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MilkyTracker Community / absolute beginner!
« on: August 05, 2008, 03:26:44 »
Hello, I 'm an experienced Pro Tools guy but totally new to tracking.  It looks like Milky Tracker will be my platform for learning this.  Are there any tutorials out there for a n00b such a myself?  I do know that I will need instrument samples, but have no idea where to find them!!

My first project is for a friends cellphone game.  I have a 100k limit for the music and he wants a 4 channel MOD. 

I also would like to get into chiptunes, but that's for my own kicks  ;D

Wanted: Music for Projects / Newbie needs to create 4 channel MOD
« on: August 04, 2008, 21:31:44 »
Hello everyone, I am a knowledgable Pro Tools audio guy but a total newbie to the MOD tracker world.  I need to get up to speed and create a great MOD tune for a friends cell phone game.  Is Milky Tracker a good place to start??  Can it import MIDI files?  What's the easiest program to use?

I also have a file size limit of 100k for the entire game!  Any suggestions?  This needs to sound incredible, but I know Milky Tracker does not support VST plugins.  How do I get great sounding instruments into such a tiny file????

I should also say that the music will be as follows:
Intro: 10 second intro
Win: 10 seconds or less
Lose: 10 seconds or less

I'm also curious how to make a MOD song loop continuously. (possibly for the menu screen)

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