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MilkyTracker Support / casio cassiopeia EM500
« on: June 09, 2011, 12:58:59 »

Having been impressed by the photo in the screenshots section of the milky website which shows a cassiopeia EM500 running milky, i have purchased one. However i am having touble installing. I have copied to the cassiopeia (to windows/program files - not sure if this is correct) then when i click on milky it tells me one of the components is missing and fails to run. Please can some one tell me how to install milky on this device. also advice on how best to configure the buttons would be good.

I hope there is some other users who have this device who can help.



NitroTracker Bug Reports / sample properties bugs: pan, rel, tune
« on: August 08, 2008, 12:27:54 »
I am running V0.4 from supercard lite with transflash micro SD, having got barni's DLDI.

Pan - initial value 64, does not work, can scroll to values of 0 and 127 but has no effect on audio output. Ihave tried loading mono and stereo files but it has no effect.

rel - initital value c-4 when sample bank empty, but when sample is loaded it jumps to a random value (different each time?). It should remain at default of c-4 after loading sample. Also upon scolling through the possible values i have noticed that going upward after a#4 it goes to h-4, this should read b-4.

tune - initial value 0 when sample bank empty, but when sample is loaded it jumps to a random value (different each time?). It should remain at default 0 after loading sample.

NitroTracker Community / BPM issues
« on: August 07, 2008, 22:31:49 »
with version 0.3 i struggled to get a drum loop to work in nitro. I had a loop that was at 140bpm generated by FL studio and checked the bpm in recycle, confirming it was 140bpm.   In version 0.3 i could not get the loop to loop tightly, I tried various permutations of different values in the 2 boxes. So when version 0.4 came out I ran the same 140 bpm test. I ran an 8 bar loop, pattern length 80 and found the closest i could get was 5,114 - but it was still not quite right. I then used the pitch adjust in the sample editor and increased the pitch by one to 30. This gives as good a loop. The sample can then be cut down to 1 or 2 bars to reduce RAM usage and re-triggered more frequently. This is the best way i have found of getting a really tight BPM match......anyone else found any good tempo matches??

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