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100+ downloads??? Wow, thanks everyone :).

OK, so now I was back trying to use Milkytracker again... and the same problem arises...

EDIT It seems what you mentioned(months ago lol) about tuning it actually helps. but not completely. And if I tune even more, well... it's way of tune.

But, I don't think I did exactly what you said, I just changed the f tune a little in the instrument editor :).

EDI2 Also it seems to have a lot to do with volume. By lowering the volume of different sample waves and stuff I make(or just generate) it seems to help. And I've been using very high volume on my songs before :). Why is the default volume 40(max)?!!!

MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Song thread on the modarchive forum
« on: February 10, 2013, 22:58:15 »
Hi! I just wanted to say that I will upload all future songs in a thread I created on the "normal" modarchive forum.

Hi! So I thought, instead of creating a new topic everytime I make a song, I'll just upload them to this thread. I always make my songs in MilkyTracker. I will always link some of the sites I use to upload the song, and also share the xm file(zip archive) here if it's not too big.

The first song is a song I just made that I think turned out REALLY well. I put down a lot of time and effort on details and variation this time. I even recorded my own voice to create some cool breathing effects :).

EDIT I've deleted my youtube and soundcloud accounts. If you really still wanna hear this song(or any other of my old songs) you can still find it on mediafire:

Now, honestly I don't know if I took 8 hours making those songs. I noticed when making my third song that actually working doesn't take too long(maybe 5 hours, not 8?), but then I get lazy and go play

OK, so I think I know now, at least a bit, what is causing the most "interference" or "overdrive" or whatever it is. I'm not that knowledgeable about that kind of stuff. Anyway, so it seems to be sine waves that causes it. And waves that are almost sine ways(just a little bit different). But I like that kind of sound...maybe it's better to mix both my samples I've made and samples other people have made? Yeah... :).

Also there was something I read here:, that made me to call it "interference".

Quoting "You should use as many different chipwaves as possible in your chiptune. This is because the same chipwave, played at different pitches at the same time, will naturally interfere with itself and cause unwanted side effects."

I think it's the same thing, though I haven't really seen it much with the other waves, just sine waves...

Really nice song :). Btw, just wondering, did you record this from FL Studio(or some other program)? Or how did you make them?

OK. But I'm a beginner and on the few songs I've made took 2 days each and I spent maybe like 8 hours on each... Eh. Why would it even matter? I mean, come one 2 days... That's nothing. It doesn't matter if I'm SUPER slow or whatever :). I guess I'm just thinking about about programming and making games where it can take A LOT of time to make something good :).

OK, so I was just on the MilkyTracker IRC chat, and one guy there said that he makes songs in like a few hours. And then I've read from people like Gopher who say he can take months. Now I maybe take a couple of days to make really simple songs... Am I slow?

Anyway, I'm just wondering how long do people usually take to make songs in trackers? And maybe just music in general too? Does it really even matter? I mean, some are faster than others, and other are slower?

OK. Thank you answering(and pretty quickly :)).

Also, I tried changing "amp" in the settings(the config button...), and it didn't change anything. Though, I think the test "song" I made sounded just a tiny bit worse on 100% then the default(50%) and no difference on 25%. The volume changed though :).

EDIT I just listened to one of his songs, and DAMN :). He knows how to make music. It was freaking awesome.

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