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PC Players / Re: Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
« on: November 18, 2013, 10:06:54 »
I've released a new version.
However, there is still no AMS support in the plugin, it's just a patch for Impulse Tracker related bugs.
I hope I haven't messed up anything with it. I listened a tons of IT modules during work and it seems to be ok. Anyway, I also hope I don't have to deal with IT anymore.

As for AMS, I would really like to continue the developing but my spare time has dwindled... :(

Patrik, I really appreciate your help in advance.  8)

PC Players / Re: Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
« on: October 18, 2013, 12:40:34 »
Hi Baldric!

I'm a bit lagging behind, as for the recent Velvet Studio news. :)
Thanks for releasing the source so quickly, great news!

Unfortunately implementing AMS support in mppwc is been paused for some time, but I didn't give it up.
I would really appreciate if you could give me some hints and help to some unclear playing logic if I come accross them. But, having the source, I hope I won't have to reverse engineer so many thing by ear as I did with other formats. I also hope that everything will be clear by the source and bothering you by a lot of questions will be unnecessary after all. :)

(BTW, a long ago I found a bug in the decoder. Not so serious, but a few IT modules plays totally wrong so it's annoying after all. I think I'm going to release a new version fixing that, without AMS support, for the time being.)

PC Players / Re: Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
« on: July 22, 2013, 10:46:06 »
Altough I don't have much spare time nowadays, last week I started to add AMS support.

However I'm not sure about the outcome... I can't promise anything. The goal is perfect support because no one likes half-baked, useless implementations, including me.  :)
Don't even know when it will get ready.  :-\ It depends on how much rev engineering needed, etc.

PC Players / Re: Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
« on: June 13, 2013, 21:51:44 »
I think Saga Musix speaks about converting imported formats to the native, editable format of trackers. He is right. This conversion process is probably better implemented in one while worse in another. Some of the AMS format features cannot be converted to any other format so they get lost (however I don't know importing capabilites of particular trackers, so I cannot judge if Milky or OpenMPT is better in that). Of course, probably most AMS tunes out there don't utilize those features so they should play fine after importing.

(and no echo description?)
Having another look into the tracker readme, it's the feature of the editor not the format itself, if I got it right. It's good.

Do you think you can make the correct player even that craziness?
to compare the outputs from the Velvet Studio by some method.. earmetricaly?  
Most of the reverse engineering was done earmetricaly, but a strong guess was also needed in most cases.  :) AMS documentation isn't too verbose, so I don't know... Perhaps.  :-\
A good example: I was fiddling a little with the speed of envelopes to figure out what it means when it's bpm-independent. No success so far, and this one cannot be figured out just by ears. Any "mismeasuring" could mess up a complete song later.  :(
Implementing 7 effects per note wouldn't be so hard but it implies a lot of questions like how they combines together, what if more than one of the same type are given, etc.
7 effects of more than 16 types are a tremendous number of combinations, even a fraction of them cannot be checked one by one.
(Original source code always helps a lot in such cases.  ;D)

PC Players / Re: Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
« on: June 10, 2013, 16:15:58 »
I've just looked into AMS features and format.
It seems and extended XM with its shadowed instruments, vibrato (pitch) envelopes, etc.
Altough it has some very unusual features (varying track number for patterns, max 7(! my god..) effects per note, etc.) that seem totally needless for tracking, it does not seem impossible to be supported.

The only worrisome thing is the echo effect. As far as I remember it was mentioned in the tracker user guide but not in the format descripton.

I never said it would be perfect - but at the same time, I strongly doubt that MilkyTracker would do any better job at it. And unless the author of MPPWC wants to rewrite his engine completely, he will also not managed to do a better job than OpenMPT, as the "best" format supported by both players is IT.

While converting an imported format to an own, (and hopefully superior) format is unavoidable in a tracker, it's not necessary in a player at all.
The base problem is that even if a superior format contains all features of another format, it does not mean they are fully compatible. Different trackers may handle (not only) side cases differently. For example, MultiTracker is claimed to be Protracker-compatible, but it's easy to create a sample case where Pro and MultiTracker plays that differently. The same goes to Scream and Impulse Tracker, e.g. defining global volume in IT affects all currently playing channels while only newly started notes in ST3. Even handling the default effect parameter is different between them, etc. There are hundreds of such small fries... (so creating a super container format is impossible.)
In MPPWC, one of the goals was to play each format as if it was played in the corresponding tracker. So it does not convert any supported format to a common internal one. It's core player engine deals only with things that are very basic for each format: BPM, speed, tracks, samples, presence of effects, mixer, and so on. Rest of the playing logic (along with the loader code) is implemented separately for each format. The latter requires reverse engineering trackers. This is what should be done to Velvet Studio as well but it is the most time consuming part.

PC Players / Re: Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
« on: June 03, 2013, 12:16:33 »
Hi Lukas!

Altough I don't know Velvet Studio Tracker, according to a quick search it seems an oldschool one from the DOS era (and FT2-like).
Well, supporting it depends on whether it's compatible both in features and playing logic with the other classic ones (Pro-, Scream-, FastTracker). If it's well compatible and the file format description is available, so that it could be fit into the decoder relatively easily, I could support it, I think.

(But probably even that won't be enough. A lot of self-done reverse engineering needed for the other formats to explore the accurate playing logic, and it was very time consuming. So, the original tracker is also needed.)

I will have an extended look into it later.
But I don't know how much spare time I will have to deal with it, unfortunately.

PC Players / Re: Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
« on: October 19, 2011, 22:06:47 »
Oh, I must have misunderstood something. Thanks for moving my post into the right place.
I don't really want a dedicated forum. I just thought that all things related to coding players or decoders go into that thread. :rolleyes:

MPPWC is a tiny tracker module decoder input plugin for Winamp.
Supports the following formats:

Composer669 (.669),
Amiga Protracker (.mod)
Multitracker (.mtm)
Screamtracker 3 (.s3m)
Fasttracker 2 (.xm)
Impulser Tracker (.it)

including support of stereo samples, resonant filter and true seeking.

Substituting Winamp's built-in module decoder with mine wasn't my goal (altough I never liked it).
I've just revamped my old music player (which does not support tons of formats) and decided to publish it in the form of a Winamp plugin to see if somebody like it, I'm just curious how good it is.  :rolleyes:

Yes, I chose Winamp for the frontend GUI because it is well known and popular & easytouse, just didn't wanted to come out with a standalone player.

PC Players / Yet another Tracker Module Decoder - MPPWC
« on: October 19, 2011, 19:47:28 »
Hi All,

Recently I revamped my ancient module player code and created a Winamp input plugin relying on it.

For more see:

I would really appreciate for some reviewing of MPPWC.


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