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The Lobby / Timbaland ripped a track from demoscener
« on: January 16, 2007, 13:15:12 »
Tempest is talking with lawyers and it is up to him what he's going to do. At the moment, it's better to concentrate in following the situation at the page I posted before, and leave guessing this and that on forums. Of course good discussion is always ok.
The word has already spread to some German pages, no need to do translation. It has actually spread already so wide that it has got attention enough. Now it's time to consider what to do, and Tempest is the only one whose business that is.

P.S. Nice to see that you're still hanging around, Gargoyle! Come visit #modarchive sometime  :)

The Lobby / Timbaland ripped a track from demoscener
« on: January 14, 2007, 19:35:08 »
Tempest will set up a site which will contain facts about the case, so that all of us don't have to guess so much. It should be up in 12 hours at
Please spread this link so that we could avoid all the guessing to the direction or another at all forums which have discussion going on atm, and we could concentrate in pure facts.

The Lobby / Timbaland ripped a track from demoscener
« on: January 13, 2007, 14:57:01 »
Ok, so here's the deal.
A Finnish demoscener and tracker musician, Janne Suni aka Tempest/Damage, makes a 4-channel Amiga track called "Acid Jazzed Evening" for Assembly demoparty's oldskool music competition in 2000 and actually won the category. Then 6 years later, known producer Timbaland, who makes music for several known artists, ripped the track and it appeared on Nelly Furtado's track 'Do It' on her latest album 'Loose'.
This kind of things with demoscene music have happened before. In late 90s one Australian guy was selling lots of straight exported tracker modules as his own work. It's interesting that this happens and I guess it's because of these people aren't aware how popular and wide the demoscene actually is. So they think that if they haven't heard about it before, they can't get caught. And it's totally wrong thinking since most of ripped songs have been really well known in demoscene, party winners or made by most famous demosceners.
I've personally seen a lot of "this guy has stolen my music" type of threads and I'm always sceptic towards them, since really same kind of melodies can be made by accident. But this one is so clear that I think it was worth posting. Nevertheless, check the links below.

The original .MOD file you can get from here.
A mp3 of the same file, for those who don't have proper programs for playing the sourcefile, is here
A c64 musician called grg remade the song on the c64 (using the infamous SID soundchip) which is what Timbaland used for Furtado's song. Mp3 version of it here.

Clip from the "Do It" here

A video demonstration of the tracks here

The source for this post, comments and more discussion here and here

This is unbelievable straight rip you rarely hear about. Also, I feel really sorry for Tempest, since I'm an old tracker musician myself and this isn't small thing like ripping a module and uploading it elsewhere with your own name, because in this case it's about serious business.


The next is a post at the latter forum link above. The writer claims to be Tempest, can't be sure about it, but the analysis written are all correct:

"Ok. Something fooked up. I'll try again:

I came here to clear up some things...

Seems like many of the people writing here didn't even bother to listen closely to 'Acidjazzed Evening' (referred as AE from now on) and 'Do It' (referred is DI from now on), or are just plain tonedeaf. Maybe it would help if I'd explain what those songs have and don't have in common. Grab your headphones, because they really help spotting the stuff in DI that got sampled!

First: the basis of the song DI is the intro from AE. If you want to spot the similarities, then don't listen AE longer than 15 seconds, which holds 16 bars of music (no, DI is not "quoting" AE - 1-2 seconds would be quoting). There is not a single part in DI that is not based on these 16 bars. In the chorus of DI, the sampled part is cut into half and only the first half of it is being used, played over and over till the next verse, when the whole sample is being played again.

AE repeats it's intro-theme at some point, but mainly it goes to another directions. If you have hard time finding the resemblance between AE and DI, then don't listen AE for more than 15 seconds. This is crucial.

What was sampled?
For DI someone sampled the intro of GRG's C64-version of AE, but with disabling the bass-channel. The bassline was reconstructed in DI - no, It's not "totally different" than AE's bassline as someone said. It's just a stripped down version, with octave intervals removed (fe. A2-A3 -> A2) and 2-3 notes left out. There are 6 different chords (of which many are repeated) in AE's intro, jazzy kind of chords that for most I dont even know their names, but I'll list them here to show that it's not a typical pop-song chord-progression (actually if someone can find a similar chord-progression, I'll give him a beer or two):
G# C C# F | A# C# F G# | G# C# D# F | F# A# C# F | A# C D# G# | G# C D# F
Each column represents a list of notes used in each chord. It's not the actual chord-progression, but a list of the 6 chords (most popsongs have around 3-4 chords all together) used in the intro, but I think you get the point...

