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Author Topic: opinion recent music  (Read 1710 times)

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opinion recent music
« on: March 28, 2024, 12:15:14 »


yes i like to review other people's songs.

the reason why i don't do it on review board. on song pages on this site. because i would have to do it for a few hundred songs. i might get accused of spamming and get banned. i wrote much of this comment. and almost left out why i am really writing this. reputation points. i don't care about them for offering music. or for reviewing anything. it will not buy me an ice cream. it is not transferrable to another site. btw i'm glad this is not the forum handlers which rhyme with "horse."

my reviews are not to be taken seriously. when i say "this artist sucks" or "he needs to fix this." or i say "i don't like (this music style)." these are just my opinions. even to be funny. some people cannot respond, one for himself now. because someone could lose interest. otherwise internet could be costly privilege. this is like grain of sand in a large beach. but i don't like anti-spiritual suggestion. i don't like vulgar slang in song name. i don't like pornographic suggestions or black humor or anything like that. one day i found a module where "wxyz" was written. start and end the same, but it was supposed to be five letters. but i will not ever write it plainly. it is a moderator's job to do that. while he is telling the rules of what cannot be done.

another reason why i don't review. where some people think i'm supposed to be writing in. because at least three artists, i have taken them completely as trollers. i have not said anything about them yet. and will not. they do not deserve to be taken to dinner. if i even mention one name. it's like giving him a cookie bought at subway.

this is beside some of my reservations about artists. from my "recent" topic. cs127 doesn't really need this site, but github. jeslan unable to come up with good enough song. have to call "gpj" that way because otherwise really nasty insect. (wrote most stuff before discovered they might be brother and sister.) and so on.

again, my reviews. and my statements here. are not to be taken seriously. this is a forum.

i am clear2ooo. i am string space. i have a female cohort. her name is "memend."


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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2024, 14:45:02 »


i talk about what i recently downloaded. best of past 6 months. (1/6)

the bended too-loud lead belongs in chiptune. "look ma, no filters! don't need to do this in other tracker!" great effort with sequenced synthesizer. even if it required painstaking recording from hardware.

this is another artist using "mod" format, in 2024. which makes me prefer something else by someone else. but does better work away from cover of cheap disney movies and sort of thing. "by default" this is his best song. after 10 others. update: i noticed in another song. was this done in strange program away from an amiga?

certainly i learn with this module about "nitrotracker." is the one which permits lonely instrument commands. but doesn't do anything with them. definitely this tracker is not for amiga enthusiasts. they like to swap it. even though it's not true swapping: it waits until end of waveform played then switch to other waveform. for me, true swapping is swap right then and there. even if it cause zipper noise. just after this song. i find another module done in "nitrotracker". but it has four channels only. could have been done in milky tracker.
openmpt 1.31.04 fooled by song length. i jump around in song and it claims song is 2-1/2 minutes. but i render to mp3 or wav and it goes over 4 minutes. it must be insolent pause on the last pattern. nothing special about the music.

song is all right. but i'm bothered by repeating patterns to get one minute out of it. also must lower "sample volume" song to 32 because maximum 48 strains on my headphones. it would not be better in "it" format with random volume or filter on pads. i declined using vst effect.

:o  i make reality question on this artist. but i might get banned from this site writing it. something is about to be legalized in some sports. but i strongly disagree. my question is along that line.

hackurr if you are serious about "botb" competition. with that riddim you are using. you should try to remix gescom's song...

if i were the artist i'd watch that voice clip. related to something he says in sample comments. because he mention in other tracks. two other women. don't dedicate any other song he does to your girlfriend. because he says so in a different song. i say stuff like this. it shouldn't disturb me. but i really don't care about personal life of anybody.

not very impressed with work by "awesome" or whatever he calls himself one day. found song by other guy from norway. claims also to be "dr. awesome." but this is by guy who gave address in spain. loves sound blaster pro too much. "mute channels 2, 3 and 4" but that's if you hate flute like i do. but do that and this becomes minimal and boring.

ouch, tough way to compose. but it has to be "mod" so it loads into some inflexible programming system. quite good for 3 channels. but try to use "s3m" which is more flexible for pan channels. or "xm" that support at least eight channels. these days someone could safely render to mp3 or to ogg vorbis.
has to be seen. use openmpt and pick a "display" theme that you hate. then press "alt+p" play back and watch. i'm glad the author was limited to 200 patterns. what a waste of time. maybe did it instead of studying for a test or something. it looks like this song has no jump command. made with "openmpt" so what is this about impulse tracker? why lie about it? even i have done music with basic program create text file, copy and paste into pattern. usually i don't like songs that try to do display trick. but "black queen" was great on qb64 mod player. not as much with sound.
face the reality. finally i find something, if the country is correct. (read the first word again.) which remotely makes anyhow like the missing "a" of some artist. which i have the 4-cd set but lost the second cd during a change of address.

a wry smile to my face the whole while it played back.
you will be irritated if you like "kill robot" beats. artist must have done it on purpose. i don't know. maybe he forgot to add pattern delay one line. and skip on the last line of event. i tried to fix it. in the process discovered this guy is like practical joker.
this is a good troll. in another module he claims in late 1990s that he's 17 years old.

it's frustrating an artist goes with "noname" this, "noname" that. please try to give a name to your song or don't share. because of it, i don't care to say if i liked this song or any other flaw in another module.

this is fine the way it is. but someone else would itch at least to put an echo on the lead.

i have done remix a long time ago. of "five" by gescom. on concertmate-990 keyboard. only using built-in sequencer. it sucked but sounded good to me. now from there i must figure out how to put this into odd time-sig. to do another remix.

i wish this were something longer. but with slow start then speed up. as if he were in a hurry. and nobody else in the "scene" had time for 10-minute track.

sorry, no time to review this module. it sucks. because artist doesn't greet, claims to be in a hurry. no way to get fans.

a song like this done 30 years back. could still put to shame whatever today is overproduced! but only if it stopped at 1 minute 20 seconds. don't know what artist was trying to do with end.

too bad this is one-channel playback. this is as different from above entry. as one artist to another artist. from same country or not.

i wonder how many more of these exist. it could be worse: rick astley's song or something by female artist "k.p." from 2010 decade.

