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Land of Whispers (em_low.it)

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  • em_low.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 508.27KB in size and has been downloaded 11855 times since Wed 9th Jan 2002 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 41801
  • Downloads: 11855
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  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 20
  • Uncompressed Size: 508.27KB
  • Genre: Fantasy

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member Posted by Arne Puszelski on Thu 24th Dec 2009, rated 10 / 10.

Fantasy music on high level and with absolutely great parts. Very good idea for this fantastic music. Excellent athmosphere in nearly 8 minutes - absolutely great track!

member Posted by STTrife on Tue 4th Sep 2007, rated 10 / 10.

Absolutly my favourite fantasy song! excellent song, very long and very much variation! I love it!

member Posted by Ceekayed on Sun 27th Jan 2002, rated 9 / 10.

This song starts with slow and atmospheric part. After two minutes it starts to speed up in a great way. Very fantasy like melodies comes in. After 3 minutes the song just speeds up a bit and then comes great pianos which keeps you listening. Then it slows down again smoothly. Some lead solo and piano tricks does wonders here. I can't get bored to this. Again, it speeds up and more of fantasy-like and atmospheric melodies comes in. after 7 minutes I haven't got bored to this. No need to say that this is exellent song and tracked very well. I can easily listen this several times in a row and I don't get bored, it has so much variation in it. Great chords, very atmospheric backgrounds, nice leeds and lots of variation makes this musically a 10/10. Great work here, keep it up. The technical part isn't so good 'cause of old samples. Some samples I.E. Choirs are stretched too much, they doesn't sound so good at some parts. And the same thing with those Brasses. Lots of effects used and they are in the right place at the right time. No complaining about them nor from pannings, but they aren't so perfect. In some parts those pannings sounds annoying with headphones. Like some background pianos jumps from right to left too fastly or like at 5:20 piano's pannings aren't so good. This song has everything what exellent song has to have but this is not perfect still. But I still can't give less than 9.5/10 to this song. And this song is a must download for fantasy likers and for everyone else aswell.

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Info Internal Texts *

                LAND OF WHISPERS        (7:50)

                        by Eterman

                    -the final version-
              remix for TiS Fantasy Compo

                        (the first version released)

        This song was originally composed even in 1995 and then tracked
 in 1997-98. What I did to the early version now was mostly re-tuning and
 some further instrument adjustments. Of course I also had to add more
 instruments and change volume levels, adjust pannings and even change
 some melody structures, but chords and the main structure of the original
 version were, nevertheless, not altered.
        I still had a lot of work before I was happy with the result. Now
 the sound is quite as smooth as I wanted it to be and some patterns that
 formerly contained some errors are now fixed with great pains and a lot
 of effort.
        It's much harder to adjust a song than to start all over, but
 making a whole new, fresh mix might have resulted in losing some of the
 original ispiration, which I so delightfully still recognize when
 listening to this all time favourite of mine. (a strong expression, but
 anything less powerful would not have been sufficient, since this very
 piece stands out amoung my other works and has special meaning for me,
 not only as tracked music, but also as a composition)

        In these chords here, there is something rather unique. And
 the sound offers something I'd perhaps not be able to rewrite. I really
 love the atmosphere. It does not only take my mind to a very distant
 place both in time and space, where ease south wind softly bends the
 grasslands and where dewy groves welcome the first refreshing glances of
 morning sun, but it also sets my thoughts towards my own musica history
 and those elementary influences, in which the seed for my creativiness
 was so gently planted.

 What is the Land of Whispers?
 The explanation is pretty hard to deliver. Naming it 'Dorian', some think
 about it as a place of great wealth and treasury, whereas others,
 unwilling to confuse it for old, unreliable, oral folk tales, consider it
 an area of great historical importance, having enough knowledge to
 connect it with the great war of Harmathia.
        However, a scant number of wise men appear to hold precise
 knowledge of any of the ancient events related to the Harmathian
 incident. No-one seems to know, where exactly Harmathia was or what that
 land (also an ethnic sphere of influence) had to do with "Dorian", which
 is the most common name for the lost land, although many find it
 unorthodox to mix up the two tales: the tale of Dorian and the tale of
 Semeroth, which seems to have older roots. It is also argued, that the
 Dorian myth never  originally contained any indications to "whispers" or
 to grave, which is the meaning for an ancient word "sem".

        There are some people, that are searching for the Land of
 Whispers in the hope of finding a treasury. Despite the fact, that no
 such treasure-hunter has ever been known to succeed in finding the land,
 rare are those few not believing the renowned land exists, or ever has
        However, there are also people searching for the Land of Whispers
 without much hope for finding any treasury what comes to wordly
 possession or wealth. Some few know what the name Semeroth really means
 and that those "whispers" really do mean the spirits of the deceased
 (that the word is not only figurative in that context).
        Nowadays, in Inbor and other northern areas as well as in southern
 kingdoms, Land of Whispers is no more as popular an issue as some decades
 before, but quite a lot of people, however, still keep the myth alive
 either in songs or in actual tales, which quite often seem also to
 contain the Dorian myth. It may be that people usually have more interest
 in stories with treasuries or otherwise great amounts of wealth, and fail
 to find essential tales of sad and grievous historical events
 captivating enough. This might be the main explanation for why the
 supposedly strong myth of Semeroth (Or the older and wider Harmathian
 Legend) so briefly faded and got mixed up with other folk tales, which
 resulted in practically all details getting lost.
        There are, of course, people with precise knowledge. Knowing
 better, those people either have good intentions and try to avoid
 Semeroth being revealed, or have selfish intentions and want to reach the
 place in order to gain possession of ancient powers ready to be released.

        And behind all this, there is the long and noble history of
 Harmathia containing periods of both war and peace, both struggle and
 rest, both grief and delight, weakness and might, bleakness and light.

        From the dust of Harmathia, arose the time of Semeroth,
        beneath the mighty vow,
          in which no man could act low.
        Alack, the walls of sorrows are rent,
          sullen minds, even evil, not to ment,
        now freely set their wander,
          amoungst the wise and gander.
        Thus areth thou to repair,
          keep the vow and always dare.
        It is given, still,
          not to be driven ill,
        to rashly train towards the cache -
          but to suffer and bear ponderous fash.

   -Harri Kivisto

    Land of Whispers

     by Eterman

   -the final version-


Conga 1
Conga 2
Conga 3
Flute 2
Piano Low

Brass Ensemble

Snare 2
Snare 3
Bass Drum
Choir 2

 Many of those samples
 are so old that nobody
 really knows were they
 are originally from.

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