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Look what I made! / ModTomIT - Single Sample EP
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:43:14 »
Hi, I made some chiptunes with the goal of making an EP-length work that only uses one sample throughout it. The sample is a pulse-wave repeated with descending volume. I'm uploading the IT files to modarchive so all the tracks will be free when they're up (one track is already up), but here's the link to my bandcamp page, where it can be listened to in-browser for free or downloaded for $3. I have many other tracks I've made, some only with trackers, and others with trackers + VST plugins and effects.

Thanks for your replies. I guess Saga Musix sort of made me think about it, and how it's "questionable" and I thought to myself: do I really want to include something that's "questionable" as to whether it has musical value (as in, maybe it just plain sucks?), and the answer is "no". And I thought about it, and it definitely is questionable, and is therefore definitely not in my EP. I made a better track which has much more effort put into it to replace it. So, yeah...thanks for the answers, and I think I'll just keep this track to myself. Sorry if I wasted your time :P

Hello, I was wondering about whether I should submit this module or not, because...well, here's the story.

I'm making an EP where all the songs use only one sample, and this will kind of be what makes the EP "special" and cool, if indeed it does (I'm working to see so, and that it doesn't fall flat on it's face!). It's not even a break-beat I'm using, with tones you could manipulate out of the mix and use as instruments between the beats or anything, I'm using a plain-old, unadorned chip pulse tone, for the whole EP which will be 6 or 7 songs probably about 2 to 3 minutes each.

I don't think there would be anything wrong with this, according to the rules for submission, to release the source Impulse Tracker files on Mod Archive, but one track, which I think sounds cool, even if it's probably been done before (if it has, give me a link please, I'd love to hear) is basically an arpeggiated chord progression which starts out slow, and repeats, with an increase tempo command at the beginning of the pattern (it only uses one channel too...), so the whole song is this one channel playing in this one pattern, repeating ever faster, faster, faster...until it's as fast as a really fast chip arp at the end. I know stuff that repeats over and over without changing is rejected, but on this the tempo changes and builds and at least some semblance of development to the song, even if it's really just some cool notes repeating slow at first and then fast. I may not actually use it if it's been done to death before and is therefore tacky, but I thought it might make a cool out-tro to the EP, and if I made it that way, I'd want all the tracks to be up on Modarchive too.

So if I go ahead and use this track should I submit it, or keep it to myself?

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