done by hackurr. put plug-in before noticed i didn't upgrade to mptm format. but it worked. got tricked because drums play on different tracks for patterns. i like better his songs not like stupid 4-to-the-floor techno. keep the simple style.

not as fond of the bird as the artist was. i mute one of two channels in openmpt.

once an artist does a song like this, he sticks with negative feeling given by others. because i don't have paper even to give a proper review.

pretty awesome, ten samples! too bad beat was done by somebody else (one sample).

this teases a lot. i liked the beat it had on the last pattern. not even 30 seconds longer for it?
hihats are too darn loud. must have been imported midi file.

definitely this artist and his gang always expect a certain reaction. this song is more like "stupid beagle."

this by hackurr. i ventured to put "hy-filter3" on a couple of parts. xD

do not name anything "as eff". love thyself more. sadly must set "speed" to 3. to avoid effect commands. play for long time in lazy too.
before i put an end to this batch of reviews. would like to say how very disgusted i am. i download a bunch of modules. for two weeks before 24 march. which have this four-letter word. because of this flaw. there are a few artists listed here i will review an only time. and others i will never, ever review. because i cannot find anything from them that interests me. _a_n_y_ artist using this word, i tell them. it does not make you look cool. especially it does not mean you are grown up. quite the opposite. needing vulgar slang to get a point across. want to be considered a confident man? display your feminine side. like "m0d" could. yes it means wear pink on occasion and admit you like a song like "stand back" by stevie nicks.

to the author it's another boring chip. this is quite good, better than a lot of others about the same length. and artist takes trouble with stereo in fasttracker 2.

i wish artist went further with 7-beat. instead of just repeating pattern at the end in straight beat. this would sound great with two additional tracks for pad only.
could you tell me coda, why is this song much louder than hundreds of your other works?

read my post again more carefully if:
* i post an emoticon.
* i reply to someone else.
* i provide link to another web site.


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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2024, 03:39:21 »


i talk about what i recently downloaded. best of past 6 months. (2/6)
this artist puts in effort. this is a 5-beat mostly. i wish his songs were a bit longer. in fact he should stop uploading for a while. i wonder if this site has bandwidth limit on artist per month. i have actually downloaded all he did in march so far. selected half the total. then put into two "mp3" files, each 50 songs and play an hour long. played with deadbeef piped into ffmpeg.
i'm sorry for ignorance. i notice in "song properties" that these songs cover at least 10 years of work. i'm running into more songs. done with openmpt before it became "open."

this donkey puts anyone else dancing. toward the right stereo channel.
i call this to myself "loose le gooster." j.k. nice work.
fake "ethnic" style i can't listen enough. but maybe because i don't pay a lot of attention. this is by "wizard", but there are like three or four of them. there is one artist who does death metal or something like that. but this is not the one for this song. this was supposed to be on 2-cd set. but could be downloaded under "magazine" section of "scene-dot-org". this is under works by "wizard" in year 2000. in another song artist says he is "wizard of chrome."
some practical joker uses schism tracker and loads !26 snare samples! otherwise please try to use openmpt. remove many samples before upload. some people don't have fast internet, can download few megabyte take many minutes. this song is sort of drum-n-bass.

song has two problems: non-stereo, and a few patterns repeated too many times. it's a shame. there are too many of this kind. but i discover that fasttracker 2 isn't very good anymore to compose in stereo. only serves as improvement for protracker-amiga for use on windows. shocking people today also limit to 4-channel "mod" but do not do "ordinary" chiptunes. not advocating any ancient format. i only reveal what bothers me about songs. otherwise which are good. i cannot make my song as complex as this one. because i rely too much on long samples.

cute 7-beat. better than any of v_______s____'s tracks.

"ha! you failed! couldn't do this in mod!" a few reactions to this. from those who deny they liked it. but nine tracks in "xm" format? it doesn't sound wet enough. but it would be easy to notice. trying to do this song with six tracks.
epic fail, saying what should not be said. in a certain competition this will not be listened to with any program. just don't do it. "don't play in impulse tracker because..." or "if you insist playing in program must edit". why didn't the artist check song and do extension himself? he asks two patterns extended. because he thinks nobody uses impulse tracker anymore. i don't care, just don't tell people to do this and modify song. there is enough trouble as it is with misrepresentation. this guy only does covers anyway and i will not review anything else by him.
noticed how the bass was done. but why no offset commands for left-side track? "play in latest version of openmpt." it does not include test builds. so this artist fails.
to play this one as intended. need "freeverb2" and "js compresseur" 32-bit vst plug-ins. fyi.
you didn't tell "her", did you, that you like marshmallows...

i don't think this was a joke module. or it might be a way to prefer heavy metal on music trackers. this might have been converted from another format. otoh smash and his cohort didn't "debug." this has awful lot of "w" commands. after 1 minute this goes completely silent. you have been warned.
this lulls to sleep. i like ambient beats well done in any program.
it is 2024 and i am hearing junk. instead of locked into youtube and "popular" hearing. not as much seeing. like madonna and prince. do beat like "spastik" by plastikman! right on the patterns. win the contest, very clever. i like most songs by this artist. addy got my attention. i think there was an user by that name on "freesound-dot-org". i have some of his sample packs.
i found another song than this, he's more interested in tricking beats. what a shame. why not call yourself "lackluster"? i had this keyboard but "realistic" radio shack brand version, concertmate-500. good fun. especially portamento. and long envelope amplitude release. i wished "synthesis" section was more useful. "bossanova" was my favorite beat in there.
make sure you have a fast computer to play this back. this goes as high as 187 channels for pattern "7" near end. in openmpt. too bad music is not more interesting than other entries by same artist. whatever he call himself.
"leyenda", why is this not the name? this became my favorite by this artist. (because "mah...aan" above is too long and is not straight beat.) but i shorten to first 3-1/2 minutes. this is very much like "schall" netlabel, i think they are called. i think from belgium. i downloaded some music over 10 years ago. a lot of house and techno with dreamy chord pads like that.

i say the same above. interesting distort-like beat. generally "djs" should not do tracker music. advice from me: no, don't call yourself "dj something." it will not get you more ladies. also big myth about playing guitar and sing like famous bearded artist. doing chiptunes will get you more ladies.

