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Tracking / Re: What's your tracker / format of choice? And why?
« on: August 15, 2008, 18:17:47 »
New response, from years in the future!
Milky is my tracker of choice, making XM my format of choice. It's stable, it looks nice, it feels nice.
All the trackers with a FT2-like or ProTracker-like layout are fairly comfy to me, and I know most of the XM effects from heart.

I like the IT format more [more features], but I'm not a fan of IT/Schism's layout [seriously, pages? gah!], Cheesetracker *refuses to save* and crashes alot [but it's fairly usable, it's a shame the song I tracked in it couldn't be saved], and I really don't like OpenMPT.
Chibitracker is a bit nicer than the rest of the pack [still IT-like with the layout, but done a bit better], but it's also horrifically buggy [read: it segfaults too much to trust my work to].

In terms of other trackers I use, I'll kick something out with Renoise. Shame there isn't a replayer for this other than Renoise itself. Other than that, I'll use FamiTracker if I need to join an NSF OHC. Rarely, I'll dabble in Klystrack, or if I'm feeling really old-school, I'll fire up AHX, but that almost never happens. And then, sometimes, I'll pull out RMT to do some Atari POKEY stuff.

old response below:

MilkyTracker, namely since it was the most intuitive tracker that I found. (and my only other choice was ModPlug, and I HATED how it felt...)

And I use XM format ( since it's what MilkyTracker saves... ^_^;;; )

MilkyTracker News / Re: Port round-up
« on: June 05, 2008, 22:27:53 »
Hmm... G3 Mac port doesn't run on OSX10.1, but I can't expect anything to run on it so...

Hm... If only I had OSX 10.3 on my iBook G3, I'd be back to tracking (my WinXP box is dead, so I'm stuck on an OSX10.1 iBook...)...

Couldn't there be support for an onscreen keyboard as well? (you'd select the keys with the thumbstick, move around the tracker with the digital pad)

Well, when I close ChibiTracker, I get a "ChibiTracker has encountered a problem and must now close" message. It's not a terrible problem, but...

Running on WinXP.

The Lobby / Introduce yourself - null1024
« on: December 05, 2007, 01:39:04 »
Hallo. I'm Null1024.
I'm a guy who loves to make music, drawings and games, recently picked up tracking, and very recently got a song on the main site. I strongly dislike going past 16 channels when I make modules (if I'm forced to, I make a section into a sample to drop the channel count), and I use MilkyTracker to track.

So... Hi!

Tracking / Re: The 10 most common tracker mistakes
« on: December 04, 2007, 01:26:47 »
yeah, the time thing? its pretty easy to write a beat even if your snare and bass are in unconventional places
just for fun and to be stupid, i mad a beat with the bass on 0, the snare on 5, and the high hat on 7
it definetly doesnt sound wrong
you need to listen to more prog rock or free jazz or something...
lots of music doesnt even have a set time... theres nothing saying people cant try to recreate that with mods

That rule only applies if you haven't figured out how to make it sound good yet.
(infact, all the rules (involving the sound of the module) can be broken if it sounds good.)

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