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Support for new module formats: SFX, STP, DTM, C67

Sunday 13th January 2019

Today, support for four more formats has been added to The Mod Archive: SoundFX / MultiMedia Sound (SFX), SoundTracker Pro II (STP), Digital Tracker / Digital Home Studio (DTM) and CDFM / Composer 670 (C67). All of these formats are playable online as well.

Happy Tracking!

New server; Upgrading to PHP 7

Saturday 12th January 2019

Now that official security support for PHP 5 has ended, it's time to move forward: The Mod Archive now runs on a host with PHP 7. One visible improvement for you is that the site loads faster now. However, as with almost every software upgrade, there are some gotchas, and while we tried to test the site as much as possible, it could be that there are some things that are broken after the transition to PHP 7. Most of the time, this becomes manifest in a blank page. Please let us know here if you come across any such problems.

While doing this upgrade, the links to all RSS feeds (recent modules, recent featured modules, and the feeds for the news and competition forums) have been fixed as well.

All of these upgrades have been made by possible by the friendly helping hands at SceneSat who provide the new infrastructure for running the website. We are also thankful to the people at Blix Solutions where the old server was located. To keep the archive alive and running on the new server, please consider donating towards our hosting fund!

Updated online player: Now faster and with OPL support!

Sunday 23rd December 2018

With today's release of OpenMPT 1.28, libopenmpt (the library that is used for our online module player) has been updated to support FM-synthesized instruments in S3M and MPTM files. Now you can play those AdLib classics directly on the website!

The updated player also makes use of WebAssembly, so on modern browsers it should be much faster than the old version.

Mod Archive is back

Saturday 8th September 2018

Just quick note on what happened on Wednesday: A power outage at the data center caused the server to not turn on again. When it went back on, an incorrect network configuration prevented it from being accessible over the internet. All of this is sorted out now.

Claiming other people's music as your own is not a very smart thing.

Tuesday 5th June 2018

I am bewildered and angry. For years, it seems like ripping has not been a big problem in the tracking scene, but this week alone I have spotted two uploads from people claiming someone else's work as their own by removing the original composer's credits from the module texts and replacing them with their own, and I have noticed that such actions have been more frequent in recent months.

This is not very smart, it's actually thieving and we have ways of automatically finding such rips. Don't be one of those people and don't believe you can fool the system. Be honest and make your own music.