only thing missing is voice clip. at beginning which says like: "one to the nine to the... six." leaves smoking that other one. at one time i liked happy. and other beats 160bpm and faster. but i've become too lame for it today. except drum-n-bass like good-looking records. almost forgot to say, a long time ago. i almost stepped into the pit. someone else tried to convince me about misguided record company. "xanatos" i think they were called?
(shrugs) why pick larger pattern for almost entire song? maybe didn't know it was going to be jazz-waltz.

i like odd-time-sig music done in quirky way. too bad artist doesn't say clearly who it was. (not by "gpj" but i had to lower vocal sample of "merioh." i refuse to explain why.) i like 5-beat like "mission impossible" lame-ass song as less as possible. i know somebody who did at least two songs. i can't believe each one is 5-beat time-sig throughout. they were like waltz in places. he did a pretty good 7-beat too. using only "edirol vsc" sounds from old cakewalk software. he doesn't use music trackers.

nice cover but you lost the contest. i was hoping "robric" had something that sounded similar.
to this artist: don't accuse other people of ripping off, pathetic case. if you are going to cry about a contest, don't join, that simple. i understand why this wouldn't win any competition. as original as he claimed to be.
mistaken message in this song: "Robar samples no es un delito. ''Denominacion de origen'' es una manera de mostrar el debido respeto a los creadores de los samples. Gracias." artist says "thank you" because he is allowed to rip from other artist. who cannot respond for himself, out of one. the quoted message makes a fundamental mistake on the first word: "robar." in spanish this means "rob" or "rip off." this always means stealing which is at least frowned upon. usually is against the law. and federal level really doesn't care what was the pretext. give respect all you want. but when original artist doesn't like being ripped off. he will respond. you will have to go to court when you don't want to. in the least. it is not professional. without ripping off, many tracker artists would not do anything. which is revolting. people doing great things with simple noise, square, saw, dog bark, fart noise etc.  "why can't you?"
maybe in 1990s there was some reason to take neat noise from commercial record. but now we're in 2020 decade. there is no excuse. there are billions of samples. most are high quality. not from cheap 25-year-old commercial cassette need dolby to hold down background noise. people do create music with mono "wav" files which sound bad. from sound effects collection data cd. some samples are public domain. some have some control. like offered originally in magazine cover disk. could even create multisample. like "pad synth" of zynaddsubfx. i'm sorry for this message which has gotten too long. i have heard very few songs. that tracker artist was very proud of only ripping off. and the song was very good. please respect copyright. this is not funny. this is not an option.

this "dtrax" does good chiptune work. but watch out his writing stupid things. he means "take out" in spanish, which is properly spelled "sacar." or expression from where i come from. in spanish "sacar dinero" means "withdraw money from bank account."

this is by michu. i have yet to find a bad or stale one by this artist. went to six of them at least. nothing much to describe, just good ole chiptune not done with amiga program.

it would just kill me. use latest openmpt only to compose "xm"? then watch that "pirate" series or something else. i'm envious. i purposely used other six-letter word in quotation.
vibe so good one pattern is repeated 12 times! "you're lazy!" is all i would have written into comments if i had to.

neighbor to "epic fail", not good codename at all. song is ok. but i'm bothered with "l" and "r" commands i keep seeing in "xm" format. so i expect up to "o99" in mptm format in openmpt.

fortunate enough to have done this away from protracker-amiga. otherwise i think artist had to put "d00" on line 55 of every pattern. which is what i did. because the rhtyhm is one of the stupidest. for one i ever heard a song categorized "intelligent dance music." good ambient song without drums and adjusted as 7-beat throughout. sorry if i "ruined" the "essence."

this artist "bpm" does strange music. this is another module i find. which has badly-placed "w" commands. so jumping around in song in openmpt is fruitless. probably this was the result of converter. which assumed the module was "xm" format. then put commands to help outside player. i read somewhere one of the players requires fake "w" command in "xm" format so it synchronizes correctly.

by a certain wally. he should have said, "it is mod so don't expect too much."

good ambient track but repetitive. so i modified it a bit for my purposes. it might not matter anyway, play back as mp3 from chinese speaker. the bass arpeggio should have been done as separate events.

read my post again more carefully if:
* i post an emoticon.
* i reply to someone else.
* i provide link to another web site.


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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2024, 17:32:29 »


i talk about what i recently downloaded. best of past 6 months. (3/6)

really a shame a good message is sent. while doing a cover out of a famous game. only people into that game would like it. otherwise the module artist was talking about two different worlds. he doesn't even follow his own advice on this song. beat around the bush all you want "xm" format is like multitrack recorder. some people actually modify songs for their own use. but do not upload again. claiming this one uploading is the original author. i reject song which part plays on this track on this pattern. then next pattern suddenly it's sent to another track. "xm" format deeply encourages behavior. that easily causes insanity. i rather have fat slob needing 64 tracks to do only 5-track ditty. otherwise tarnce and other songs. only having the same exact events on four, on eight tracks. only to make it much louder. because vlc media player play "it" file much softer than my "mp3" or "ogg." both formats have different advantages. but will keep being used improperly.
to make long story short: do not tell people to "tighten" tracking music.

now i'm glad you couldn't go to party. no use abbreviating your name now. reply to message of sample #38: egad why did he pick this name? only valid excuse is a song in only album that μ-ziq was a group.

the terminal insistence to get "the flavor." causes a shopping list. like in this song. or look at the back cover of something by chemical brothers. this song doesn't justify ripping off aphex twin, george michael and many others. even less if it had to be sold on itunes. meanwhile "little elbow" makes fun of half the world. and whoever uses famistudio or similar program. or just create multisamples from toy keyboard. just give him two minutes for it.

quite good. if "xm" format it might add to shame for playback one channel. from the same country (i think) it reminds me of kid606. have the "resilience" record and the cheap remix other one.

i guess they wanted to be known better for half-english poetry than for music. too bad, some of their songs well done. this is not one of them. this got my attention in another way: why not use "it" format? i actually understood almost all the crap they wrote. not reviewing anything else by this artist after "kiwoo" the goldfish, enough said.

this artist wants to avoid identification. so i'm going to avoid saying another song by them that i like this ambient style.
this artist kuralesa has interesting tunes. not as fond as he was with bendy spooky at pattern "7". plays that more than any other.

