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Project / Coder's Corner / Re: BRO-Tracker: Popcorn
« on: March 29, 2021, 20:16:16 »
I already thought Hannes Seifert was the original composer. The HSC format was added without any form of documentation, at my disposal I basically used a HEX editor to analyze the byte format back then, trying to see if I could make BRO-Tracker able to read it, which was quite a challenge, I tell ya.

Project / Coder's Corner / Re: BRO-Tracker: Popcorn
« on: March 29, 2021, 13:22:20 »
BRO-Tracker does also support HSC-Tracker modules (.HSC) and this video demonstrates that on NEOREMIX.HSC

I now also used DOSBox' build-in recorder... Gave me bad results when I used that on games, but I guess since BRO-Tracker works entirely in text-mode things turned out a bit better  ;D

Please note I did NOT compose the music myself (I actually am not sure who did), I am only demonstrating how music originally written in .HSC can be read (only read, not written) by BRO-Tracker.

Project / Coder's Corner / Re: BRO-Tracker: Popcorn
« on: March 15, 2021, 13:00:41 »
Well the tracker's source has been sorted out.

I do also have a small player that I will add to the same repository later.

Project / Coder's Corner / Re: BRO-Tracker: Popcorn
« on: March 14, 2021, 19:17:12 »
My source folder is a mess, but I do really want to put the source code on Github and release the tracker under the terms of the GPL. I never did back then, also due to the the tracker not functioning in Windows and all and we didn't have DOSBox back then (it's because of DOSBox I dug it up). I always had to find the motivation to do this and your post was definitely some of the motivation I need. It could indeed be a good idea to preserve this tracker...

I hope I can get it sorted out... It has been quite awhile ;)

Project / Coder's Corner / BRO-Tracker: Popcorn
« on: March 14, 2021, 12:30:59 »
The reason for picking this forum is because I am merely showing off my coding skills at the end of my teens, the start of my twenties... (looking at the copyright year, I was 20 back then).

BRO-Tracker (the name is a pun to "ProTracker" and my surname being "Broks", and so the tracker having the first three letters of my last name) was a simple Adlib based tracker I coded in Turbo Pascal. I created games back then in Pascal, and RAM was one of my most important issues to revert to Adlib, since Adlib doesn't use samples, it was back then also easier to code, even though I don't even remember how I exactly made the adlib routines back then (I was blessed with very detailed and simple documentation back then or BRO-Tracker would never have been possible). However since Windows 95 came while I was still working on this project BRO-Tracker never really had the chance to shine, although a few games of mine do feature a few modules made with BRO-Tracker.

Since this website being devoted to tracker music, and BRO-Tracker being a tracker and all, I still thought I should show BRO-Tracker here, and one of the first songs I created with it, in order to test and demonstrate the tracker, a simplistic adaption of "Popcorn" and that is what you'll hear in the YouTube video I just linked you to.

By the way, BRO-Tracker is able to read HSC (only read, not write, for that BRO-Tracker uses its own format) modules based on a format by Hannes Seifert later disassembled and worked out by Chicken and Zwerg Zwack, and used for some "cracktro" tunes. However the support for HSC is not optimal, especially not in DOSBox.

The Lobby / Re: Well, just saying "Hello"
« on: March 05, 2021, 19:30:42 »
Hey, I make games for fun, so I know how interesting and challenging game development can be. And lead audio designer sounds like an important job. Good to hear you're doing well ;)

The Lobby / Re: Well, just saying "Hello"
« on: March 04, 2021, 23:47:49 »
Yo! Long time, no see... How're you doing'?

The Lobby / Re: Well, just saying "Hello"
« on: February 27, 2021, 18:16:06 »
Thank you, thank you, thank you  ;D

The Lobby / Re: Generic Introduction Thread
« on: February 27, 2021, 18:15:34 »
Maybe the first results will be crap - but then it's important to keep going, analyze what wasn't so good and improve it in the next iteration. It applies to both games and music.

Now this sounds a lot to what I've said over millions of times to newbie game developers, especially when they are setting their ambitions too high (like setting up an entire MMORPG while they never wrote a single line of code before, for example).

In the most legal sense it's true that it's not ok, and I see notes about artists being alive or not. Copyrights expire after death, but that takes at least 50 and can even be up to 90 years after the original creator's death depending on your country.

Although I do agree with Saga that it's unlikely anybody would care, I am (being a game designer myself), mostly not for it to take any music unless the artist either explicitly granted me permission or if a piece of music, regardless of the site on which I obtained it, or has a license that explicitly allows it like most CC licenses (check the license,as some CC licenses can still be pretty restrictive). Actually that goes for anything I add to my game, from code to music, to even art if I can't create it myself, well anything. Since even if it's unlikely anybody will care, if you by chance find somebody who does care you can still have a problem.

Having been a moderator of a big gamedev community, I've seen some fights over artwork, music, stolen code, well whatever (even about stuff that had a free license, go figure), and if you can at least make sure your hands are 100% clean, you can at least hold a good story in case trouble comes. Out of professional reasons I won't go into the deep of cases I've come past, but I can tell ya, those fights were really really terrible... We all know the internet can be cruel, but in some cases people really went far.

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