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Project / Coder's Corner / BRO-Tracker: Popcorn
« on: March 14, 2021, 12:30:59 »
The reason for picking this forum is because I am merely showing off my coding skills at the end of my teens, the start of my twenties... (looking at the copyright year, I was 20 back then).

BRO-Tracker (the name is a pun to "ProTracker" and my surname being "Broks", and so the tracker having the first three letters of my last name) was a simple Adlib based tracker I coded in Turbo Pascal. I created games back then in Pascal, and RAM was one of my most important issues to revert to Adlib, since Adlib doesn't use samples, it was back then also easier to code, even though I don't even remember how I exactly made the adlib routines back then (I was blessed with very detailed and simple documentation back then or BRO-Tracker would never have been possible). However since Windows 95 came while I was still working on this project BRO-Tracker never really had the chance to shine, although a few games of mine do feature a few modules made with BRO-Tracker.

Since this website being devoted to tracker music, and BRO-Tracker being a tracker and all, I still thought I should show BRO-Tracker here, and one of the first songs I created with it, in order to test and demonstrate the tracker, a simplistic adaption of "Popcorn" and that is what you'll hear in the YouTube video I just linked you to.

By the way, BRO-Tracker is able to read HSC (only read, not write, for that BRO-Tracker uses its own format) modules based on a format by Hannes Seifert later disassembled and worked out by Chicken and Zwerg Zwack, and used for some "cracktro" tunes. However the support for HSC is not optimal, especially not in DOSBox.

The Lobby / Well, just saying "Hello"
« on: February 26, 2021, 12:14:47 »
Hi folks;
I've been on the Mod Archive for quite awhile, but I realized I never really introduced myself on these boards. My name is Jeroen, and I'm known a Tricky on many websites. Members from the good old "Trax in Space" community must still know me, as I was an active member there on both the old and the new site (both gone down the drain, I guess), although I was known under the name "Tricrokra" on the old website.

My musician skills leave a lot to be desired, I must admit that, so you may not find many uploads from here here (if I ever upload something at all), but my love for AMIGA modules brought me here many years ago (and also brought me to Trax in Space). Yet I do know a thing or two about music... Pity that it never showed in my compositions.

I am in the first place a coder. I've used many programming languages in the past 35 years, including, but not limited to C++, C#, Pascal, Lua, BlitzMax, and some more. I use my skills to code games and some utilities I think they are handy (at least for me). I am also a fantasy novel writer, although my novels are written in the Dutch language (because that's my first language), and I found out the hard way, that no matter how good your English is, that if it's not your native language you should not translate to it... Translators really work best if the target language is their first language. At least for novels that true....

I'm also a blogger and you can find my blogs on tumblr. Since I've already seen moderators act on removing links to Discord, I will not post any urls in this message unless a moderator tells me it's okay. (You can find them on my TMA profile, anyway). I've one page on which I blog about whatever comes to my mind, a page where I review old classic games (mostly for DOS, but any platform can do as long as I can emulate it for screenshots) and a page were I review games created by either amateurs or small independent game studios.

Well, and that's all there's to know about the insignificant person that is me. Or at least I think so. I'm a guy (do NOT let my avatar fool you) with little secrets so if anything comes to mind, just ask.

P.S. For any Trax in Space members wondering... Yeah, I'm still on "CRAQ"... Did you have the illusion I'd be off it? (This is an old TiS insider's joke, don't take it too literally, and don't ask about it if you never was on TiS (at least not on its forums). I don't think you'd understand).

Bug Reports / Deliplayer a modplayer????
« on: November 29, 2012, 01:21:40 »
I was looking in your list hoping to find a (mac compatible) modplayer.
Deliplayer caught my eye as you stated on your player list that it's multiplatform. is the homepage the link in the player list links to, but when I get there, I don't see a modplayer but an information page about a scanner worth $185.99

Of course this brings me to the question if there's a good player. I can now use VLC player to play mods, but a few mods already produced an awful result on that.

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