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Mobile Phone Players / Players for iPhone & iPad
« on: May 07, 2019, 16:06:30 »
To my knowledge the only remaining mod player for the Apple iDevices is Modizer.  It has been updated with some regularity.  Is anyone else aware of any other players for the Apple iDevices?

The Lobby / hello
« on: July 15, 2012, 05:42:55 »
So I am getting back into listening to some mod music.  I found an OLD CDROM I'd burned (looks like latest date is '95ish).  It had a collection of mods I'd put together on it.  Some of them are awesome, IMO.  They were even in a folder I'd labeled "fave"  ;D

I have looked for some of them here and not found them.  I'd like to share them.  Let's assume I am not sure if I just couldn't find the song, and start there.  Does the archive have a way to cross check (let's say by file size, rather than name) so I'm not duplicating effort?  Is there even a way to upload mods if I'm not the author?  Most of this stuff is almost 20 years old, some IS 20 years old.  I've looked at comments, .nfo files, etc and they still talk about BBS systems and websites that are long dead.  So it's not like I can track the authors down and say "is it alright if I post this file."

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