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Carra's Lament (w-cl.it)

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  • w-cl.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 1.02MB in size and has been downloaded 5905 times since Thu 3rd Dec 1998 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 59927
  • Downloads: 5905
  • Favourited: 7 times
  • MD5: c7a592151396ec78a155ba9ac5413ff3
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 32
  • Uncompressed Size: 1.02MB
  • Genre: Folk

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member Posted by tzukidoji on Fri 22nd May 2020, rated 9 / 10.

Even after 22 years this Celtic piece is exceptional – a great demonstration of Impulse Tracker's capabilities.

member Posted by Psirius on Fri 22nd May 2020, rated 10 / 10.

I think it is one of the best works I have ever heard. Of course you are the one who best dominates Celtic - Irish songs. It is brutal.

member Posted by Arne Puszelski on Wed 20th Jan 2010, rated 9 / 10.

Very great ambient/folk music with catchy melody. Very well composed and great samples. Download and listen to this excellent music!

member Posted by m0d on Fri 27th Apr 2007, rated 10 / 10.

I still stand my my orgiginal review of this module, it's by far one of the best Celtic/Irish pieces on the archive. It's a part of a multi-module story, each piece has a part of the storyline. So check out Warder's other stuff as you'll be treated to what can only really be described as some pretty good tracker perfection. Grab now if you haven't already.

member Posted by m0d on Sun 6th Dec 1998, rated 9 / 10.

This mod is beautifully written, its slow pipes and strings mixed in with Irish folk riffs make this mod a wonderful piece to listen to, specially if your into this type of music. The mod also uses again original melody without too many repeats, However,the drums do get a little repetitive towards the end. But the tune as a whole is bang on when it comes to the use of instruments. The tune also has a story which you can read, and the tune has been written beautifully around the story. If you read it while playing you really do get captured and captivated by the music. This mod is part of a trilogy by the same artist, each with a different part of the story. Also see: "Moors of Ireland" (w-moi.it) and another called "Whistler's Bride". All are a recommended download. Again, this mod simply takes full advantage of pitch bends and accents to make the riffs stand out just as they should do with this type of music. After writing several Irish pieces of music, i certainly know when someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make the tune stand out from a crowd. The samples are good quality and are used in the correct manor in every way. This artist has great future potential. I suggest you check out his other work.

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Info Internal Texts *

                           the Feadanaigh Epic

                       "We are the music makers,
                     and we are the dreamers of dreams,
                       wandering by the lone sea-breakers,
                   and sitting by the desolate streams."

                                   -  Arthur O'Shaughnessy

       the Feadanaigh Epic is my long term project, which consists
       of three parts.

          - Wind on the Moors
          - Whistler's Bride
          - Carra's Lament

       Feadanaigh is old Eire and translates as Whistle Player


                              Carra's Lament

             Carramaena had been sick for a long.
        A fey child, yet everyone had grown fond of her.
          Even the sullen Garedd, though he'd never admit it.

             Her lifeless body seemed impossibly thin and
        pale in the moonlight. Her red and golden wealth of
         hair seemed haggard and lifeless.

             Her mother's keening cut through the still night.

            in the distance, owl could be heard calling.

          tears shone in her father's eyes

             Garedd was lost in thought; or in guilt perhaps.
           he was the one who most often had bullied Carra. He
        leaned against a tree as if it could somehow sustain him.
         obviously, it failed, for Garedd sat down abrubtly, knees

          the others stood mute witness; sharing the grief of her
            loved ones.

        The bard had finished the ancient prayers for those who
          are to pass beyond.

                He was the first to notice the dark stain in
        Garedd's shirt.

             His dagger was neatly buried in his chest. Few inches
         left from the golden ring hanging from his neck.
          The Claddagh ring, intertwined with a single,
            shining lock of red-gold hair - his secretly cherished

             the Claddagh soaked in his lifeblood hung testimony
          to how much had never been said.


                             the Closing Words

        It's time to declare my Feadanaigh Epic complete. When I began
        tracking "Moors of Ireland" the idea was already forming in my
        head, but then I planned nothing like this...

        But it's done, so let's call it a wrap.

        I feel each part has a character. As the saga goes on, the
        emotional aspects get simpler and simpler;

        Moors of Ireland packs together the mystic atmosphere of
        Celtic Countryside, the contrast of Irish melancholy and
        the fiery feasting.

        Whistler's Bride is a song of loss and sacrifice; symbol of
        choosing the priorities in one's life.

        Carra's Lament is precious for me. It symbolizes grief and the
        only way to overcome it; realizing its captivating beauty.

        The low tinwhistle was very dominant in this trilogy, thus the
        name "Feadanaigh" which means whistle player.

        Please enjoy this work.

         signed Warder

        All comments and mails are warmly welcomed. E-mail answer rate

Low Whistle
Low Whistle
Low Whistle
Pad Loud
Moody Strings
Orch Bass
3 Octave Strings
3 Octave Bass
Djembe Bass
Djembe Hit
Djembe Slap
Analogpad 2
Trinity.SnareReverb L
Trinity.SnareReverb R
Violin Loud

Sample sources:
Korg Trinity

Playtime: 6'40
# Vesa Norilo (Warder)
# (C) Crystalline 1998

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