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I think Amiga .MOD format has a filter command, but this format is hardly implemented on any non-Amiga computers, and the only setting for the filter is on/off for all channels at once, not the amount of filter.

Tracking / Re: Official Forums for...
« on: May 12, 2017, 16:55:03 »
The old forum of AmigaMML is now gone, sorry. The program still exists though and has been updated since then. How to request?

Tracking / Re: Triangle waves
« on: December 11, 2016, 04:41:59 »
Is true for NES/Famicom triangle wave having no volume controls, but due to the nonlinear mixing you can fake it by setting the DPCM channel to a fixed level (you can reduce the volume to half by setting the DPCM channel to maximum), but the noise channel will then also be affected, and clearly is not as good if you want to use the DPCM channel to play DPCM samples. (I know Famicom programming, so I would know these kind of things.)

Some programs to make module music might also have triangle waves built-in; specifically AmigaMML does (enter "#V" as the filename of the instrument to get a triangle wave; you can also use "#L" for square waves and "#N" for saw waves), and there may be others too but that I don't know about. I know OpenMPT allow you to draw a waveform by mouse but the drawing will then not be perfectly, so writing it using an external program probably would be working better anyways.

You can try to feel about triangle wave if you have many music that is using it (you can look for some NSF musics that might use it perhaps, although module musics using triangle waves also exist, but I don't know how you would search for such thing easily).

The Lobby / Re: Forum look
« on: November 15, 2016, 06:33:04 »
It also mean I will now need to update my CSS to work with the new forum.

The Lobby / Re: Impulse Project - a demoscene music podcast
« on: July 22, 2016, 00:43:27 »
This music is good. I have no software for MP3 in my computer (MP3 is not a very good format anyways, and I don't like MP3; Vorbis or Opus is better), but I downloaded the original files and it is good. However the archive contains files with "._" at the beginning of the name (I don't know why; hopefully you know), which I have found unnecessary.

Nice variety of sounds but their natural pitch is kinda high so they end sounding pretty low quality when playing lower notes. Also some instruments have the volume envelope empty but still enabled so you don't hear anything until you disable it, on MilkyTracker at least.
That may be a bug in xisynth. I will fix it if I can find the mistake; thank you for notifying me about it.

Also about the natural pitches being high, I may make lower ones too later that is also a good suggestion thanks.

All of these instrument file I made up by myself; all are public domain and include the source-codes (which are much smaller than the instrument files they produce). They can be used with any program that can load .XI instruments.


I have used this shell script for testing:
Code: [Select]
#!/bin/bash --
( echo $'#EXTENDED\n@0="'$1.xi\" ; awk 'x+=/^#T/' < $0 ) | amigamml | playmod c=1 f=44100 b=16 v=140 | aplay -t raw -f S16_LE -r 44100
#TEMPO 100
A v64@0o4l1 cfgc'<gck2

You can tell me if you like it or hate it or whatever else. You are free to modify them too if you want to.

Can libmodplug play it correctly? That is what I am currently using to play it (I did not even need to save a copy in order to do this). I think it is a good music.

Look at how the song is programmed too; some songs might be programmed to play the low notes on the left and high notes on the right. (This can be done by the "pitch/pan" control in OpenMPT, or by the $3xyy effect in AmigaMML; look at documentation for other programs to see its doing in other programs.)

The Lobby / Re: Is FM Synthesis really that hard to program?
« on: April 22, 2016, 07:18:32 »
FM synthesizers I have used include: Csound, VRC7 (Famicom expansion audio; like OPLL), and one I implemented myself (part of AmigaMML).

OPLL (and VRC7) is very limited; only two operators and two choices of waveforms. Nevertheless it seems many people make music with it even these days; see Famicompo for some of these. Note that you might even use multiple channels for one instrument if you want to make more complex instrument sounds.

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