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MilkyTracker Support / Install Milkytracker on an EEE PC?
« on: January 25, 2010, 04:24:21 »
I know it's been done,  but I'll admit that I don't know how because of my weak linux skills. I don't know how to do it. I've tried to install into the default xandros OS that was installed by defaut, but I've had no luck.

I'm only borrowing it for a week so I don't have much time, nor the ability to make massive changes to it. (for example, it would be wrong to install a different OS on it.)

It's the original EEE, the 701. It's tiny.

I tried downloading the debian binary and installing it. I ran ./configure and it came back with an error about the C++ compiler. "C++ compiler cannot create executables"

Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated. I'd really like to get this working

Bug Report Archive / [fixed] Possible bugs in Milkytracker 0.90.80
« on: December 06, 2008, 18:22:08 »
1. In the instrument editor, the swap function is unresponsive.  From that screen I am unable to select instruments or samples, but the cancel button does function and allows me to move back. I went back and checked it in version 0.90.60 and it worked OK. Put 0.90.80 back in and got the same results. :(

2. From the instrument editor, if using the internal browser, if you select save instrument the result is difficult to describe.  Part of the windows is overdrawn with the contents of the internal browser window, but the rest of the window is not. (ie other buttons and control) What is displayed is what's actually shown on the screen, so pressing on an empty space on the lower right hand side will provide you with an exit function, etc. 
What is on the screen is an instrument list, sample list, keyboard in the middle with a keypad and some remnants of whatever wasn't drawn over in the lower half of the screen.  When exiting this screen, the screen displayed is not the one you're interacting with. If you change screens a few times, you will eventually see the screen you're interacting with.
When I went back to version 0.90.60 I believe I replicated the error using the internal browser.
The workaround is to use the external browser, but of course that does not allow the selection of deeper subfolders.

3. And this is no big deal. If I have milkytracker running, and turn of my PocketPC, when I turn it back on Milkytracker won't play.  I assume this is a Windows Mobile audio driver issue.  The obvious workaround is to close milkytracker everytime I shutdown the pocket PC for a few minutes to save power.

I have deleted and recreated my milkytracker config file to see if that would fix the problem.

I LOVE Milkytracker. Because of it I don't ever want to live without a PocketPC again.

Information about my environment in case that helps.

IPAQ 2750 running Windows Mobil 2003 Second edition
Processor PXa270 Memory 128MB || 4.60mb storage free, 16.87 program free.
Milkytracker runs off my SD card. The SD card has 6.13 megabyte free
Only other program running is File Explorer.

MilkyTracker Community / MilkyTracker Wikipedia Entry
« on: November 17, 2008, 20:05:27 »
I thought it was a shame that the Wikipedia article on MilkyTracker had been deleted. It's referenced on many other tracker pages and the truth is, it deserves it's own because it's a unique tracker.  It's hard to think of such a complex software that's been ported to so many platforms, and it's the only real tracker for the PocketPC platform.
I've created a basic page for it again:

Please help me flesh it out more with it's history, facts and citations.  This really is special software and it deserves it's place on Wikipedia.


Help me find that... / [found] Mod from MilkyTracker video tutorial
« on: November 14, 2008, 21:58:38 »
There used to be video tutorials on the MilkyTracker site. I suspect they may have been created by Strobe. I don't know, anyway, I'd love to have some of the modules created in some of those tutorials. For example, the mod in the "Gain compression tutorial - Trick for simulate compression.avi"
(It is possible that I renamed the video a little after downloading it)

Anybody know the name of the mod or it's author?
(or where the videos went?)

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