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Wanted: Music for Projects / Re: Short Platformer Music Request
« on: March 15, 2009, 18:59:37 »
Thanks, but I won't be using that track. It doesn't really fit and is a bit too 'distracting' (not in a bad way). It's a great tune, though! :)

I've pretty much got everything I need now, but feel free to submit more. ;)

Wanted: Music for Projects / Re: Short Platformer Music Request
« on: March 15, 2009, 08:05:31 »
Woah, the deadline's today. Hurry, people!

Cyguration, that is such a fitting track. Thanks so much. Credits, for sure.

Wanted: Music for Projects / Short Platformer Music Request
« on: March 10, 2009, 18:13:29 »
Hi everybody.

I'm involved in a second competition over at The Poppenkast, and I'm in need of more chiptune goodness.

The idea of the competition is to use roughly 4 hours to create your game (spread out across this week; the deadline is Sunday), with a given theme; 'money'. (The Poppenkast love limited-time compos and they result in some pretty cool games.)

Anyway, jibber-jabber quit, I need no more than 3 (2 would be alright, to be honest) tracks for a fast-paced platformer I'm making. The main story is that someone stole all your dosh, and you are trying to get it back, whilst running away from this evil face thing which you somehow got involved with (story still a WIP, evidently >_>).


The tracks need to be fast-paced, but also good loop tracks (not necessarily short, but short is fine). I'm going to have one for the title screen, one for the levels and possibly one for the ending.


~ Blocks

Edit: I forgot to tell you, the game is called Run Away!.


Ah, yes, I've heard of 'sting' before.

Sounds great, I look forward to it! I was thinking of doing something where there's some sort of object lying on the floor (surrounded by blood, perhaps), then as you walk on, once the object is out of your view (the player can look around using the mouse), you hear some sort of audio sting and then you look back and the object is gone.


Also, strange noises where there's nothing there.

Awesome, I look forward to it! For the orchestral hit (I'm trying to think of the right name for it), I think you can check out Dead Space.

But don't do the whole loud-strings-hit thing. It's not really 'orchestral', I guess. I can't think how to describe it. Just mess around and see what you come up with. ;)

Woah, foodz, that's a really, really nice loop! I'll 'ave that! :D Very atmospheric. Excellent job!

Matrix, you're the music maker here, not me! :D You dictate how it sounds and feels. Just nothing upbeat or fast, avoiding drums (i.e. kicks) where possible. Other than that, nice and atmospheric is good. Also, I don't want to draw the player's attention away from the game; instead, I want to enhance it.

Okay! I look forward to the new tracks! ;)

Wow, you are fast at your work! The first song is great, could be good for a short loop, such as a game over track. The second is also very good, gives a very old-school feel.

However, to be honest, the first track is more suiting for constant-running background music, since it's a short, spooky loop that doesn't take too much attention away from the player. So, I think I'll use that first track as the main in-game level track, if you don't mind! I'm sure I can find a use for the second. In fact, the second sounds more like a title track than the title track you already made... >_<

That's what I'll do. I'll use your title track as boss music or fast-paced level music, the first of your two tracks above for general levels and the second for the title screen.

Sorted. :D

PS: Only if you're happy with that arrangement, that is. :)

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