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Tracking / Re: ...when not too creative.
« on: April 03, 2009, 22:46:19 »
For myself, my ideas usually come after I've listened to someone else's mod, when I play around with the samples they've used. I just try playing random tunes with each individual sample, and from time to time I find a sample which really suits a particular kind of melody. Usually it is completely different to the way in which the mod author has used it, which I like. I'll then take the sample and build a new tune around it.

Tracking / Re: ...when not too creative.
« on: April 03, 2009, 22:42:50 »
What you're describing is also known as Writer's Block. There is no general solution to the problem, though individual people sometimes find their own individual solutions. If you find that thing, place or person that gives you inspiration, that is what people refer to as their Muse. Good luck!

Tracking / Re: The 10 most common tracker mistakes
« on: April 03, 2009, 22:28:11 »
I have a lot of trouble with #1.  :)

Tracking / Re: Ten tips for beginner trackers
« on: April 03, 2009, 21:16:08 »
If I may add my 0.02 to this article, it is useful to get a sample editor beyond the one the Tracker provides, for example if you want to chop drum breaks up. Audacity is an excellent editor, and available for free, and it is what I use:

Thanks!  That's what I was after.  :)

I fixed it by uploading it again with FileZilla instead of the DOS ftp client, it seems to be fine now. :)

It was a good first play to get used to some of the features of MadTracker. I used the distortion effect on the bass drum and the bass line to get that hardcore sound. I used the resonant filter to get the squelchy acid sound, and reverb on the piano and synth to give it some body. After I exported it to a WAV I used Audacity to equalize it a bit, because the original mod is a bit bass heavy, and then finally I compressed it to add the finishing touch. I'm very happy with the result.

Hmmm how annoying. Must have happened during the upload? The original mp3 on my machine definitely doesn't glitch. I'll try another upload. Thanks for listening!  I wanted to try to recreate the sort of rave I remember from the good old days of 94-95. :)

Hi, good morning!

Already done, for the moment I've uploaded it to my ISP webspace:

The playback is a bit choppy though, probably best to save the file locally before playing it.


The Lobby / Re: Ever heard anything worse?
« on: March 30, 2009, 23:50:22 »
I kind of liked it. :D

Hi trackers,

I recently tried my hand at tracking again after almost ten years. I had written lots of modules when I was younger using Tracker and Desktop Tracker - you probably hadn't heard of those because they were on the Archimedes. But that isn't my point. :)

I just finished my first new mod, and am pretty happy with it. I wanted to share it, but I used MadTracker and just discovered that The Mod Archive doesn't accept MT2 mods. My bad, I should have checked first, but already I'm hooked on MadTracker and don't want to give it up. In fact I just went and paid for the professional registration.

What's my best option for sharing my work? Is it possible to convert an MT2 mod to a supported format while maintaining fidelity? Or should I just use the MadTracker hosting when it comes through and link my homepage to there?


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