put many others to great shame. from society of: "i just wanna do chiptune in xm, panning take too long". artist claim this song span 16 years and had to finish it in milky tracker. but good effort, ends unexpectedly. there should be more like this. at least two instruments pan one left, the other right.

it has a piano. random playback to my taste. forget about it.

ok i contact this artist. cannot take away from "hulk will smash!" i don't care about samples, lawyer says. but better than artist that calls himself after he-man's friend. i downloaded a bit by this artist. but like jeslan and others i have yet to be really amused. this ends suddenly.

this is from the "southern awesome." at the bottom of this module. is not what he said in a different module. where it appeared to me like record company boss. like "wave" or whatever he wanted to call himself. but someone uploading modules to this site without his permission then. if he is the artist of "AFRICANO.XM" he failed to write anything at all. this i found under "overload" folder in "ftp" online fake 2-cd set. i expected him to write something. that one pretty good ricky martin song remake surprised me.

are you tired of tarnce and badly-done idm? oh yeah and anti-spiritual guitar-based stuff? want some culture?
should have kept songs to themselves. mostly one-channel drum-n-bass with impulse tracker. and sudden pauses. do not try to record this in "auto track" or "voice actuation" mode.

"ancient knowledge" by herotyc. the piano is too loud so i enabled volume envelope for it. but also has rimshot too loud and expect to loop. this deserves proper ending after 3-1/2 minutes.

warning: do not download this module. i check with openmpt and with schism tracker. must be "april fish", not for this year. i found this on "scene-dot-org". no, it wasn't damaged.

this cyborgjeff is a bit lazy musician. demonstrated best in this song. he writes interesting things but i wish for better english. i keep first half of this module.
jolly good except for too-loud square lead. also expects the listener to loop it. after 2-1/2 minutes. deserves good ending instead.

this song is usual chiptune but with 3 channels. for those of you who like to play "find the bug today." download this module, it is by "finnr" (finn renard) from 2-cd set offered on "scene-dot-org". in "ftp" mode. i think it's under "magazine" section. not "modulez" folder. open this module. in openmpt go to "shift+f9" screen. in schism tracker or other that looks more like impulse tracker go to "f3" sample list. ouch now i looked up in wikipedia what happened. after "40 years of fine tuning." a television station in new york compelled to change code letters for stupid reason. then let an animal out of the bag in the same channel number.

stupid "pan flute" ruins it for me. why _m_u_s_t_ it be flute? hear "enigma" flute too, i just don't listen any further after i hear one in other people's song. pay the piper so it goes away. replaced with sinewave. had to make one from "s3m opl". because openmpt doesn't come with sinewave in "example songs" folder. i couldn't find another one otherwise. nice song now. "bass flick" sample has glitch on it. fyi.
this is like "zap01" but 15 times larger. i keep the other song has better drones. and bass hit.
this is ambient artist. i want to like this works. (after "zap01" i care less than ever. after i fixed it i liked it but better effort was expected.) but other songs put me to sleep in another day. this at least has snare like "bob" and other percussion. not downloaded from t.m.a.
this is much better after swing is removed.

i reject stuff by this artist for obvious reasons. i don't care about his personal life.
it could be shortened to about three minutes taking away the "outer" loops from each pattern. reveals problem which plague all trackers using static samples. or fm synthesis or alike. need more dynamics that plug-ins could provide. i dislike working with plug-ins. but otherwise i fall asleep listening to this after three minutes.
too bad this was done in early edition of openmpt which allowed no instrument definition. not even for plug-in required: refx vanguard. sounds great without plug-in though.
i couldn't get deep loud bass in schism tracker. unless i amplify saturate on purpose. i wish song volume could be set much much higher in that program. or i am going deaf. name too long experimental chiptune, must listen.

i hope the artist wasn't serious about what he wrote last. without dj's do you think you could sit down at a computer to do any music? without "scratching" (which is heard in this song) maybe you and your g.f.  as well as your parents and grandparents would be dancing to bossanova, tango, "wiener" waltz and the like. but you don't like bluegrass? but you don't know what is cabaret? too bad. i don't think "un dia sin mexicanos" movie went far enough. explaining what people take for granted today. need the live element. not only fake it in a music tracker. why do you think ableton live has been so popular for 20 years? should have been image-line decadance. only if j.a. arguelles rius were still alive. without both those things this artist said. kid koala would be obscure, forget about his comic book. there would be no tarnce community. or other like that. and there would be no t.m.a.
p.s. #1. i have heard somebody running electronic music radio program. saying clearly he hated tarnce and drum-n-bass. sadly what they preferred didn't fit into my demographic. they liked some industrial music, like frontline assembly. i never heard them play thievery corporation but it was a guess they wanted that too. they played "rec+play" datach'i's record four times! this is over 1-1/2 years, only from saturday nights. but without them, i would have never discovered nortech. "tijuana sessions volume 1" was awesome by latin-american artists.
p.s. #2. i have bad jokes above. "cabaret" is something i still don't care about since elementary school. because i was unable to get "tijuana sessions volume 2."

call me crazy. but this is like song by yellow. loose simple style of electro.

the artist sings, good job! but it needs a better ending. we have stuff like this, we are blessed. why buy music?

please do not do like this artist and song. repeat pattern only lowering song volume. while not having anything that calls for it. if i ran module music contest. it would be disqualified. i desperately wanted out. you must repeat pattern in your song, fine. but not many times in a row in fade out.
what does it matter what it is? why so much preoccupation with "genre" and "style"? if you use music tracker, you do electronic music. it's all the artist needs to know. even the ones forcing classical masters into lines per beat. do not make it harder. the only thing stereo, like "oxbowlakes" by th'orb remix. better if he completely did his own beats. this is something unique, if he really wanted to do "jungle." i shake my head because at least two commercial artist try to redefine what is "jungle" but they sucked. i almost forget. i don't like this artist's name.

wonder what happened didn't stay producing on "digi booster"? i guess it was for delay line.
sickened by column of "o00" in effect column. in openmpt, description for that cell should be "use previous value." or "use stored non-zero value." because "continue" is inappropriate. this is not like pitch slide. this is offset, which is like setting something absolutely. but has to be done everytime note triggered. which can't be helped. the description is another flaw. i haven't checked if "sa1" or alike could be used alone. to jump note trigger to beginning of region. if it also require "o00". then it's not a "continue." at least 1 person asked why "continue" should not do what he thinks is logical. such as sample slicing. but this is my opinion of what it describes.

