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MilkyTracker Feature Requests / Re: Support SF\SF2.
« on: July 13, 2010, 22:48:09 »
That's a huge soundfont. 65mb. I can break into seperate xi's, but I'm not sure how to get it back to you. Do you have an FTP?

Well done.
I like what you did with the drum lines.

MilkyTracker Community / Re: Tuning Help?
« on: June 16, 2010, 15:55:47 »
thanks for all this info. this is great info for the manual, too!


MilkyTracker Community / Re: MilkyTracker Wikipedia Entry
« on: June 16, 2010, 15:55:22 »
I do, I've been meaning to convert it to the format used here so I could upload it. 
I'll copy and paste it below.

Code: [Select]

{{Infobox Software
| name                   = MilkyTracker
| logo                   = [[Image:128xreflection.png|50px]]
| screenshot             = [[Image:MilkytrackerScreenshot.jpg|240px|MilkyTracker screenshot]]
| caption                = MilkyTracker screenshot
| author                 =
| developer              =
| released               =
| latest release version = v0.90.85
| latest release date    = January 1, 2010
| latest preview version =
| latest preview date    =
| programming language   =
| operating system       = [[Microsoft Windows]], [[Mac OS X]], [[Linux]], [[FreeBSD]], [[OpenBSD]], [[AmigaOS 4]] and [[PocketPC]]
| platform               =
| language               =
| status                 =
| genre                  = [[Tracker (music software)|Tracker]]
| license                = [[GNU General Public License]]
| website                =

MilkyTracker is a [[free software]]<ref name="Create Digital Music - MilkyTracker">[ Create Digital Music - MilkyTracker]</ref>
<ref name="The Palm Sounds">[ Palm Sounds]</ref> <ref name="MilkyTracker Pan-Platform Tracker Now Open Source, with New Features">[ MilkyTracker Pan-Platform Tracker Now Open Source, with New Features]</ref> multi-platform [[Tracker (music software)|tracker]] for composing music in the [[MOD (file format)|MOD]] and [[XM (mod format)|XM]] module file formats. <ref name="Downloads / Multimedia? Multimedia! Multimedia!">[  Downloads-Multimedia? Multimedia!]</ref>

It attempts to recreate the [[Module file|module]] replay and user experience of the popular DOS program [[FastTracker 2|FastTracker]],<ref name="Thumbuki - MilkyTracker">[ Thumbuki - MilkyTracker]</ref> <ref name="Netlabels - the secret Revolution">[ Netlabels - the secret Revolution]</ref> <ref name="Mobile Music Creation using PDAs and Smartphones">[ Mobile Music Creation using PDAs and Smartphones]</ref>
<ref name="TDT4290 at IDI/NTNU Group 2 - Norwegian University of Science and Technology">[ TDT4290 at IDI/NTNU Group 2 - Norwegian University of Science and Technology]</ref> with special playback modes available for improved Amiga [[ProTracker]] 2/3 compatibility.<ref name="About MilkyTracker">[ About MilkyTracker]</ref><ref name=" Tracker Software Overview">[  Tracker Software Overview]</ref>

The MilkyTracker [[Module file|mod]] [[Tracker (music software)|tracker]] is notable for being supported on a wide range of platforms and is the only tracker available for the [[Windows Mobile]] platform. <ref name="Playing (and editing!) tracked (module) music on your Pocket PC">[  Playing (and editing!) tracked (module) music on your Pocket PC]</ref><ref name="MilkyTracker Pan-Platform Tracker Now Open Source, with New Features">[  MilkyTracker Pan-Platform Tracker Now Open Source, with New Features]</ref>

==MOD tracking==
[[Module file|MOD]] composition or "tracking" is done through the control of multichannel sample playback. An instrument is created by arranging one or more audio samples across a keyboard range. The instrument is then sequenced on a monophonic track that contains note, volume and effect data.  A pattern is a series of tracks that are played back simultaneously. A song is then created by arranging the patterns.

==MilkyTracker features==
It is able to open 30+ legacy mod formats and is able to save in .[[XM (mod format)|xm]] and .[[MOD (file format)|mod]] formats.<ref name="About MilkyTracker">[ MilkyTracker Features]</ref>

Like FastTracker, MilkyTracker contains a sample editor and an instrument editor. The envelope editor of the instrument editor rivals the envelope flexibility of many hardware and software synthesizers because it allows the creation of many envelope points and user definable envelope loop points.

MilkyTracker also supports basic (velocity sensitive) note input via [[MIDI]].<ref name="Frequently Asked Questions about MilkyTracker">[ Frequently Asked Questions about MilkyTracker]</ref>

==Platform support==
The range of diverse operating systems and hardware platforms supported by MilkyTracker is unique in the realm of music software applications:

[[Microsoft Windows]]: MilkyTracker will run on Windows 9x & Me, NT, Windows 200x, XP, Vista & Windows 7.<ref name="Create Digital Music - MilkyTracker">[ Create Digital Music - MilkyTracker]</ref>

[[Unix-like]]: MilkyTracker is available on [[Ubuntu (operating system)|Ubuntu]], [[Arch Linux]], [[Debian]], [[Maemo]], Enlisy, [[FreeBSD]], [[OpenBSD]], [[NetBSD]], [[Gentoo Linux|Gentoo]], [[SUSE]] and [[Mac OS X]].<ref name="Create Digital Music - MilkyTracker">[ Create Digital Music - MilkyTracker]</ref> (Mac G3 compatible)<ref name="GNUstep Live CD 2.0 Released">[ GNUstep Live CD 2.0 Released]
</ref> <ref name="Milkytracker, return trackers">[ Milkytracker, return trackers]</ref>

