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Mobile Phone Players / Droidsound Beta 3
« on: August 02, 2010, 16:06:56 »
The rewrite of Droidsound is moving along nicely, and I'm hoping to get some beta-testers.

The new version can be found here:
(Bugs can be reported at

The major changes since the old Droidsound:

* Uses song database for fast navigation, metadata, searching etc
* Indexes zip-files (like HVSC)
* Uses Sidplay2 (goodbye Tinysid!)
* And more... :)

(Requires Android 1.6+ currently, may move back to 1.5 if many people wants it)

Mobile Phone Players / Droidsound source
« on: June 10, 2010, 20:51:05 »
About a year since I worked on Droidsound, but since I was back developing Android on another project I decided to clean up the droidsound source.

You can get it from


And it should compile directly with the Android SDK and NDK
(ie Import in Eclipse, run "ndk-build" from the project directory and just build & run)

Build on it or just steal the plugins and use your own GUI-player. If I continue on it I will likely rewrite most of the java code.

-- Sasq

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