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TMA funding paid up for 2 years in advance

Friday 16th December 2016

Since nobody posted this important news; I just like to say my legacy leaves you with two years without needing to do a fund raising drive. Paid up in advance; some donations went towards it, the remainder was contributed by my wife and myself.

Have a good future. I expect to be able to see my own mods stuff decades from now!

Site restored to working!

Monday 31st October 2016


Site works again. Data center are hands-on looking into why their switch is messing with the server's MAC address and making it fail to recover after a power outage.

I repaired the database which was corrupted by the outage.

My hands hurt but you're worth it.

I had also had a road crash so my spine and head isn't too good right now.

This is more or less a good bye from me as I have handed over everything to Saga;

I have revoked my paypal address so any further donations won't work until he has his set up;

The server is secured for another billing cycle - I will be paying the bill in advance to ensure continuity - according to the data center; this will be fine.

Your mothers slippers is not an insult; its the holy ground upon which she walked. Blessed ground. In dedication to my mom; modarchive.org was here and mine for a while.


I still love everyone; but nobody loves me except for my beautiful life partner Ilona who has watched this site rip me to shreads; it is about time. So long and thanks for being the best oldskool party on the planet.

- m0d aka Red-Ruby and I have had many many many aliases.