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Wanted: Music for Projects / Short Platformer Music Request
« on: March 10, 2009, 18:13:29 »
Hi everybody.

I'm involved in a second competition over at The Poppenkast, and I'm in need of more chiptune goodness.

The idea of the competition is to use roughly 4 hours to create your game (spread out across this week; the deadline is Sunday), with a given theme; 'money'. (The Poppenkast love limited-time compos and they result in some pretty cool games.)

Anyway, jibber-jabber quit, I need no more than 3 (2 would be alright, to be honest) tracks for a fast-paced platformer I'm making. The main story is that someone stole all your dosh, and you are trying to get it back, whilst running away from this evil face thing which you somehow got involved with (story still a WIP, evidently >_>).


The tracks need to be fast-paced, but also good loop tracks (not necessarily short, but short is fine). I'm going to have one for the title screen, one for the levels and possibly one for the ending.


~ Blocks

Edit: I forgot to tell you, the game is called Run Away!.

Sorry, everyone, but as you may have already guessed, this project has been scrapped. I think it was more of a way to prove to myself what I can achieve in Game Maker, so I can gauge how advanced I am and know how far to go when making games.

Thank you for all the replies and music, though. I'm surprised by the amount of talent around here. I really appreciate it. I'm already working on a project at the moment (a horror platformer). I'm definitely going to finish this one, since the deadline's March 1st (it's for a competition).

So, mosey on down to the topic I'm about to make regarding the game and get your spooky music game on!

Hi everybody.

Again, I'm very sorry for wasting your time, but in the process I have learned how talented and nice you guys are. So, here I am with another music request, this time for a game that will actually get finished (see above).

It's a horror platformer, as I said. It's not something many people have tried so I thought I'd give it a shot, confident in my ability to spook people out. I'm not going for the jump-scare approach, I'm going for the spooky, psychological approach, with darkness and shadows galore.

Here's a screenshot from the testing engine so you can get an idea of what I mean:

When played in full-screen with a black background, the sprites are much easier to see. (By the way, do you think the player looks good in monotone, or should I give him colours? If I give him colours, they will be of very low saturation...)

Because it's a spooky game, I'm not going to be using masses of loud, fast-paced music. However, I thought that a chippy sound would be cool and would add to the game's uniqueness.

Anything creepy would work. The main things I need are a title screen track, a death (aka game over) track and a few different in-game stage tracks (not too many, though). I'm guessing that fairly quiet and slow would work well here.

However, I am also looking for some sort of chip equivalent of orchestral hits, if you know what they are. The sort of loud sounds that hit just once when you discover something unnerving or freaky. But, again, not too loud. I don't want to make the player jump too much. Just to add to the atmosphere.

Thank you in advance. I hope I can get enough tracks before the deadline (March 1st, see above quote). Don't rush yourself, though!

~ Blocks
hotmail: (Please do not e-mail me here, I do not check this inbox.)
website: coming soon

PS: Don't worry, I'll credit everyone fully, even if you only make a single track or sound.

Wanted: Music for Projects / Music Request for upcoming Platformer
« on: December 23, 2008, 15:17:19 »
This project has been scrapped. I'm so sorry for wasting your time and I am already working on another project that will get finished. Please read my last post.

Hi all.

I've got a platformer currently in production, titled Blocks. Check my signature for a brief description. If you want screen shots, please ask. I'll be happy to take a snap or two.

Anyway, I'm looking for a fair amount of MODs, MIDIs or MP3s (sorry, no other file types) for this project. Tracks I've currently got in mind are:

  • Title screen
  • Introduction cut-scene - m0d
  • General cut-scenes
  • Area-specific
    • Caves & dungeons
    • Forests
    • Temples
    • Snowfields
    • Towns & cities
    • Any other 'standard' areas you can think of
  • 'Stage Complete' music (just a short looping track, I guess)
  • Game Over
  • Final boss - m0d
  • Final cut-scene
  • Ending credits - souleye
  • Anything else you can think of that may be useful for a platformer

I'm looking for mainly techno tracks; that includes dance, rave, trance and especially plenty of hardcore drum & bass.

I will give full credit in-game and in a supplementary txt file for whoever requests it. I'll also be giving a link to the Mod Archive, even if no credit is required. Hopefully that will increase your site's traffic, even if it is only by 2 people.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail, or simply by posting here. My email address is


~ Blocks

PS: I'm crossing out tracks on the list in this post as I obtain them, along with the composer/s.

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