song by "joyce". after loading i found another keyboard-related bug using openmpt with wine. press "shift+f9" then find way to focus on bottom pane. but press "tab" and song is marked as modified. if it accepts comments at top. meanwhile view doesn't change back and forth between instruments and samples. yes i tested also instead on "it" file or "mptm" file with instruments. in other words, "tab" is assigned in keyboard preferences for "comments" view but does nothing. even worse, sometimes press "ctrl+tab" it minimizes current song window which is very irritating. in pattern view. sometimes if focused on order press "ctrl+tab" it minimizes song window. update: i have to click with mouse one of the sample or instrument names and then press "tab." i guess all keyboard warriors for ms-dos in 1990s have died.

this also by hackurr, i brightened with filter plug-in. the hihat and the poor break. enough to feel stereo sound. i think of black dog/plaid record (plaid before "trainer" album) with breakbeat song. but it wasn't drum-n-bass. but with quirky break what i liked the most.

read my post again more carefully if:
* i post an emoticon.
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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2024, 23:51:32 »

Any new update soon?  :azn:
"Beyond the reach of human range. A bit of evil. A touch of strange" - Paradox


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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2024, 18:13:55 »


i talk about what i recently downloaded. best of past 6 months. (4/6)

has anybody figured out what is the code in comments field?

by smash, could have helped channel pan. i did so for snare on the left, and piano on the right. but not too much. sounds better now.

baker? follow your own advice.

i wanna dance? nope. he decides to go "j.k.'s son mode" here.

mr. gamer is the artist. stuff was written in another language so i couldn't understand. generally he does good stuff. as if contributing to video game.

my first e-mail to this artist: "i eagerly await your first collab with smash. even if it's death metal." actually he says in song: "i am the musique." not angry or threatening enough. so maybe that collab would be a disaster. i am not great fan of marvel comics "incredible hulk." but i saw television series of 1980s. lou ferrigno doing the green beast. i thought he was even cooler in "hercules" movie. with beard and holding a sword. even better from "marvel universe" was incredible story of rick jones. how could one human guy be so frecking lucky? i also had the old issue. where hulk fought inhumans around new york city. i am fan of x-men so the story of alternative mutant race interested me.

"Chapi-Chapo Part III" this is awesome! this is like tap-dancing. now for the bad news: relies on long samples. please respect copyright!
another good one which is frustratingly undynamic.

now or then. high or low. inspire boredom. this was quite near when they definitely stopped creating modules, right?

throw flames at me, because i think this/these guys are overrated. happens this one to be a good song. simple, not like their other overproduced stuff. irritatingly it's "mod". why obsession with flutes?
with this song i found bug with openmpt press alt+o opens dialog with "mixer" and "dsp" tabs. seems to be hard-coded. previously i assigned that combination to "file/stream export" to create "flac" or "mp3" or "ogg". apart from "wav". so it opens the only render dialog first. then preferences on "mixer" or "dsp" tab. but i search in "keyboard" tab of preferences. there is no evidence it was assigned to something. that's why i say alt+o combination is hard-coded.

this is another song. which indicates scream tracker was fiddly apart from fasttracker 2. cannot decide what is "default" track pan value. i get either 0x78 or 0x88 on every track with some modules. should be dead center. but they cannot decide. i've already said it, these guys never impressed me but they have their fans.

i don't like change in progression after three minutes. i actually changed the orders to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. until 52. many patterns weren't used. i like effort like this from 30-year-old track.
this compares to plova, i think is artist name. from mideastern europe. one i saw in "soundevotion competition." i only downloaded songs for renoise for it. the other artist liked using many short patterns. otherwise quirky idm like this.

this loses a contest. should have told the truth: "i had a miserable amiga, but saw ibm pc compatible with intel-base cpu with program allowing eight tracks! two more wouldn't have hurt." this has absolutely no "0" commands. java player for "mod", that is new to me.

nice song. repetitive so i render each channel to wave and separately treat it with lfo-ridden filter and with delay. no author identified which is sad.
comparable specs to a tandy1000rlx-hd i had for a short time. but overshoots the ears. i don't know how to do that in schism tracker without purposely saturating all the samples. i only want to amplify the bass.

by marathon man. argh make it longer! make it longer!

i imagine this music playing. for advertisement for what looks like the fastest growing sport. three-on-three basketball.

keep the second "song." i get bothered easily by slow beat suddenly speeded up. on other songs then slowed down again. what is the point of it?
that is "i don't know" in spanish not the face body part. there are five others. this is "falling" by rayko. i struggle to dress in the style of this artist. there is another one which is tarnce. not impressed since he asks for "i3dlreverb" player for it. this song is single-minded. it doesn't have percussion.

another artist for me difficult to get into sometimes. i like the "old school" instruments combination. but artist might need few lessons about arrangement. one song is like 10 of them in one package. switch back and forth abruptly, it is distracting.

this is like new age, pretty good. too bad artist doesn't say clearly who it was.

do you hate your studio monitors so much? load this song. turn up volume to maximum or close to it. then let play. maybe wait until the fence of "3" patterns. this song might be good to test "mp3" quality. play inside a car. hear how the whole car buzzes to the bass. then want to get away from high frequency zaps.

boy i really, really hate double-dipping. if you manage modules, having to add artist name to file name, what would you do?
got this from "scene-dot-org". better when this guy does away from cheap rock. he does song on openmpt old release then complains not to use it to play back. it's the true reason why this song sucks. not a lot but please appreciate program what allows for music production. not something that only plays back. how do i do a song then? with "clicks" on my computer...

it's a good thing i came across only this song. change the name of song 4 from your album please.