[[Amiga]]: A port has been made of MilkyTracker for [[AmigaOS 4]].<ref name="Create Digital Music - MilkyTracker">[ Create Digital Music - MilkyTracker]</ref><ref name="YouTube - MilkyTracker on an Amiga 4000">[ YouTube - MilkyTracker on an Amiga 4000]</ref>

[[Windows Mobile]]: MilkyTracker can be run on [[Windows Mobile]] smartphones, PDAs, [[Pocket PC]] and a VDO Dayton Car Navigation system running Windows CE 4.2.
<ref name="Platform Coverage">[ MilkyTracker platform coverage]</ref>

MilkyTracker can also run on the [[XBOX]] and [[GP2x]]<ref name="GP2x wiki - MilkyTracker">[ GP2x wiki - MilkyTracker]</ref>.

==MilkyTracker development history==
MilkyTracker is not based on any existing module replay engine. Its core MilkyPlay has been in development since the mid-90s, originally as a Digitrakker .MDL player. MilkyTracker development started a decade later for the [[Pocket PC]] and it still fully operates on rather humble PDAs. MilkyTracker is and will stay a 2nd generation [[Tracker (music software)|tracker]]. There are no plans to add modern tracker features that would break compatibility with FastTracker.<ref name="About MilkyTracker">[ About MilkyTracker]</ref>

== See also ==
* [[List of audio trackers]]
* [[:Category:Tracker musicians]]
* [[Computer game music]]
* [[Module file]]
* [[Modular software music studio]]
* [[Multitrack recording]]
*[ Asian MOD music] - Containing Asian (Taiwan, Japan, Korea) XM files.


{{AmigaOS 4}}

[[Category:Audio trackers]]
[[Category:AmigaOS 4 software]]
[[Category:Pocket PC software]]


The techno track from all those SNL sketches by Robert Miles? Isn't it just a 4/4 kick drum?

MilkyTracker Feature Requests / Re: Support SF\SF2.
« on: June 16, 2010, 15:50:11 »
I am fairly invested into the SF2 format. For a time, it was probably the most widely used sample format in the world, due to the ubiquitous nature of the soundblaster series and the large number of amateur musicians that could afford it. It is not the most professional format, but it is a complex format compared to mod tracker sample formats.  Most sf2 converters / playback units don't accurately play back the format. What most sf2 converters support are the sample maps, the tunings inside those maps, and the loop points of those sample. Most converters disregard the volume and filter envelopes, with the filter being more commonly ignored amongst various converters. When you ignore the complex method that the envelopes and filter settings are handled, the rest of the format should be fairly straightforward.

Awave is one of the better converters. It can for example preserve both filter and volume envelopes when saving to some other formats, for example Kurzweil. (.krz)

If someone has a ton of different sample formats and wants to be able to easily convert basic sample maps, awave is certainly a program worth looking into and is worth the price. I believe that Awave can convert an XM into a midi file with an SF2. Those wishing to port tracker work into platforms such as Cubase, Cakewalk, Reason or Logic should find this feature to be a time saver. Obviously, tracking is it's own advanced format and many unique features (if used) will be lost during this conversion. For basic "play this note at this time for this long" the conversion should get the work done.

Speeder: If you send me the SF2 I will convert it to xm for you with Awave and you can tell us how you feel it has converted.

MilkyTracker Community / Re: Tuning Help?
« on: May 17, 2010, 04:52:35 »
I've edited some of my previous posts in this thread.
I replaced F#5 Fine tune +36 with F6 fine tune -28. I just did an import and that's what I got. I'm not sure where I got the F#5 Fine tune +36 from.

I just edited my previous reply. I replaced F#5 Fine tune +36. with F6 fine tune -28.
I just did an import and that's what I got.
Sorry for any confusion. I'm not sure where I got the F#5 ft36 tuning from.

MilkyTracker Community / Re: Tuning Help?
« on: May 14, 2010, 16:12:25 »
Curiosity got the better of me, so I did some testing.
Milkytracker imports samples of different rates with the following tunings.
Sample Rate    Default tuning
 8363          C4
11025          F4  fine tune -27
30000          A#5 fine tune +15
32000          B5  fine tune +30
32075          B5  fine tune +35
44100          F6 fine tune -28

Remember that this default tuning of a sample maps the playback of the sample at it's base speed to middle C. If your 30khz sample is not of a C, but of a note A, you'll have to adjust your tuning appropriately.

MilkyTracker Community / Re: Tuning Help?
« on: May 13, 2010, 15:59:46 »
I don't know how Milkytracker treats other imported sample rates.
It's possible that sample editors (such as sound forge) might write different header data than instrument editors such as Awave.

If I was you, I would just experiment and find out.  When you load a 30khz wav into milky, does it alter the root note and fine tuning?
If not, take a sample of a square wave taken at 30khz.
And then see how you need to adjust it for it to play back correctly in Milkytracker. 
To do this, I'd adjust it mostly by ear against your computer playing it back at 30khz. And then to do the final adjustments, play back the note in a Milkytracker song and have Milkytracker export it to a 44.1khz wav. Count the sample in a single Oscillator. If the osc is longer or shorter than it should be, adjust the tuning. If it's as close as the fine tuning will allow, then you've found the proper tuning for 30khz.

Unless someone else knows the answer and wants to pipe in.

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