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The following bugs and issues have been confirmed for MilkyTracker release v0.90.80:

  • 0xy arpeggio replay difference comparing to FT2 when song speed is 16 or higher.
  • A typo in the PDA GUI: the extended keyboard Backline button reads "Bacline".
  • Certain hot words in song titles may still cause incorrect module format detection.
    • Just report the cases.
  • E3x glissando control is not implemented.
  • E4x vibrato control is not implemented.
  • E7x tremolo control is not implemented.
  • Fixed. Instrument fadeout value initially doesn't match the slider position when adding new instruments to a loaded module.
  • Fixed. Instrument vibrato depth value gets doubled when copying instruments.
  • Fixed. On some systems, JACK client thread gets zombified and playback is blocked.
  • Portamento overflow "effect" isn't reproduced.
  • Fixed. ROTATE90CW orientation option causes a seg-fault in the SDL version.
  • Fixed. Selecting an instrument with the numpad doesn't update the instrument or sample editors with the selected instrument, but with the previous one.
  • Simultaneous E6x pattern loop and EEy pattern delay replay differs from Ft2.
  • Slight replay differences when volume column effects are used in conjunction with EDx note delay
  • Fixed. System message dialogs will partially freeze pointer input.
  • Fixed. The DUMB library and Renoise (and possibly others) can't load .MODs saved from MilkyTracker.
  • Fixed. Undefined .XM sample type 0x3 causes sample loop to appear "one shot" (unsupported by .XM) while playback is "ping pong".
  • Volume ramping checkbox isn't cleared and dimmed when using Amiga resamplers for playback.
    • Volume ramping is always off for Amiga modes
  • Fixed. When jamming, notes can be triggered between player ticks, which makes them silent until the next tick causing the beginning of the sample to be skipped.
  • Fixed. When recording, key-offs for previous notes on a channel can appear and cut currently playing ones.

Fixed. = Fixed in the following release.
New. = Added since previous list update.

MilkyPlay / Download MilkyPlay PocketPC here...
« on: January 27, 2008, 17:43:21 »
The latest version of milkyplay for PocketPC (ARM and MIPS CPUs) can now be downloaded here:

Bug Report Archive / [fixed] Shortcut typo in documentation
« on: October 06, 2007, 13:56:35 »
Ok, let's make it official since a poor unfortunate community member has stumbled across it two times now and hurt his ankle:

Quote from: The current MilkyTracker.html
Shift+Alt+UpSelect previous sample
Shift+Alt+DownSelect next sample

Should be

Quote from: The new and improved MilkyTracker.html
Ctrl+Shift+UpSelect previous sample
Ctrl+Shift+DownSelect next sample

Update here, if you will. Also, let it be known that the shortcut applies in Ft2 edit mode only.

MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Stream 2007 shiz
« on: September 22, 2007, 23:20:03 »
No real tracking compos were held at Stream 2007 but I decided to participate with a couple of modules anyway.

From the Listening music compo: Smart Bomb | smartbomb.xm
..and the Dance music compo: Ze Tits und Ass | zetits.xm

Help me find that... / A 4 channel techno .MOD
« on: August 25, 2007, 22:08:10 »
Looking for a pretty aggressive techno module that might or might not have the words "freedom", "hardcore" or "night" somewhere in the title or smptexts. I'm thinking it must be pre-1993 because that's about the time when I remember first hearing it (and recording it on a cassette tape). The song got its aggression from the usage of pulse wavey samples for the main sequences, heavy gating and shouted vocal samples.

I've tried searching the TMA obviously but I've only found mods that share a vocal sample from the module. If you take a look at freedomremix.mod, the shared sample is number 2. Being the clever chap I am, I noticed the song is a remix but the song I'm looking for isn't the one that was remixed. (I seem to have a freedom.mod on my hd from my past search attempts which sounds like it was used as the base for the remix but which in turn sounds like it was sampled from a commercial song. Phew!)

Ok, getting a little side-tracked here.. The point was and is: "Have You Seen This Mod?" If you recognize it, please let me know.

MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Odd Norton
« on: August 19, 2007, 10:08:55 »
Here's a new track from a week ago when it was backing up jix and Alien's visuals at Evoke.

Download: oddnorton.xm | TMA page

The Lobby / Introduce yourself - raina
« on: July 20, 2007, 01:41:59 »

raina, 25, male, from Finland, been tracking since 1995. I've been assimilated along with the rest of the peeps from ye olde MilkyTracker Forum. I spent years admiring the mighty TMA from afar, only occasionally daring to visit its vast beaches. Thanks to m0d for finally dragging my ass in. So far, the water seems fine.

Bug Report Archive / Confirmed bugs in v0.90.60
« on: July 17, 2007, 12:49:01 »
The following bugs have been confirmed for release v0.90.60:

  • Fixed. CRASH/FREEZE: When trying apply crossfade on invalid selections in sample editor.
    • The selection should encompass one, and only one loop point, see here. Best learn it now, in the future crossfade will be disabled until a valid selection is made.
  • Fixed. FREEZE: Optimize song can freeze MilkyTracker if the displayed pattern number no longer exists after optimization.
    • Workaround: Ensure pattern #0 is displayed before optimizing, and always save any unsaved work.
  • 0xy arpeggio replay difference comparing to Ft2 when song speed is 16 or higher.
  • Fixed. Bug in the XI-loader causes instrument vibrato settings not to be applied until some instrument setting is modified.
  • Certain hot words in song titles may still cause incorrect module format detection.
    • Just report the cases.
  • Fixed. Cutting arpeggio commands by selecting only the operand digits leaves invisible 000 commands on the pattern that repeat the previous arpeggio from effect memory.
    • Saving the module either makes the 000's disappear or turns them into the corresponding full arpeggio command depending on whether arpeggio was used before them.
  • Fixed. Dxx on the last order ignores the Replay start order number.
  • E3x glissando control is not implemented.
  • E4x vibrato control is not implemented.
  • E5x set finetune is played Ft2-like in in all playback modes.
  • E7x tremolo control is not implemented.
  • It should be possible to use the instrument fadeout without having the volume envelope enabled by using a set volume command (xx/Cxx) simultaneously or after a key-off.
  • Milky doesn't always start in Ft2 playback mode because the last used mode is remembered between sessions.
    • The optimal behavior is being discussed.
  • Fixed. Milky's note range goes slightly higher than that of Ft2's.
  • Fixed. Multisample GUS .pat instruments are imported with relative note values that are way off.
  • New. Fixed. Note pitch isn't reset after a portamento when 4xx follows a Vx.
  • Portamento overflow "effect" isn't reproduced
  • Simultaneous E6x pattern loop and EEy pattern delay replay differs from Ft2.
  • Fixed. Some custom screen resolutions lead to distorted rendering.
  • Fixed. The Apple AIFF loader doesn't load big endian samples correctly.
    • Workaround: Load the sample and change its byte order in the sample editor.
  • ?x Volume column effects used in conjunction with EDx note delay cause slight replay differences comparing to Ft2.

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