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Modarchive 2023 Additions Torrent Now Available

Saturday 13th January 2024

Almost 2GB of new modules up for grabs!

The torrent containing all of the new modules added over 2023 has been published but unfortunately not yet on our main tracker, but is working on our backup. Please seed it for as long as possible!  :angel:

Download the 2023 Modarchive.org Torrent

Much love
- m0d

Modarchive Discord

Monday 8th January 2024

Discord Invite to Modarchive - To help re-establish social comms, I’ve set up a bridged Discord to the new irc.rizon.net #modarchive channel in case you prefer old school IRC. Early stages, but the bots of yesteryear are back and have all the toys and tools. The updates and announcements from stuff posted on the forums are periodically checked and relayed through to the IRC channel(s).

New content from the archive such as comments, spotlights and stuff will still come through on the Discord side so Discordians won’t miss out. Stop by for a social!

Bonus: Silly old IRC stats

Much love

Scenesat has provided an extra vCPU

Thursday 21st December 2023

Today I am very pleased to announce that Scenesat has allocated an extra virtual CPU to our system, thanks in part to the few donations Scenesat receives via Modarchive.

I will soon publish some notes under the Scenesat donation link indicating that we may be able to expand available resources for Modarchive  through donations.

In the past when TMA donation drives allowed me to rent high speed dedicated servers with many CPUs we had lots of spare processing power to allow for growth, unfortunately the donation drives ceased when I went on an emergency hiatus for several years to work on personal issues. The consequence of that was the donation pool eventually ran out of money and nobody picked up the gauntlet to keep it going!

Thank goodness for Scenesat, especially Ziphoid and Fnord who provisioned a virtual server, which is why we now direct our donation drive towards Scenesat.com- if you are not familiar with Scenesat, they provide high quality live video and audio streams from many demo-parties, where module competitions frequently take place. Additionally, Scenesat provides a lot of infra for hosting radio shows by sceners, and also broadcasts scene-only music 24/7,  including fantastic music modules.

Making a donation through the Modarchive donation button on the main page will tag your donation and put it towards keeping the services online as well as possibly enabling us to earn additional resources for operating Modarchive.

All the best wishes and strength for the new year,


Site plans update - fixes and more coming

Friday 15th December 2023

Hello all, long time no see- an update regarding the modarchive problems that have been popping up lately.

We had a disk-full situation which resulted in a database corruption, caused by an oversight during the transfer of the website to the scenesat server some time ago, this will be remedied (I have my original notes from the original server I managed) so it hopefully won't happen again.

There are some database tables missing as a result of the crash, but I will be working to restore these with no effective loss of data, the main tables are safe. A big thank you to fnord of Scenesat for recovering what we could from the unaffected database files.

Regarding some changes to the artist system, regrettably one feature used to expedite artists associating their own orphaned modules to their profiles will need to be removed as it was abused by someone to do damage to the site where a bt was programmed to associated every module with their own profile. Instead the method for helping orphaned modules be associated with their accounts will be carried out as it used to be via the forums, providing staff with a list of module IDs and their own artist ID. We can then vet and minimize issues like this in the future.  It is a shame, but unfortunately we no longer live in the era 20 years ago where we could trust our users to behave,

Additional improvements will be coming to help optimize the speed of the website, as currently the server is using a technology which I had discarded long ago (apache2) in favor of a lighter httpd,  fine tuned for the specific needs of modarchive.  I believe I still have backups of my original configurations before the site was moved by 3rd party to scenesat hosting.

I have been making a list of additional tweaks including plans to instate a trust based credential, which means new accounts will not be able to make publicly visible comments or use the interactive features until some form of check has been made to ensure that there is no malicous intent. This still needs some though put to it but just letting you know that there may still be users that post spam. In light of this I will be expanding the crew tools to help clean up the mess in some areas that were previously forgotton about.

Regarding my health, ,I (m0d) am going through chemo which means every couple of weeks I will be absolutely wiped out and unable to even look at a screen for days, this week I was told I had to pause chemo for a week because I was too weak after losing 13 Kilos in only a couple of weeks! Not from the places I'd  like such as my old beer belly, but the muscles.

This pause will give me a window to perform this work and I would very much appreciate it if you would be quietly patient as some things may get accidentally borken while I am revisiting my very first code written a long time ago. :-)

Taking modarchive back on under my wing again is actually a blessing to help take my mind off the rest of the bad stuff going on around.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, happy holidays and to a brighter future for your favorite module website.

All the best,
m0d, (Greg)

Site maintenance

Saturday 23rd September 2023

While the site undergoes some maintenance (due to some malicious attacks) most interactive features have been disabled until further notice while an investigation is underway by the hosting provider. Due to the lack of staff resources, it is unlikely that a resolution will be quick.

The steps to resolve these attacks have been taken by the retired admin and the original creator of this iteration of Modarchive, as Saga Musix has not been seen since at least November 2022.