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Nine One One (jt_911.xm)

Info Summary

  • jt_911.xm is a XM format module. Uncompressed, it is 950.94KB in size and has been downloaded 29274 times since Fri 28th Jul 2000 :D

Info Info

  • Mod Archive ID: 46469
  • Downloads: 29274
  • Favourited: 54 times
  • MD5: 38a55733e653064021577a0edf85cc7b
  • Format: XM
  • Channels: 28
  • Uncompressed Size: 950.94KB
  • Genre: Funk

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  • Member Rating: rating (9 / 10)
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member Posted by ajah on Mon 16th Feb 2015, rated 10 / 10.

Slow start but in the end very interesting mix of different styles (what sound to me a Russian peasant melody transitioning to urban US funk. Gvoovy sheet dudes ;)

Me likes.

member Posted by CommanderKeen on Thu 15th Mar 2012, rated 10 / 10.

This tune is tracking perfection. It has a slew of beautiful, hummable and memorable melodies, and a great funky feel once the bass and the drums kick in. If I dig really deep the only criticism I can come up with is that it's a typical "game" track which we've heard many times before, but in its genre it's simply one of the best.

member Posted by veedgo on Sun 14th Aug 2011, rated 10 / 10.

Victor Wooten in a mod tracker! I can't believe the really cool slap bass samples and the way they work to convince you that you're listening to someone actually playing it. This tune has a great funk feel. I only like some funk and this one is tops.

member Posted by FearofDark on Mon 18th Jan 2010, rated 10 / 10.

Probably the best module I've heard so far, or at least it's pretty close to the top. Awesome funky feel, awesome samples, awesome in ever way imaginable.

member Posted by Saga Musix on Fri 19th Oct 2007, rated 10 / 10.

This is still one of the best modules that exist. Technically very advanced, crystal-clear samples and awesome funky melodies!
You gotta love this one!

member Posted by warhawk on Fri 19th Oct 2007, rated 10 / 10.

"Nine One One" is one of the most professionally tracked tunes ever made. Creativity is top notch! Technically this is also as good as they get! In fact, of the tens of thousands of modules I've heard, this is my number one pick for the most technically advanced tune. The ending is my favorite part and is unique among tracked tunes.

member Posted by Pip Malt on Fri 19th Oct 2007, rated 9 / 10.

This is a classic. Great stuff. Nice melodies, cool beat, it's got it all. Be sure to add this one to your collection!

member Posted by m0d on Tue 17th Apr 2007, rated 9 / 10.

Jeroen Tel can sure make some kick ass pieces of music. This is one of those that is just up there with the classics of the scene at the time it was made. 1997 was a long time ago (10 years at time of writing this) and somehow it still stands up today to the technical qualities that still don't seem to have been bettered. Plenty of variation and quality samples, melodically it's got a great coherance and overall delivers a quality piece of music. Grab it.

member Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Mon 28th Feb 2000, rated 10 / 10.

Starts very nice and slow and then chanches totally. This tune make you a lot happyer. Something to listen to before you go to school/work. Can't say anything else than Wave 4-ever =) The best tune i've ever listen to! All the Samples are great and a superb mix together. Noone can make anything better than this and it isn't so big either. Go Download NOW!

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Info Internal Texts *

       composed by
   Jeroen Tel (WAVE)
Maniacs of Noise & FM
(C) 1997 Jeroen G. Tel

 In 1996 I also ranked
    #1 in the Veteran
          section of
     Music Contest 4
with 'Pools of Poison'
   If I rank #1 in the
Veteran section of MC6
Free beer for everyone
     All rights of the
producer and the owner
of the work reproduced
reserved. Unauthorized
      copying, hiring,
       lending, public
     performance and
  broadcasting of this
 XM module prohibited.
  Contact info:
  Jeroen Tel (WAVE)
  Email: mon_xs4all.nl
  Harmoniestraat 77
  5702 JD Helmond, NL
       Big hello's to:
"the Music Contest 5
  Thomas E. Petersen
    (Laxity of M.o.N.)
    Thomas Mogensen
      (Drax of M.o.N.)
All you guys at #trax!
(too many to mention)
Kim Jensen & the rest
of the Innerloop gang.
The dudes at Funcom.
(you know who you are)
    HI also to my pals
 of Five Musician (FM)
  When I'm typing this
  it's already the 3rd
     of March 1998...
I've been postponing
         writing this
    sampletext bit for
       too long... (:P
    More greetings to:
 Rick Hoekman (jawel!)
   My brother Kees (!)
  (your music RULEZ!)
    The #c-64 people!
Witan Entertainment BV
   and everybody else
     Maniacs of Noise
      (Download) Site
    * = the tilde sign

  Five Musicians Site:
         Scene info:
   Jeroen Tel (WAVE)
        is hooked to
Maniacs of Noise (MoN)
   Five Musicians (FM)
     Analogue (demos)
       Let's fill this
   boring empty space
      with "stuff"....

    My favorite color:
       (hex) 00FFDC
     My favorite beer:
         Bavaria 8.6
Some things I wrote on
  "my walls" over the

 "Some words don't
   have to be spoken
   to be true." (1996)
"People are like black
  Holes; the more they
  have, the more they
  want." (1993)
"Words are like boats;
  They arrive at their
  destination or sink"
"Who isn't strong,
  must be smart,
  but who isn't smart,
  must be stupid" (:P
"You can't get wise
  by decision" (1995)
Okay, enough blahblah
           for now...
 PEACE to the world...
   WAVE loves SHINE
 (this space "to let")
   before I sign off,
   I'll leave you with
   some brainfood:
  "Who can PROOVE
         1+1=2 ?"
    Started: 7-7-1997
  Finished: 15-7-1997
   ^^^   ^^^~~^^^~~^^^


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