"path of hope" by smash. pretty good, but i shorten intro and put first four tracks to center. originally it was set up like "mod" file.

i don't like song name. but yeah blues, want to sing to it. i like harmonica part.
i had to listen at least half of it. without "synth1" by daichi. this artist shares modules without caring if someone has same synths as him. i saw another module asking even for a payware. albino but the old one. but it wasn't downloaded from t.m.a. this artist use late enough edition of openmpt enough so this should be mptm extension. no excuse to use other file suffix if going to use vst plugins.
one of the best in this list. i don't like when the bass line is introduced. near 4-1/2 minutes. for a minute longer playback. this also teases with last pattern. has a bit of different music while faded out.

call me naive. but i expected, "my bicycle tires are flat!" lyrics in the very least. with music more like violent femmes. i guess not. this module is terribly named.

make "novice8" longer instead of paying attention to false prophets.

well done. this sound like "ibiza" style song on commercial record. but i have to go check. too bad this is only interlude.

one day i downloaded a bunch of modules that have no artist signed on the module. i'm sorry but "i did it" on forum or on other website not good enough for me. "(this guy) uploaded (this module)" not good enough for me neither. please say who you are. even if it's lame nickname. better being original about nickname and you might get fans. i don't like flutes in ancient modules. because they are played louder than drums. but this is part of "lost" drum-and-bass of melodic type.

there are not many "669" files around. this is good. especially the pitch bend on pad. but i don't like the change of key near end.

"on the hill" this sounds more intense than his other tracks. many sound the same. but i said before i like two others at least. i put panning on hihats and few other parts so it doesn't sound so repetitive.

read my post again more carefully if:
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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #6 on: April 06, 2024, 01:44:18 »


i talk about what i recently downloaded. best of past 6 months. (5/6)

finally different hihats! some instruments actually have pan envelope although not used. bit frivolous style. it is "a true story".
we should have more songs like this. i had casio-vl, but the one sold at radio shack. i don't like the interlude for "reggae" song.
this "ninja" is another who teases with music length. doesn't last very long but i enjoy some of his work. i confess i didn't download from t.m.a.  also the "", needed to finish it. won't get a wife otherwise. fix the roof. pay the bills. what if he's like that song? be quiet.

the original was one song i was looking for. just to know who did it. actually dorky song. played almost everyday at one time by wrks in new york and other radio stations in late 1980s. also rob base and easy-rock song. hit top of their charts for six months straight. which was laughable. thank you for memories.

might not be actual filename. artist put down for clarification. something is said in there. but why i find on "scene-dot-org"? generally this song sucks as chiptune.

generally this artist has good stuff. but this is entirely different from what i heard before from same artist. give me wry smile to my face.

it's bad all right. likely m.j. wasn't very happy his song was sequenced into a glorified sampler that easily. i don't like how "another part of me" music was try to fit into this. harder to sequence, eh? new commission for artist of this module... um it's already on this module. nope. redo the song only for artemis the archer. must also find voice clips of astronauts and space exploration. the first time i checked out endeavouros was that release. quite fast xfce desktop. galileo with budgie desktop a hog by comparison. but arch linux made me fear.
i play one of his tracks on openmpt 1.31.05 32-bit and discover the bug is _s_t_i_l_l_ there. i converted to mptm. add plug-in, in this case "bl-gain60". (don't ask me why.) add track, had 38 tracks, increase to 39. make the plug-in play into that new track. when i play a sample on that track the plug-in doesn't function. then program could crash if i work on it further. must save song, quit the program, load song and try again. but this must be using it on linux. or 32-bit instead of 64-bit. in this case i used spirallinux with kde desktop (debian "bookworm" clone). but i have had this issue in another linux operating system before. with 8 tracks trying to add ninth track.
this is like good-looking records (ltj bukem) style of first 10 years. a bit repetitive.

real "gabba" starts at 230 bpm, sorry this is too slow.

this has pretty good flangered beat. but with stupid swing. don't know why swing is insisted on so much. even worse on "rest" of patterns "26" and "27" it does not do swing. i talk about song from pattern "41" onwards. because it does something else entirely the first two minutes. this is a lot like "funky alienation," a song i have on commercial dance compilation. that other has heavy filtered beat. basically the same technique. "jazzed-up" with "busy" beat.
i cannot be more hard-core than multivac, the artist. otherwise there had to be a contest going on. it's "forget line marking on patterns" and "i hate normal time-sig." try to do song away from beat and bar markings. even straight beat. too bad cannot go much more than one minute. requires too much concentration out of music. if not, what is the visual appeal playing this back? i understand many songs have singer begin at beat #4. or maybe even the eighth note before that. never at beginning of bar. like music trackers seem to impose. i understand someone does waltz or 5-beat or other. has to deal with ancient program not as flexible as openmpt about pattern markings. i understand part of trick is tamper with song speed. to get a trill. or to do jazz run of notes easier. but depended a lot on "classic" tracker timing. prefer that. instead of artist who allowed download of projects he did in renoise. did everything with twice bpm and speed of 3. patterns scroll too fast to see anything. hardly any pattern commands, what the use? this was before "speed is dead" in renoise.
odd sound. closest i think is "shake hands with danger" record by trs-80. they took layering to a new level. funk and rock from 1980s. but i also liked "mr. kickass", sad to find out arnold palmer died in 2016.

"dune" is the only thing written somewhere to identify artist. it's a shame. weird song. play eerie voices a bit softer.

"a trip to heaven" is strange "jungle" track. i put "dmo/compressor" on it. probably whoever did this song did not play back all of it. because it is uneven in my opinion. around pattern "44" it gets louder than beats and bass.

frustratingly, jeslan plays piano too loud. also dirty cymbal, he request we listen to this on monitors not headphones. also i reject "impulse tracker is best, others suck" attitude because use only that program. i cannot find anything better than this song by this artist.
this artist "xpinvert" sure love pattern loops. needs to pay better attention to detail while using impulse tracker. this song has only one sample/instrument. in sample properties the "set pan" is set, sending the entire song louder into right stereo channel. otherwise has channels set up for pan like i usually do in schism tracker. a much better song heed his name. good thing for orchestra hit, ding and other noises, right?
never impressed with his work. get flamed, there that feels better! this song is very poorly panned. the artist loves the low-pass filter too much. lot of dedication into the filter envelopes but not on the whole arrangement. i'd rather have "xm" song that is completely one-channel. with samples already have filter applied in creative way. i have heard it already. i will tell you which one if i remember.

i downloaded more stuff by this artist, from before year 2000 to see if he always did idm like this song. i report back later. the portion after "+++" pattern to me is like μ-ziq.

