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Help Support Topics Archive / Can not login
« on: March 09, 2019, 20:18:43 »
I have tried to login to my modarchive account but it won't work. Please contact me Admin

The Lobby / Re: Another song stolen, this time Dj Dean
« on: March 14, 2008, 04:12:54 »
At the moment I'm finalizing my demo with Soundforge. But I will record it tomorrow with my cam. Either way...

What I have found out so far is that the songs structure is obviously based on my song as an template. What has been done is what I believe is just changing a few tones to make it sound different on certain parts. So this is not a rip not even close to Timberlake. But, I still want to prove that my song has been the influence for Dj Deans Kick Off. And of course this is nothing you can do anything about I guess. But I will go wild with my Virus tomorrow and remake his melody, to get a hunch of what has changed and show it. Just to make clear of what parts that was taken.

I read about the bassline in the traxxinspace and I agree, alot of songs have most the same cliché pattern , but that wasn't my point. The point was that You take certain parts of the song, change some tones, add some stuff take some more change it a bit and there you go. If a song sound similiar to another one, it doesn't has to mean that it has been stolen. you just get reminded of something. But.... if that song has alot of part that is almost the same as my song ... then you start to wounder.

It is often you can hear songs on radio and you says hey I'v heard this before.
usually when a song happend to sound like another one the song still has it OWN sound.
But I can't say Kick Off has its OWN sound. To me it sound like hey I need a song I take this one and change some stuff and spit it out.

In this case we have a solid clue . if it wasn't for the Panflute, I shouldn't recognize this at the first place.

I mean how many people get the idea of to use same bass, same tiny melody at the same place in the song with the same INSTRUMENT "with the playorder changed but it is playing One octave pitched down but you can still hear it's the panflute used."

"The play uses the same keys but in different order on a keyboard and different otcave. Will be showed aswell"

and the melody from the original song chopped up with a different instrument.

There is to MUCH things that is look alike and I will show it.

That was my 2 cents =)

The Lobby / Re: Another song stolen, this time Dj Dean
« on: March 13, 2008, 14:50:42 »
Thanks guys for supporting me. At the moment I'm heading for work, but when I'm back home I will do a Side by Side comparison so expect that to come up later tonight.

BR Sleipner

The Lobby / Another song stolen, this time Dj Dean
« on: March 13, 2008, 05:19:49 »
for a while ago I stumble over Dj Deans song Kick Off

I realize pretty quick this one was taken from me, a song called Deep into my eyes.

To be more precisely it was taken from all three versions of this song. But most parts comes from a remix a friend of mine Phoenix2k did - Phenix2k Remix

Original song can be found at :

and MY remix :

What we have is completely ripoff of my bassmelody. Also you can hear one of a very obvious Sound added by Phoenix2k , the Panflute.

Well if you think that was all you gotta love this. My melody from the original
become chopped up in style of Club Trance. But why stop there

If you listen at 1:40 at Dj Deans - Kick off you can hear a tiny melody.. alright switch over to Eyesmix.xm and listen at 2:50.

Well you decide but I KNOW this was taken. I mean it is to many coincident and similarities.

I wrote Dj dean a E-Mail as following :

Hi there Dean !

I'm writing to you cause I do have a few question for you.

I came across your song "Dj Dean - Kick off" and I was wondering how did you get inspired for that particular song.
Is that a mix from another song or is it self produced ?

Reason I ask is that I made a XM "Fast Tracker" song back in 1997 called Deep into my Eyes under a handle Sleipner, I also made and remix of my own. Also a Friend of mine "Phoenix2k" did a remix so short there was Three different variants of it.

Problem now is that your song Kick off reassemble alot of those songs, Bass, Melody, but also the usage of the Panflute which my friend Phoneix added. There is also a silent melody in the middle that reassemble one of its remixes Therefore I'm asking you this.

Best Regards

Still I haven't got any answer. But I doubt I will get any. If you are that big and takes a song from a very less unknown musician the chances to get busted is less than 0.1%

But if you now get caught they know that he/she can't possibly do anything since you are to big. I mean Dj Dean is behind the Tunnel Trance so .. But things like this piss me off. I'm not out after money but I want everyone single musician that do music to have their work left alone without it get ripped of.

AND this is not first time MY songs get ripped. Earlier a group CHI.AD with the song BIOCANDY took my entire melody from my XM mod Xerxes. It is slightly modified but the fun part is he released that song just 6 month latetr after I released mine. And I got some Emails regarding that melody and they asked how I can come up with something like that. Best part is I have been at CHI.AD homepage earlier before I notice that I do remeber that he had a tab called "Got and idea, UPLOAD an IDEA" XM,MOD,MP3

There you go.


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