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yay!  :)

hi I'd like to contact  Henripekka Kallio or Matti Brockman, authors of 'a taste of moonshine' 1997, to get a licence to put the music in my PC game.

Have tried contacting them via the 17 year old email address supplied in the metadata of the track, but it doesn't work.

Anyone know how I can get in touch with one of them?

thx urbansoul. I will try them out. Just dropping in say I haven't gone away. I'm busy finishing my game ( my 6 year project ), I'm currently browsing for great racy chip tunes for it on the archives! That and tons of other stuff (including starcraft, sorry). So not much time for tracking. But tracking is something I've wanted to do for a long time so I'm not going away. Hopefully I can step up the tracking when I get back. I've seen other newbies start much faster than me. I'll try to be like them when I get back. I'll be off for a couple more weeks I think. Seeyas.

thx raina, infact it's not too hard to work out. It was a moment of laziess to not work out the buttons.

I'm not getting as much time a week as I thought I would.

The tracker interface continues to be easy to figure out. In fact too much so. I'm spose to be posting problems I'm having with it, but everything can be worked out intutively or from reading the online manuals.
- Figured out the 'stop sound' instruction.

This week I tried some drum beats. I downloaded some more files from that sample archive. All I tried to do was get the beat in my head onto the tracker. I got the beat, but it sounded lifeless somehow. I think it's because there are subtletys to drumbeats. Is there some instructive stuff on how to 'add life' into a correctly timed , but otherwise 'dead' beat?

Also I'm working on a remake of lemmings2 beach level tune. I don't have the tune, I'm working from memory. It's going ok, the notes and rythym seem right, but somehow the song feels quite dead or wooden.
I think there's a tips page for newbies on how to convert a song from 'dead' to 'live' somewhere ...
I'll have to try what it says.

So far, I'd say the hardest and most frustrating part of getting started tracking was the 1st week. Just having to search the net for a sample was annoying. And the space bar -  edit mode!  >:( grrr.
Once I'd done them, it all became easier and I could concentrate on the music rather than the tracker.
I think milky tracker should try to be a bit more 'plug and play'. i.e. come with a few 'get started' samples.

Help me find that... / [not enough info] porky pig
« on: August 28, 2008, 00:22:58 »
I know this is almost nothing to go on  ;D, but I once heard this song with an old porky pig sample in it. It was a big underground hit sometime in the '90s.
Porky was humming a very old song.

Anyone know it?

Got my row boat song working, also I've got the hang of the top left most box, for managing the 'sheets' of music.
 'cept one thing.
All these buttons add a sheet, but its a copy of a pre-existing sheet.
'seq', 'cln','Ins', the plus button next to length, and the plus button under Ins.   
How do you add a blank sheet?

Another function I was wanting from a tracker was to display music from games. But I found milkytraker's scope to be pretty limited here. Is there a folder for music fomat codecs so the tracker can interpret them? Or do I need another app?

thx raina, did the trick.

Seems unlike all other apps, trackers have refused to conform to app convention.

OK, I was pleased to get some response from the thing. Now I got C-5.1.....,  obviously C-5 was the note and octave. I guessed the '1' was the instrument. I anticipated there wouldn't be any noise when I played it. The instrument box was empty.

Next task, get an instrument loaded.
I'd guessed any sound sample would be ok, so I tried .wav but that didn't work, seems like I needed a special file. Read the docs and it said I needed 'xi' format. Where do I find them? Tried mod archive home page but there were no obvious links. Tried yahoo search but 'xi archive' gave football clubs. 'xi archive instrument' found...
and I downloaded 'acoustic guitar 1'.

Got it working quick. Tried to write 'row row row your boat'. Got stuck when I wanted to raise the octave. But eventually figured that the F key has to be pressed SIMULTAINIOUSLY with the note key, as apposed to after.

Fiddled with the box in the top left to give me more space to write more notes, but couldn't play whole song back. But reckon I'll figure it out soon.

Other Stuff figured out this week...
The clicked mouse cursor doesn't determine the position of the note, it's the pink bar.
Pink bar is moved with up down arrow keys.
Insert and backspace keys to insert and delete notes ( a bit like text editing )
BPM is beats per minute, and is easily variable.
Found a way to have more than 1 sound channel simultainiously playing - put music into sound channel 1, then mouse click on other channel head and use the swap channels command.

Didn't bother with 'ordering your resources' as suggested by trackers handbook. Such elaborate layout of files is only necessary for experts. Just stuck all files in milkytracker directory.
Reckon milkytracker is not quite 'plug and play'. What with the lack of instruments.

Didn't finish 1 channel 'row your boat' song, but confident I'll finish it next time.

Already I think I'm getting the hang of it. Things are starting to happen when I want them to! Had fun trying to get row your boat to sound right, I had to think about the rhythm carefully, came as a suprise since it isn't a problem when I'm playing guitar.

No outstanding problems at end of week!

unlike toneunkee, I have no experience of trackers. I am a coder. I would like to get into tracking. And am willing to spend a few hours a week to get started. This isn't the 1st time I've tried. A couple of years ago I downloaded protracker and tried to work it on my own. Impossible!
This time I'll try to use the resources of this community.

1st impression of milkytracker, looks very complicated, and unconventional compared to most apps ( is there a reason why there's no 'new' button in the file manager button bank?  Does 'Zap' = 'new' ? ).

Decided I needed help so I checked out the forum and was led to the trackers handbook. I picked up a few things. But got hopelessly stuck when it said
"Input a note,". How? Looked through documentation. The Q key is spose to input a note
Pressed Q,1,2,W etc - no result.
Read some more, milkytracker docs said that editmode had to be on. How do you switch editmode on?
tried following the section switching docs
used ALT CTRL to get to different editmodes then tried Q,1,2 etc.. no result.

I remember feeling like this last time I tried to be a tracker. It's impervious to my efforts.
Please help.

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