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Bug Reports / Two search engine bugs
« on: November 11, 2021, 11:28:48 »
I found two and a half bugs related to module searching.

1. When searching modules via Artist Search with "Guessed Artist" option selected, it appears that "Most recently archived" and "Least recently archived" sorting options in the "Change Order" drop-down list work exactly the opposite: "Most recently archived" option shows least recently archived modules first, while "Least recently archived" option shows most recently archived modules first. These two options are swapped.

2. When browsing modules by license (, the "Change License" drop-down list selector works as intended: it actually shows modules licensed under chosen license, the title above 6 browsing options ("Random", "New additions", etc.) displays chosen license correctly, but in two cases the "Change License" selector doesn't display the chosen license correctly:
1) when "Non-commercial" option is selected, it says "Non-commercial No Derivatives";
2) when "Non-commercial Share Alike" option is selected, it says "Non-commercial".
In other cases, the "Change License" selector works fine: when "Non-commercial No Derivatives" option is selected, it says "Non-commercial No Derivatives"; when "Share Alike" option is selected, it says "Share Alike"; etc.

2a. There are, however, several modules that are not licensed under chosen license, but they still appear in search results. Only two examples are illustrated.

The Lobby / Incorrect module assignment
« on: August 07, 2021, 03:16:43 »
This module:
is assigned to the artist profile of Daedalus (ID: 69079). But Daedalus is not an author of this module. There is even a message from Daedalus:
This is not a song by me, Daedalus. If you know how to relocate it, or delete it please let me know - Daedalus

Today I opened my favourites list with expanded details and accidentally found a bug: module channel counter doesn't show the number of channels used in every single module on the list (screenshot attached).

I tried:
  • logging in my profile;
  • opening favourites lists of other TMA members;
  • browsing other pages of favourites lists than page 1.
None of the above fixed the bug.

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