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The Lobby / Introduce yourself - neptho
« on: September 11, 2007, 23:00:11 »
Greetings, everybody.

I'm 'neptho', which has not, and will never mean anything - despite being second guessed many, many times about it.  I was trying to find a handle better than my 'old' one, and it just came to being.

I've written very few (read: awful) songs over the years - mostly '93 to '94, as well as remixed quite a few existing modules for my own listening pleasure later.

The only one that anybody might recognize was a remix of Dr Awesome's "12th warrior" (my best friend had been playing this for 5 months, straight), where I resampled the lead as myself belching, and used very bad arpeggio effects to make it even more disturbing; however, I never distributed this, and my friend only sent it to a few local BBS, so I'm fairly certain I got away with this - until now.

I've also written code thanks to the scene, learned x86 assembly, not to mention burning out a monitor thanks to X-Mode (A different video mode used by Tran, which made it pretty easy to fake coppers).

I've generally been on the outskirts of the scene, having never been directly tied anywhere, and only one really awful production to my name; mostly written in x86 assembly and MODOBJ - only knowing a few friends who were "deeply" into it by proxy.

I hadn't thought about the scene for years until WhiteShadow.. when I was drawn back to attempt to contact people we both knew, and is how I (briefly) chatted with Mr. Watson of ModArchive, who's quite the nice guy.  :)

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