by "samplemind" yet another spanish artist. this could be rendered in one channel wave file. message about telephone company is like carrier i had to leave. but now i miss modem-based internet.
do not press shift+f9 for this module. you were given warning! to this artist: if you want to insult people, don't expect them to take kindly to doing cover. this goes down like "children" that other famous soft tarnce song. so this guy who did this module take insults to himself. yes what he says last in "comments" window could say it to himself and this module. proved it in another song. do not download "". if you do, do not play song right after "---" pattern. even worse this "yero", as he call himself. likes "dune" movie. enough said. i didn't like jokes by computer music magazine editors about vangelis. sad he died a couple of years ago. i admit i didn't care a lot about him. but this song isn't awesome to me. sorry. but i have many other songs in my head i heard on radio along with this one in 1980s. that i really would like to bring back. i actually make a pun. before getting to "southern awesome" version. this song by "yero" is better indeed.

i would believe in the gag this artist trying to pull. i don't like his other tracks. or his tarnce remixes of songs not tarnce. this artist not the only one that does weak stuff like that. i prefer tarnce from commercial record.

on the scale of "nf-picts.xm"-ness. of 1 (forget it) to 10 (the other song) this gets an 8. actually for the first minute only. and neat organ. i resist this artist's contributions.
with this song i find very annoying thing openmpt does. i was working on other song which was "s3m" format. global volume slide for this is "w". it allows "fine" control, for example set "wf2" to slowly fade out. then i switch to this song. go to effect column of one track. then put down "h" because this is the letter for "xm" format. i get "hf2" which is completely worthless. fasttracker 2 does not do fine global volume slide.

this wins, velvet and a-mode lose.
i was beginning to look forward to stuff by this artist. but big pause in middle irritated me a lot. this would be disqualified automatically if i had to run a competition. please start another file for another song.
be honest now. was this fabricated by computer program? is this to play back on live session? if not fabricated, i don't like "+++" dominating the order.

can you say "air liquid"? i wanted even more from their live sessions. played by wnyu way back in 1990s.

"ambient jungle"? i don't know "names" of break beats. but there is only one to use for "quiet listening" rapid tempo. this is too repetitive. or see "null_function.xm", too bad we don't know artist of that other one. put both songs into blender. "great red" not working so far, hackurr.

strangely this "eternal fishing" is scream tracker format. very impressive. although i don't like big beat style like this. i got ahold of "orangator" program but it was difficult for me to use. i didn't like author's obsession with r.d. james. also forced "xi" instrument export. but it was a great program back in its day. need a program like that for linux. would make great companion for milky tracker or schism tracker. imho there is one i think was even better than aphex twin. sign me up if there is a music creator that mimicks the developing jaggie planet...

noises like "three-oh" were too loud for my tolerance. they are played for rest of the song after intro of 45 seconds. it involved five samples or more. play back in openmpt. so i convert to "mptm" format and lower track level for those sounds triggered. except for intro, keep those tracks at maximum level. this "nuclear winter" is big beat industrial by tangerine.

i don't care what it reminds the artist about. do not impose it on other people. don't say weak things like, "it should remind you of this guy who sings like a bum. but has great music. focus on the music. not what he sings about." not sure who it was but he never impressed me. the one who did "she's a little runaway!" i have to withstand him in supermarket once a week. if not really long song by diana ross or other disco lady. except most of november, december and january. you know the deal.

whoever did this module was very bored. homeless man was better off then. "doggy fleeing away."

keep france out of it! it was perfect until going toward three minutes. i was going to keep this and erase wally's near-cover of enigma. but that other has no flute, so it stays and i forget about this. purposely i avoid this artist.

i got this from "scene-dot-org" archive. pretty good although artist might not have had 1970's "synthy" group correct. what do i know. i only have "book of dreams" and "zeit" by tangerine dream, quite good stuff. my favorite songs were "tyger" (don't laugh). and the original "birth of liquid pleyades". especially the first 13 minutes of it. too bad klaus schulze left band after first album. but created his own legend. i'm sad because he died last year.
this song not a big deal. but author requests which player to use. "use xmplay on windows only, no mpt, schism etc." i don't think he's the author of "xmplay" program.

read my post again more carefully if:
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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #7 on: April 10, 2024, 06:01:02 »


i talk about what i recently downloaded. best of past 6 months. (6/6)

it's not the music. the "impresion" is how the samples are named. it's too bad it cannot be transferred as ascii art. i look at it in schism tracker but some characters don't match well. but i load their songs in openmpt and collect as much ascii art as i can. even though i have to change characters in ordinary text editor. i don't like spanish tarnce. but their chiptunes are better.

artist talk about "good old amiga chippies". but this has panning commands, unacceptable in pro tracker. and computer it ran in. so i removed those commands for one of a real "chippies". found another reason to prefer "it" and compatible. because "mod" and "xm" have number to begin command. so people do stupid things like "666" and call clever and funny. this song had "888" on all four tracks because artist must have broken right speaker.

this song has a stupid fill-in. from where i live, i say the same thing. three months from now. the only message in the module.

what a shame the artist doesn't want to be identified. this song deserves a real name too. i kept around 2-3/4 minutes. until it almost fades out into end. then something else is done that i don't agree with. i exported at least 3 minutes of it into "mp3" file to play into my chinese speaker.

i can't run ambient parties to accomodate this. it's just too long with many repeating patterns. so i removed what i felt repeated in the order. for 4-1/2 minutes i think is good enough.

apparently "hey-move" was looking for a g.f.  good work by both crashed very hard here with me. please do your own parts always if you will trigger long samples. this is as in playing piano, guitar, drums, jewharp etc. actually.  see above.
don't make habit of turning your computer off. while someone is trying to read song comments. heavy-swing funk, pretend to do it in "mod" format makes me yawn.

this wins a contest! no effect commands. but i want longer.

misses because it is one-channel sound. voxbot, that will be your name for me. also i want it longer. without voice clip.
this falls apart at the second song. sorry, disney sucks to me. i don't care to explain why. otherwise this is a good example of what could be done by people not interested in getting "the flavor" from someone else. who wants to rip off, refusing to make anything if he can't.
i have looked at famistudio for android. it's counterintuitive. it's not a music tracker. it looks like author wants everybody to pay for full version. when go to piano roll. it always goes back to beginning. very difficult to consider song longer than 16 bars with that program. also cannot play sustained fm sounds properly. this with "vrc7" mode six fm monophonic channels and at least two of them going. with only one monophonic sample channel, good luck selling that to anybody.

