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Pat the pattern! :-) (kzrswc2.it)

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  • kzrswc2.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 438.05KB in size and has been downloaded 1373 times since Sat 3rd Nov 2001 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 48490
  • Downloads: 1373
  • Favourited: 0 times
  • MD5: 6239c3bbb8e3f1a43a7e7890a8f0fba7
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 16
  • Uncompressed Size: 438.05KB
  • Genre: Electronic - Ambient

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  • Member Rating: rating (8 / 10)
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artist Entry for Cykiq’s second SWC (what the name meant after the first one, I don’t remember), the One Pattern Compo.

The review tells everything :)

Play in XMPlay (ModPlug messes up the volume column slides) or Impulse Tracker (yeah right). - Ralesk

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member Posted by DJ Bourg on Mon 15th Jul 2002, rated 8 / 10.

I was surprised by the title at first sight. So I decided to check out what the song would sound... This is actually kinda good, it has got a slow groovy rhythm, some little melodies, kinda simple, but welcomed in the song. It has a good bass system, and the overall sound quality is good. Though its kinda simple as a melodic structure, it has got many sound effects that spice the overall feeling of the song, which is a good thing. Now the real fun starts here: this song is 2:00 long, and it got only 1 damn single pattern! Yes sir, only one. Here we can see that the artist has some skill: the speed is obviously slower (Tempo 100/Speed 12) to get a maximum of workspace. But what surprised me most is the fact that the user didn't has any of his instruments 'pre-made': he used normal versative instruments, and to get that accurate and detailed sound he has used lot of effects: lot of retriggers, some midi macros, volume portamentos, volume slides and global volume slides, and mainly, pattern loops. Everything has been put well and skillfully. The results are almost perfect and honestly I couldn't expect more from a 200-row one-patterned module. There's only 14 samples and they are used perfectly in the song. The original artist knew very well what he was doing. I recommend you to download this song as an example if you wanna give yourself some challenging, and to hear the result of such way of tracking. Good listening! -- DJ Bourg

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Info Internal Texts *

Bluff 2
Deep Bassdrum

chiptune instr 1
chiptune instr 2
Chiptune instr 3
chiptune instr 4
chiptune instr 5
drum 1
short hit


Pat the pattern :-)

****** (censored, sorry)


Song length 2:06

Made with Impulse Tracker
so please try to listen
to it in that program.

Winamp is 100%-ly NOT

Modplug DOES NOT play
this song perfectly.
The Ex volume column fx
does not co-operate with
the retriggers in MPT,
so the 7th and 8th
channels sound quite
annoying. Please avoid
downrating the song be-
cause of a tracker prog-
ram's incompatibility.
Thank you.

****** (censored)

By the way.
You FastTracker people
probably have XMPlay
(probably because it
plays XM better than MPP)
I listened to this song
with XMplay, and i can
tell you, that it plays
the song PERFECTLY!

so if u don't have the

Thank you again.

****** (censored)


If you still find the
song annoying (HOW2.TXT):
Try to let it loop some,
and try to do something
else. Like reading sthing
on tyour comp or whatever
You'll find that the song
is not as annoying as you
initially thought. :-)

****** (censored)


When the f* will i stop
this mess, you ask...

NOW! :-)

****** (censored)
UNREAL2.PCM    (M.v.d.B.)
DEEPBASS       (unknown?)
Bullroar C2    (unknown?)
Bullroar C5    (unknown?)
Oboe           (unknown?)
1              (P.Motion)
2              (P.Motion)
3              (P.Motion)
4              (P.Motion)
5              (P.Motion)
SimpleBass04   (  Cedri )
unknown.drum.1 (unknown?)
hit.short      (M.v.d.B.)
drum.big       (M.v.d.B.)


<Sample Credits>
Michiel van den Bos
Purple Motion
and some unknown people
(or they are NOW unknown)
(i probly lost their name
or the filename during
the moving of the samps)

work time 1:35


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