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Tracking / It's been 25 years
« on: August 23, 2021, 22:40:28 »
Hi everyone - Arcturus here, mod musician from the mid to late 1990's. It's a little hard to believe that it's been 25 years since I first opened up Scream Tracker and started to make music. I don't remember exactly what day I started (it was sometime in the spring of 1996) but it was probably my main hobby from 1996 to 1999. 1999 was also the first year I uploaded one of my own songs to the Mod Archive - over time, I found that other songs of mine - particularly my bad, early songs - had been uploaded by others. I uploaded a few of my better ones in response. Finally, earlier this year, I figured I might as well upload everything else, regardless of the quality. So now, my complete mod "discography" is all here.

Since anniversaries that are divisible by five are more important, I also decided to take up a project this year to go through all my old songs, convert them to a different format, and write about them in the process. The new format (Renoise) can't be uploaded here, and I'm not sure why I would upload them even if I could since they're basically the same as the originals. My write-ups, however, can be posted here, and so I added those as comments to all my uploaded songs.

This also includes one song that I completed in 2002 but never released until now (Year of the Spectre).

It's been quite the trip down memory lane to revisit all my old works. Every song had a story behind it, although not always a very good story. My profile contains the complete list, ordered approximately by how I would personally rate them:

(After the top ten I don't rate them all precisely, I just group them up)

I realize that I was never a big name in the Demoscene, at best I was a footnote. My best claim to fame is having a song be the top download on the Hornet Archive for one day in December 1997. But I was glad to have been a part of it, however insignificant that part was.

Project / Coder's Corner / Re: A simple oscillator demo in Kotlin
« on: August 23, 2021, 17:37:57 »
Yes, I did notice that the oscillators didn't perform exactly right, particularly at higher frequencies. I attempted to make an adjusted x value function in the parent oscillator class, but it didn't work particularly well. The idea was to adjust the x values so that it would be evenly distributed between periods. It wasn't based on any existing algorithm, I just came up with it on my own, which is probably why it didn't work out as I had hoped (while I have quite a bit of experience in software development at this point, I have no background in audio programming).

But this is just a demo project, so I don't feel too bad about that. I may make some adjustments to the oscillators in the future, but I'm also moving on to another project to make a Kotlin-based audio player that can play Protracker mods (my goal is to get it to play Space Debris correctly). So I'm more likely to spend time on that. Now I just need to learn how to resample. Repository is here, incidentally:

Project / Coder's Corner / A simple oscillator demo in Kotlin
« on: August 20, 2021, 19:11:11 »
Hi everyone,

I just thought I would share a project I recently completed.

This is a very simple demo project of sound synthesis using oscillators, written in Kotlin and running on the JVM. If you run it, it will play a song that might be familiar.

There's a few parts to this project:

  • Oscillators - simple classes with mathematical functions representing oscillators
  • Song models - used to describe the song format in which to use the oscillators to actually play a tune. Inspired by how mod music works (except instead of channels and patterns, the instruments are themselves the channels, and just have repeatable phrases within them
  • PCM audio generators - Takes the song data and the oscillators and uses them to create the actual PCM data used to play the song
  • Player - Sends the PCM data to the output device to actually produce sound

I'm not planning on going any further with this project as I'm satisfied with where it is, I was mostly interested in learning how audio works on the JVM and doing it in Kotlin, the language I primarily use at my job. I'll be moving on to another coding project soon.


This version of Celestial Lullabye by Basehead is corrupted:

It looks like the samples have been removed / replaced. Loads but does not play any audio in OpenMPT or online player. Plays some audio in Schism Tracker but does not resemble the song at all.

There is already an uncorrupted version here:

You could also simply add a max character limit on the input form element.

I'm in the process of adding artist comments to my songs, but occasionally my comments are too long. When this happens, the error page just gives me the error that my comment was too long, but doesn't tell me what the maximum allowed characters are.

Can I request that the maximum characters allowed be displayed both in the texbox in artist.php?request=view_module&query={id} and in the error page? This way I won't have to guess at how many characters I have to remove for it to be allowed.

I'm assuming there are similar character limits for profiles, comments and reviews, so it probably wouldn't hurt if those are also displayed.

Help Support Topics Archive / Removal request
« on: February 22, 2021, 21:48:19 »

A few weeks ago I uploaded a large batch of my old modules and I realized later that I mistakenly included the wrong version of one of them in the upload.

The erroneous version:

Yesterday I uploaded two versions of the same song, one is the older version that was on the Hornet Archive, and the other was an updated version that I never released (until now). Those are the correct versions. The links are:

So if it is possible could you please remove 191127 since I included that in the upload batch by mistake?

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