good troll! boy i hated this song in 1980s.
looks around, where is "oberheim"? i'm not well-schooled about expensive big synthesizers. a lot of this guy's work with chiptunes is good. don't want to know about death metal early career.

this has some visual trickery. too bad openmpt isn't clever with render dialog progress. it was easy to see in psycle when someone used jump command. or pattern loop. while rendering to wave.

usually i reject non-amiga-hater compositions like this. try to prevent correct playback too. just replicate pattern "0" create pattern jump. that's it! disqualified for being malicious. i'm beginning to notice nothing else by this artist is worth downloading or playing back.
by far the best song by either "wizard". other is death-metal artist which is not my thing. on this song i had to lower triangle's amplitude a bit.
this is the first module i encounter a "wizard" from a different country. it might not be relevant anymore.

i have had many "realistic" brand toy keyboards bought at radio shack. one of them was concertmate-670. had cheap sounds. but i would compose with them today on tracker if i could. i would use _o_n_l_y_ those sounds. including hihats and cymbal which sounded bad recorded to 8-bit. with bit of modern sound design. could make closed hihat sound enough like "rolgog" version. but open hihat was awful no matter what. was good only for disco beat it had. this song has sine-like chords. reminded me of rock accompaniments of keyboard. but the best one was the r-n-b. really liked that beat. yes call me lame.

happy adventure no. 99980001: rip from artist in another language from 1960s.
17-0-1-2-3-8-15-16. is the order i have for this one. replace clunky fade-out at end. with better global volume fade-out. export to mp3 for my enjoyment.
i also hate the song (commercial record) near 30 minutes near end this blasts off about. enough of this video, this geek, this whole fake album. should have done same "vanilla" investigation on him. i was even given ascii animation of it. all i did to earn it. was give a gif file of animated face emoticon. i accept because it was a moderator on other forum i belonged to. if not i leave, i do not allow insulting me like that.
assemble american clunker of 1970s. ride it for first time after many years. then wreck and get stuck inside lincoln tunnel inside n.y.c. it's what it sounds to me. desperate to have own look or style. i don't mind "feel" like playing everything live. around pattern "10" mute pad which sounds too intimate to me.

i was less fortunate than artist. in high school to have a good "english" teacher. i mean grammar, literature and vocabulary. i did have pretty good sequential math teachers. the same one the first two grades. but for the third grade she was quite good looking. it was my fault i didn't do as well with her.
this is probably his best song.
are you sure this is not by charlie? do not load this song right after most other by this same artist. see "la_mettrie" song.
this sucks for 145 channels going down at one instant.
generally i like this artist work. a bit boring this one. but he also has a song named after a company. vomit.
for a song called like this. the samples should have had much better names. "snare that blows", you have to be careful. do not say it to your girlfriend. or you will be playing the piano.

this is curiously called "gates of ixtlan." say this because it looks like song by aphex twin. somewhere this sounds like could be done by that artist. maybe less house and more experimental. like two or three songs by "sml" i had to reject. because i don't like some of his maneuvers.

dude you need counseling.

could have played loudest beat part 30 seconds longer. then i would have forgiven "jerry mouse" for calling everyone else "lamers" in other song.

this blows away all the "ja" start filename songs. why so lazy?

this by "debugger", got this from fake two data cd set somewhere on "scene-dot-org." i don't like how they changed that theme song in cartoons. i saw for short time, usually on fridays. with tight-pant-wearing princess. but link was really boring too. i'm angry because i missed episode. i think she finally kissed him. could change that today into episode of "green arrow." but give him another "secretary." i played game once but got lost. didn't really get anywhere.

i could never make chords like in this song.

read my post again more carefully if:
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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #8 on: April 22, 2024, 21:07:59 »

hi, cs127 here, I noticed you talked about some of my tracks, and I felt like I need to clear some things up.

cs127 doesn't really need this site, but github.

no clue what you mean by that lol

epic fail, saying what should not be said. in a certain competition this will not be listened to with any program. just don't do it. "don't play in impulse tracker because..." or "if you insist playing in program must edit". why didn't the artist check song and do extension himself? he asks two patterns extended. because he thinks nobody uses impulse tracker anymore. i don't care, just don't tell people to do this and modify song. there is enough trouble as it is with misrepresentation.

come on, be realistic, who uses Impulse Tracker today?

even still, why would I care if this wouldn't be played in a competition because I told them to play it in a fairly modern tracker? I just make music for fun.
if I were to make something for a compo, of course I would try to make it as compatible as possible.

the comments in the file are just a suggestion. all of my IT songs are fully compatible with Impulse Tracker. the only reasons I suggest people to listen to it with OpenMPT, Schism, or any "modern" player are
* stereo samples, which Impulse Tracker plays as mono.
* lowpass filter, which an average user might not know they have to use an MMX driver to make it work in Impulse Tracker.

this guy only does covers anyway and i will not review anything else by him.

that is absolutely incorrect! you would know if you saw any other of my uploads.

noticed how the bass was done. but why no offset commands for left-side track?

why should there be offsets for the left track? the point is to have the offsets be different. it's perfectly fine for one of them to start at 0 (the left one in this case).

"play in latest version of openmpt." it does not include test builds. so this artist fails.

once again, just a suggestion.
you can play this in any IT-compatible tracker and it will play just fine, as long as you know what you're doing.
this is for the average user that doesn't know Impulse doesn't support stereo samples properly.

in fact, if I had only used mono samples, I would have put a warning in the comments for Impulse Tracker users to let them know they should use the MMX driver.

is it "unnecessary information"? to you, yes. to the average user who might not know about the compatibility of different trackers, no, it's quite helpful actually.

I probably shouldn't have taken your opinion too seriously, but like, come on... are the song comments really what you're gonna criticize? if you wanna criticize my modules, do it properly. you're better than this.
« Last Edit: April 22, 2024, 22:55:35 by cs127 »


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Re: opinion recent music
« Reply #9 on: April 23, 2024, 01:45:24 »

these are 1001% shitposts/bait c127, don't get snagged by the line. I'm glad OP chose to share these off-the-site instead of allowing them to spawn heavily in the TMA after hours pool.  ;D  :angel:
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