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Wanted: Music for Projects / (split topic) Music for project
« on: June 19, 2008, 22:22:23 »

I am in a similar situation as Fireblend. I am a lecturer and I do research on real-time ray tracing. Over the past year, my students have created a game using the ray tracer, and we are about to release it. I used some placeholder music, but I would really like to have something better... After reading this topic I checked your site, and found quite some tracks that would suit the game. My wishlist:

'Echoes of the Past', as a title tune;
'Abstract Landscape', for level 1;
'Quest', for level 2;
'Time Oddyssey', for level 3;
'Years End', for level 4;
'Midnight', for level 5;
and finally 'Starlight', which is my favorite - I would like to use it for the end credits.

You can find a beta of the game here:

More information about the technology:

Real-time ray tracing is a rather hot topic in the game development scene right now; we expect the game to attract quite some attention. PCPerspective will post a large article on this game and the underlying technology; usually PCPerspective articles on ray tracing are mentioned on Slashdot, so there will be quite an audience.

Of course the game itself is free, we will make no money.

- Jacco Bikker

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