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Author Topic: apple iigs demo music recreation!  (Read 173 times)

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apple iigs demo music recreation!
« on: December 23, 2022, 23:12:27 »

so far i made 3 recreations of demo music for the apple iigs:
the revenge of the bobs intro;
the revenge of the bobs demo;
and delta demo intro music.
they all use ripped music from amiga, the first 2 use ripped music from an amiga 2000 as ninjaforce (creators of the revenge of the bobs demo) confirmed, with the intro using no_axxess from tyrell/dual crew and the demo using tennis.mod from starbuck, and the last one uses dragonsfunk.mod from moby, as fta (free tools association, the creators of the last demo) confirmed as well. what i did here was to change the original modules to the closest possible to the iigs, 'cos the iigs had a much different sound than the amiga.
full story, skip it if you want:
all of those modules had their pitch changed, 'cos for some reason, as i mentioned on my first forum post here (which i still got no answers, sadly), the iigs had a weird pitch difference compared to dos and amiga, which's about a semitone. so, with the exception of the last module, i just set the finetune for all samples to +5, which matches the iigs' sound pitch and that was it. now, the delta demo intro music was the worst part. the pitch difference compared to the original dragonsfunk.mod was of 4 semitones! that's a third of an octave, which has 12 semitones! and, the player used to play this module also didn't support some protracker effects, so it also sounded more "plain" compared to the original.  the original module was made on protracker, but i had to move on to fasttracker! why? because at position $0C, there's a drum solo part, but the original module had the note of this drum set at the maximum frequency protracker can handle, so i had to move to fasttracker, which supports 8 octaves, unlike protracker, which only supports 3. there were more advantages, though! since i couldn't set the panning on protracker unless i changed all notes in all channels, i used fasttracker to match the iigs panning as well! the amiga has a left-right-right-left panning, while the iigs doesn't have a fixed panning like amiga does, but the player used to play the module had a default panning of left-right-left-right used in this modified dragonsfunk.mod, but it was later modified on the revenge of the bobs by ninjaforce themselves to match the amiga panning too, so i didn't have to change the panning on the first 2 modules : D
tl;dr: basically just a sound pitch and later also effect craziness on the original modules, to match the iigs sound.
- why did you do that?
well, i was bored and had no idea of what to compose, so i did this and surprisingly the result was perfect (at least to me).
- are you planning on doing more?
yes! i was thinking of the modulae intro music, which this time is an original module, but the original sound format is soundsmith, and as far as i know there're no players nor trackers at all that run on windows and support this format. if i open it on soundsmith on the iigs it'll ask for the samples, which i don't have. yes, it worked the same way as the early ultimate soundtracker, you had to load the samples in order to play the module.
- cool, where are the modules, though???
here you go, go wild!

EDIT: absurdly wrong semitone calculation, how the hell did i get to the conclusion that dragonsfunk had a difference of 10 semitones??? it's obviously 4 lol
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Re: apple iigs demo music recreation!
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2023, 12:00:10 »

some small patches, i corrected the pitch and some notes of dragonsfunk.xm, and i realized that for some reason i put no_axxess.mod on +4 finetune instead of +5 lol
i actually made this patches a while ago, but i didn't wanna post here since i didn't get any answer, so i thought it'd be unnecessary. but i don't care now, here you go wild again, for real this time:
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