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Bright Sign [remix] (xg_brightsign.it)

Info Summary

  • xg_brightsign.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 4.69MB in size and has been downloaded 1789 times since Mon 24th Jun 2002 :D

Info Info

  • Mod Archive ID: 62453
  • Downloads: 1789
  • Favourited: 3 times
  • MD5: 969e1f93683733a2014b680c4860c02c
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 64
  • Uncompressed Size: 4.69MB
  • Genre: Trance (general)

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  • Member Rating: rating (8 / 10)
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member Posted by Psirius on Sun 3rd Jan 2021, rated 9 / 10.

Great choice for remixing. A very well achieved dream style.

member Posted by Rikimbo on Tue 19th Oct 2004, rated 7 / 10.

This is a remix of Bright Sign, commercial song by Traveller. It starts off with the common trance beat and begins to flow in the usual way, building up as most trance songs do. I must say, it does sound clean, and just about as musical as a generic trance song can get. Puzzling thing, about a minute into the piece, it stops rather abruptly. But, though I think the way it stopped isn't so great, the manner in which it builds up again is properly done; starting with a clean string progression, then bringing in the beat and trance feel, bit by bit, just as it should be done. The strings follow the same progression throughout the piece, and the same passages keep coming up time and time again, yet it is still a pleasing tune. Repetition is part of this style of music, so I can't rat on it too much. The trick is to play around with the percussion and such so that you can kind of trick the listenner into thinking it isn't as repetetive as it actually is, and I think this song has accomplished that fairly well. Bottom line, this is an adequate, perhaps catchy trance tune, but really doesn't present anything new or exciting. The first thing to note is that the samples in this file are huge, most notably the megasamples for the string progression, taken straight out of the original song by Traveller. And those are 16-bit, too! Aside from that, everything is tight and clean. Ok, maybe not so tight, this song uses 64 channels. But more importantly, none of the samples make your ears bleed, and at no point does this song sound dissonant (not to me, anyway). I noticed one transition between patterns that didn't seem as fluent as it should be. That's by looking at it in ModPlug Tracker, though. I didn't notice it when I had it running in XMPlay. Volume is well adjusted, which is a strong plus, as I find that with this genre many artists will get carried away and make the beat rediculously loud. In this mod, the pounding beat is only as loud as it needs to be. So if it weren't for those megasamples boosting up the filesize, this song is excellent on a technical level.

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Info Internal Texts *

   __      __                        ________
  \  \    /  /                      /  ____  \
   \  \  /  /                      /  /    \  \
    \  \/  /     _____    _____   /  /      \__\   _____    _____
     \    /     / ___ \  / ___ \ /  /  ________   / ___ \  / ___ \
     /    \    / /__/ / / /__/ / \  \  \____   \ / /__/ / / /__/ /
    /  /\  \  /  ____/ /  ____/   \  \      /  //  ____/ /  ____/
   /  /  \  \ \  \____ \  \____    \  \____/  / \  \____ \  \____
  /__/    \__\ \_____/  \_____/     \________/   \_____/  \_____/
  XeeGee Presents :
  Bright Sign [remix]
  Original by .. Traveller
  Remix by ..... XeeGee
  Using ........ MP Tracker 1.16
  Genre ........ Melodic Trance
  Length ....... 4:19
  Tempo ........ 140 Bpm
  Begining on .. 17.06.2002
  Finished on .. 20.06.2002
  This is my first remix of a comercial song Bright Sign made by
  Traveller. I'm very happy with the remix and i hope that you
  will like it as much as i do. Everything that i add was made
  by me. I got just two string loops which are from the original
  song and which makes a better sounding in the song. Some
  comments would be very nice and thanks for listning to my song.
  P.S.: Use ModPlug Tracker to listen to this song.
  Some nice effects may not play in other programs.
  Convert the song into wav, or mp3 and listen in WinAmp
  ( if you got slow CPU < 500 Mhz ).
  Try listening to the song with disable surround.
  Greetings goes to :
  AceCream, Acidsoul, Analysis, Aron Ducet, Danny Deeyee, DJ Azur,
  DJ A.S.D., DJ Bourg, DJ DeepVibe, DJ Keys, DJ Kneh, DJ Shout,
  DJ Stance, Gedas, HyoCHAN, ImpulzeR, Infected-zone, JJMax,
  Masenka, Proximus {PeRoX}, PyroZane, Randor, Rave-n, Rene,
  Resonance, Ruslan_Studio, Saiko, Simen, Szartd, Xcalibur.
  Special thanks goes to:
  DJ Bourg, DJ DeepVibe, Infected-zone, JJMax, Masenka, Xcalibur
  and big special thanks goes to Traveller for this great song.
  If you want to e-mail me, my e-mail is: xeegee_msn.com
  Visit The Cynical Records site: http://beam.to/cynical-records
  (P) & (C) 2002 - XeeGee

Bright Sign [remix]



was finished

on 20.06.2002

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© 2002

bass 1
bass 2
bass 3
bass 4
clap 1
clap 2
hi-hat 1
hi-hat 2
back cin easy
closed hat
back tik easy
hi-hat FX
clap 3
clap 4
trance string
low string 1
low string 2
low string 3
bright sign 1
bright sign 2
main inst.1
main inst.2
main inst.3
main inst.4
wind FX
open cymbal
reverse cymbal
drum bass
drum echo
filtered sweep
ride cymbal
short tik
clap 5
clap 6

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