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Mod Archive is back

Saturday 8th September 2018

Just quick note on what happened on Wednesday: A power outage at the data center caused the server to not turn on again. When it went back on, an incorrect network configuration prevented it from being accessible over the internet. All of this is sorted out now.

Torrent tracker is back

Sunday 17th June 2018

Some of you have already noticed the extended absence of our torrent tracker. I'm happy to announce that it's back! You can find it at its usual place at http://tracker.modarchive.org/

Claiming other people's music as your own is not a very smart thing.

Tuesday 5th June 2018

I am bewildered and angry. For years, it seems like ripping has not been a big problem in the tracking scene, but this week alone I have spotted two uploads from people claiming someone else's work as their own by removing the original composer's credits from the module texts and replacing them with their own, and I have noticed that such actions have been more frequent in recent months.

This is not very smart, it's actually thieving and we have ways of automatically finding such rips. Don't be one of those people and don't believe you can fool the system. Be honest and make your own music.

Online player now with AdLib support

Wednesday 30th May 2018

A relatively little-known feature of the S3M feature, synthesized OPL (AdLib) instruments, is now available in the online player thanks to recent developments in libopenmpt. Only few S3M files make use of this feature, but now they are more accessible to everyone, which may motivate more people to try this file format feature in one of their next tracks.
If you have no idea where to start, here are a few example songs that make use of OPL instruments:
StarPort BBS Introtune by Purple Motion
And this is UltraSound by Manwe
Rotagilla by Manwe


Restoring Blacktron Music Compo 2 entries

Thursday 19th April 2018

In the past, only some of the hundreds of entries from the Blacktron Music Compo 2 that happened in 1998 were spread to The Mod Archive and other tracker scene sites. In January, Brain of Sound Alliance, one of the voters of BMP2, restored their voting CD and uploaded the contents to scene.org. Over the course of the coming days, the modules from this compo will be added to The Mod Archive. Enjoy!