The chords are arpeggiated, which means that the notes in the chord are being played at the same time, but being rapidly from lowest note to the highest and not at the same time. This is a crucial point for anyone who can differentiate a clear note from a dog bark and because chords are not usually played like this, unless you're a superfast heavy metal guitar player, J. C. Bach or a 80s homecomputer-soundchip with only 3 channels available.
But in mainstream pop music? No chance.

The melody?
Listen to AE's intro few times and then listen to DI with headphones on. It's all there, playing in the background. The melody that Nelly sings is kind of a variation of the melody in AE's intro, but the original melody is also there, in the background of DI! Here's another crucial point; they didn't remove the original melody, but only lowered down it's volume and placed another melody (which Nelly sings) on top of it. I'd call this counterpoint, if the the people behind DI wouldn't be such hacks. If you want to verify my claim about the melody, then don't pay much attention to what Nelly is singing (or the drums) but everything else what is there; bassline, "background-melody" and the arpeggiated chords.

There you have it. 16 bars of music, a whole verse, which became about 4 verses in the hands of another.

I can't discuss the legal issues here. Let's just say that Big Record Companies are surely the works of The Devil.
Spread the word...


The Lobby / Ceekayed and Minomus's drunk night out.
« on: November 28, 2006, 14:36:20 »
Quote from: "Ceekayed"
Next we'll get wasted (SURPRISE!) and compose you a modarchive theme song... by using only vocal samples ripped from backstreet boys. A word from here, another from there.

Gotta admit that I'm pretty interested in this idea  :D  Would the next weekend be ok?  :)
I've equipment for recording

Tracking / TMAnna and her naughty ways with men.
« on: November 15, 2006, 20:46:46 »
And Yay! I'm not  :-|
Still I'm her friend, though, and influenced by her I decided to join, too!  :grinno:

The Lobby / m0d reaches 300 posts! :O
« on: November 07, 2006, 13:29:45 »
Quote from: "Rikimbo"
@minomus:  Top 100??  Do you realize how much manual data entry I would have to do to make a top 100 pie chart?  Not to mention it would be pretty hard to read off the huge portion of 'others' split up into dozens of people who have less than five posts.  In fact, I think it would be the most spastastically ugly pie chart the world has ever seen.  I don't want to be known worldwide for creating the world's ugliest pie chart.  Quit your crazy talk, minomus.  :)

@DTM-Ace:  Oh?  And how did you like my humble little city?  :D

It was more like bad attempt to make sarcastic comment  :D  everyone wanting to be top 10, top 5 or even top3!.. me wants teh big numberrs!! uhh.. nevermind  :grinno:

The Lobby / m0d reaches 300 posts! :O
« on: November 03, 2006, 01:19:48 »
Only in top 10? I want to top 100!  :shock:

Wanted: Music for Projects / Other music websites
« on: October 27, 2006, 15:39:28 »
This is a good place for it.. try also #modarchive at espernet.

The Lobby / Other Interests
« on: September 12, 2006, 23:51:27 »
Well.. not tracking anymore, but I guess I can still answer to this  :)
I've studied classical piano for 12-13 years and studied music theory. I also loaned couple of months ago a chromatic harmonica from my friend for learning a bit. Liked the idea of sitting outside somewhere and just playing and drinking beer   8-)
I've had also few bands varying from folk music to metal and old rock, unfortunately I don't have any bands atm, though.

Look what I made! / Re: *blush*
« on: August 08, 2006, 16:53:57 »
Quote from: "Ceekayed"
Quote from: "kenogu"
Oh, sorry.  You can lock this down if you want, then.  Sorry if that was really rude! :oops:
But thanks for the C&C!

Hey no problem, just giving some general advice how to get more/deeper comments. No harm done to anyone. :)

Actually, I just noticed how "strict" my post looks. Just ignore the rudeness of it, didn't mean to sound THAT harsh. These are spamming boards afterall. ;)

You're so strict, rude and harsh IRL, too  :grinno:

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