked it out myself, it was very grating to
the ear.  So, I modified the string chords to exclude this.  The piano and
brass, however, are mostly the same.

I made a few changes from the original, but apart from that, I don't take credit
for any of the music in this song - it belongs solely to Lee Jackson.  I
basically tracked this out so that I could get used to Modplug Tracker, not
having much experience with it.

My next song will be an original work.  And now, to emulate my associate Lothos:

Any good?

Probably not.


ICQ:  6570208
AIM:  Arcitaka
Website:  http://www.dubreview.com - English voice acting news and reviews

Fingered Bass
Bass Drum
Crash Cymbal
Tom High
Tom Low
Ludwig Snare Drum
Brass Ensemble

Solo Synth
Bosendorfer Piano
 ingered Bass D#2
Fingered Bass F#2
Fingered Bass A2
Fingered Bass C3
Fingered Bass D3
Fingered Bass F3
Fingered Bass G3
Fingered Bass A#3
Bass Drum
Crash Cymbal
Tom High
Tom Low
Ludwig Snare Drum
Strings C5
 trings C6
 trings D4
 trings F4
 trings G#4
 trings B4
 trings D5
 trings F5
 trings G#5
 trings B5
 trings D6
 trings F6
 trings G#6
 trings B6
 trings D7

Brass Ensemble F3
Solo Synth C#5
 osendorfer Piano B0
 aw Synth C5
 uno106 Synth Organ D3
 uno106 Synth Organ G#
 uno106 Synth Organ D4
 uno106 Synth Organ G#
 uno106 Synth Organ D5
 uno106 Synth Organ G#
 uno106 Synth Organ D6
 osendorfer Piano F1
 osendorfer Piano D2
 osendorfer Piano G2
Bosendorfer Piano B2
Bosendorfer Piano F3
Bosendorfer Piano G#3
Bosendorfer Piano B3
Bosendorfer Piano E4
Bosendorfer Piano G#4
Bosendorfer Piano B4
Bosendorfer Piano E5
Bosendorfer Piano D6
Bosendorfer Piano G6
Bosendorfer Piano C7

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